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Music lovers rejoice! Live festivals are back, bringing the sounds of music to the ears and hearts of fans who have had to rely on playlists and headphones to bring music into their lives for the past year or so. The Stacker team agrees with Billy Joel when he said, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something that touches us all. . Regardless of our culture, everyone loves music. “

Stacker chose 15 major upcoming festivals to create a list including their dates, headlining highlights and lineups. Are you a music fan who yearned for Lollapalooza or the fight for the return of Voodoo Fest? While many iconic festivals have had to cancel their 2020 events, our curated roster lights up as live events come to life across America.

Be sure to visit festival websites to check out the new protocols. In the meantime, put on your favorite playlist and scroll through our slideshow to see if your favorite festival is among the 15 stars. As Marilyn Manson notes, “Music is the most powerful form of magic”. Isn’t it great to have live magic in our lives?

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