10 Anime Characters No One Realizes Are Korean

The anime features several characters who are not of Japanese descent. Over the years, there has been a plethora of Chinese and Indian characters. There have even been Western characters, such as American, British, French, and Italian characters. However, Korean characters in Japanese anime are extremely rare.

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There are few published works that feature characters of Korean descent. For historical reasons, the anime moved away from Korean characters. However, this does not mean that there are no Korean characters in the anime. Some works feature Korean characters or are of Korean origin. Although rare, they do exist.

10/10 Suna Lee is a fierce fighter


Lee Su Na

Suna Lee is a Korean Pandora (genetically modified girls to become soldiers) in Frozen. She is also a captain in Gengo Aoi’s rebel army. Later in the series, Suna is made the leader of Anti-Nova Strike Force Platoon 13.

Suna Lee describes herself as a “sociopath” who has difficulty socializing and understanding people’s emotions. He is also a disturbed character with an intense bloodlust. As Pandora, she thinks she must be an emotionless killing machine. She is cold and manipulative but is loyal to those who accept and understand her.

9/10 Lee Seung Gil is the representative of South Korea

Yuri!!! On the ice

Lee Seung Gil

Lee Seung Gil is a Korean figure skater from the anime series Yuri!!! On the ice. Her trainer, Park Min So, is also Korean and also makes an appearance on the show. On the rink, Seung Gil is relentless, with a cold gleam in his eyes.

However, when he’s not skating, he walks away and is quite airheaded. Despite his adored female fans, Seung Gil is stoic and cold towards them. He is extremely intelligent, analyzes other skaters and choreographs his performances to demonstrate his skills. He only shows emotions when he fails to qualify for the Grand Prix Final.

8/10 Choe Gu Sung is a master hacker

Psycho Pass

Choe Gu Sung

Choe Gu Sung is a Korean character in Psycho Pass. He is Shogo Makishima’s right-hand man and an expert hacker. He is able to hack Sibyl System’s security system and manipulate its weaknesses. Choe Gu Sung moved to Japan from Korea due to the war in his native country.

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He is a scientific genius known for causing chaos and spreading rumors online. His main goal is to see the Sibyl System dismantled and has spent years researching how to do it. It shows little remorse for the people he is in pain, because he sees it as a means to achieve his goals.

7/10 Hong Suyoung is an ambitious player

Hikaru no go

Hong Suyoung

Hong Suyoung is a Korean go player. After losing several matches in Korea, he is sent to live with his uncle in Japan in hopes that he will regain his focus and composure. His uncle owns a Go parlor in the countryside.

In Hikaru no go, he is portrayed as overconfident and proud. He seems to care about nothing but his own Go. He’s an exceptionally strong player and he’s determined to turn Pro. When he loses to the main character, Hikaru Shindo, he shows him respect.

6/10 Ko Young Ha is Korea’s big hope

Hikaru no go

Ko Youngha

Ko Young Ha is a professional Go player who represents South Korea in the Hokuto Cup in Hikaru No Go. He is friends with Hong Suyoung, despite being years older than him. He is mischievous and childish, which causes tension between Team Japan and Team Korea.

He likes to provoke others and has fun with other people’s rage. Despite this, he is often quiet and calm. He has a deep understanding of people’s emotions. Although he is proud and overconfident, he appears to be courteous. In his native country, Ko Young Ha is considered their “great hope” in the world of Go.

5/10 Miyon Yi is a ball of joy

Kamichama Karin

Miyon Yi

Although Miyon Yi lives in Japan with her mother, she is actually from Korea and is of Korean descent. She is Himeka Kujyou’s best friend. Miyon is always cheerful and cheerful and tends to see the bright side of things.

In Kamichama KarinMiyon has a crush on Sakurai Yuuki and hopes he will enter music school. Although Miyon herself also loves music, she prefers to write dramatic plays. Many consider his hobbies unusual, with the exception of Karasuma Kirio, who admires his work.

4/10 Yumi Kim is proud to be Korean


Yumi Kim

Yumi Kim is an instructor and professor of physics at West Genetics in Frozen. She was born in South Korea and is a former member of Numbers. In addition to being a teacher, she is also Captain to the Knight. Yumi is proud, dedicated and strong-minded.

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She is upfront and honest about her feelings, which often gets her into trouble. She is extremely proud of her Korean heritage and is very close to the other Koreans in the series, such as Baek Mi Ryung and Lee Su Na, during her student years. The three friends often supported each other during their student years.

3/10 An Si Eun is a kind sub guild leader

Sword Art Online

Un Si Eun

An Si Eun is a half-Korean, half-Japanese character from Sword Art Online. She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which led her to dive into virtual worlds to improve her quality of life. Si Eun is kind, but also sensitive and emotional.

She is the deputy head of Sleeping Knights, a guild made up of terminally ill patients who met in the Serene Garden. They play virtual reality games together as a form of palliative care. The guild, however, disbanded after some members died and others had only months to live. If Eun has recovered from her illness.

2/10 Kim Youngbi is boxing’s human computer

Tomorrow Joe

Kim Youngbi

Kim Youngbi is a Korean boxer in Tomorrow Joe. He was orphaned during the Korean War and taken in by Colonel Jodal Hyun who eventually became his manager and boxing trainer. Kim Youngbi began her training in high school. In the ring, Youngbi has a cool and conservative approach.

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He doesn’t push himself to get a knockout early and calculates all of his punches. He prefers to let his opponents get tired before giving it their all. Due to the way he analyzes and observes his opponents, he has earned the nickname “the human computer”. Youngbi is extremely confident and fights with icy precision.

1/10 Kim Songyu is a Shonen Jump editor


Kim Songyu

Kim Songyu, also known as Kim Seong, is a Korean character in Bakuman. He is a secondary character of the series, and there is very little information about his past. He shares the same name as the lead singer of South Korean band INFINITE.

Kim Songyu is the editor-in-chief of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. He has blue-gray hair, gray eyes, and a slender build. In Bakuman, he is an editor for One Piece. However, in real life, he is the editor of Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn.

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