10 Ways Being an Anime Fan is Better When You’re an Adult

One of the main reasons anime has become such a universal entertainment medium is that it indulges in a number of unique genres that cater to niche crowds. It often feels like there’s an anime for everyone, and it’s a medium that tells stories that you can’t find anywhere else.

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There’s a certain stigma that anime, and even animation in general, is entertainment for younger audiences. While some anime is geared towards young people, there are plenty of ways the medium is actively better for an adult.

ten Adult Anime Fans Are Less Picky About English Dubs

Healthy debates still take place in anime communities between subtitled versions and English dubs, both of which have a point to make. As a child, it’s much easier to latch onto a character’s voice, especially if there are voice actor changes or studio swaps in the middle of production.

Some kids can’t get over this dissonance, and it’s impossible to get involved in the story. Adults can be much more forgiving of inferior English dubbing and understand why concessions sometimes have to be made. Adults, more than children, are also likely to watch subtitled alternatives

9 Adult Anime Fans Both Aware of and Understand Censorship

The anime is subject to a lot of censorship, which can be as mild as edits regarding violence and nudity or a more comprehensive intervention that removes entire episodes. Censorship is tricky territory with younger audiences, and these edits can completely elude them or just confuse them.

There is more insight with adults who can better understand the usefulness of censorship, or at least research the original version to understand what has been changed. Adults understand that censorship is sometimes a necessary evil.

8 Free Fan Service Isn’t As Inconvenient For Adult Anime Fans

One of the biggest generalizations made about the anime is that it’s full of awkward fan service that places its characters in compromising positions. These moments can come out of nowhere, even in serious anime where it’s tonally inappropriate, only to leave younger audiences embarrassed.

Adults don’t necessarily praise the fan service component of anime, but it’s no longer something that needs to be hidden. It’s also easier to separate the two and not cancel an entire show just because sometimes it’s guilty of fan service. Marketing and advertising have to stoop to many gimmicks to attract a large audience.

seven Unfinished and Canceled Series Are Less Devastating for Adult Anime Fans

Nobody is happy when their favorite series is canceled or has to end its broadcast prematurely before everything is properly closed. That being said, adults know that anime is an industry and a business, and if the shows don’t do well, they won’t stay.

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Alternatively, a child may really not understand why a series ends in a lack of closure or on a cliffhanger. It’s harder for kids to accept that their favorite heroes are gone. Also, an adult is more likely to seek out the accompanying manga and read it after an anime is canceled, whereas a child may not have that option.

6 Adult anime fans may find series with more episodes as exciting as they are not intimidating.

Anime comes in all shapes and sizes, but there are plenty of series out there with episode totals that number in the hundreds or even thousands. Those huge numbers seem a lot more impossible for kids, and they may decide to skip a series altogether or lose interest in it along the way if they’re unaware of the commitment they’ve made.

Adults, on the other hand, can welcome a challenge of this nature and be excited about the profound storytelling opportunities that await them. Adult anime fans can quietly enjoy a long series without obsessing over each episode.

5 Adult anime fans can more easily notice cultural nuances and regional information

One of the great joys of anime, and all foreign entertainment, is that it’s a window into a whole new culture and society. There are anime that explicitly function as educational tools, but even broad fantasy material can shed light on food, customs, and geography that the viewer would otherwise ignore.

An adult has a greater ability to grasp these cultural differences and deepen them once the episode is over. Many of these regional touches can completely go over the heads of younger viewers who are focused on the flashier visuals.

4 Complicated jokes are easier for adult anime fans to understand

There are some hilarious gag anime out there, but mostly their sense of humor is based on deep understanding of Japanese pop culture or other anime series. These jokes can be downright confusing for those who haven’t done the proper research and there are times when the anime isn’t localized exactly for this reason.

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Young audiences may miss a lot of the jokes thrown at them in a series like Gintama or denounce it as unfunny because they don’t get the benchmarks. An adult may appreciate this nuance, or at least do the corresponding research to understand.

3 Adult Anime Fans Can Handle The Saddest Shows

Anime can indulge in playful fantasies and overpowered confrontations, but there are also plenty of depressing melodramas that tap into real emotion. Kids might not have the life experience to appreciate these anime to their fullest, if they even care about them.

Adults who have lived full lives and lost a lot of themselves are better equipped to watch these sad shows and experience them as they are meant to be seen. Children will either be left behind by a character’s fate or destroyed by the loss and unable to recover.

2 Adult anime fans can more easily discover and enjoy new music

The anime is a visual medium, but the musical scores that accompany the groundbreaking animation are just as important to the experience. Some anime are only as good as they are because of the way their music punctuates everything.

The music will certainly leave an impression on a child, but adults are more likely to notice the composer’s name, seek out his other works, and become lifelong fans. It’s quite common for adults to leave anime with a new favorite musician they continue to follow.

1 Adult anime fans are more willing to experience different genres

Not all kids have picky tastes, but there’s a reason shonen and shojo series that cater to these demographics feature fairly broad action, comedy, and romance narratives. That being said, there are all kinds of anime genres to check out, whether it’s horror, slice of life, mecha, or fringe sports series.

Adults’ broader tastes open them up to a much more exciting range of anime than kids typically experience. Both shonen and shojo anime are great, but they’re not for everyone, and exposure to more genres can help audiences really determine whether they’re an anime fan or not.

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