3S Artspace hosts the traveling exhibition ‘Culture Keepers, Culture Makers’

HAMPTON — Lane Memorial Library has announced that it will host 3S Artspace Culture Keepers, Culture Makers Student Exhibit.

The exhibit, which focuses on the influence of culture on race and equity, traveled from 3S Artspace to the University of New Hampshire’s Dimond Library for February, Black History Month. , and is now due to be exhibited at the Weston Gallery at Lane Memorial Library in Hampton during March.

In fall 2021, 3S Artspace selected and hosted 14 adult participants for a series of art workshops led by artist Richard Haynes. The group represented a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds, with an expressed interest in the experience. During the workshops, which were free to attendees, Haynes guided the group through the creation of two-dimensional pieces that were first exhibited in the Lobby Gallery at 3S Artspace from November through January.

“This wonderful group is made up of mature, deep thinkers, who were eager to shed their vulnerabilities to show their true selves,” Haynes said. “They have such a passion for making a difference in society. Our conversations were soothing, peaceful, respectful, gentle and patient.

Workshop participants included MHB, Lisa Burk-McCoy, Alizah Coraccio, Jiff Cornwell, Beth Falconer (Executive Director of 3S Artspace), Jan Fonseka, Nihco Gallo, Mark Giuliucci, Amanda Howerton, Kiyoshi Imai, Arul Mahadevan, Nancy Vanbenschoten , William Wright, and Gabriela Yeshua.

“We are all so excited by the positive momentum and community interest in this project, Falconer said. “After having to reschedule this series scheduled to launch in 2020 due to the pandemic, we have had so many starts and Today, gratefully, we are experiencing the incredible feeling of seeing this grow far beyond expectations. Each artist in the studio has fully supported the loan of their work for the traveling exhibition.

The student art was developed in direct response to Culture Keepers, Culture Makers Community Conversations, weekly conversations presented by 3S Artspace in Spring 2021. The Community Conversations series was co-created by Haynes and host Kristen Butterfield-Ferrell as a way to reinforce the importance of a safe space to speak openly about race.

Conversations focused on exploring how culture informs personal perspective and understanding of history, as well as ways to chart a positive course for the future.

“Art is an essential vehicle for conversations, especially sensitive ones,” Haynes said. “When people focus on shapes, color and form when we create or study a work of art, feelings can be so incredibly powerful. Art has the ability to disarm you and allows you to address the conversations about social justice at a deeper level is what we try to accomplish in the workshops.

“Before applying to participate in the art workshops, I had thought a lot about my own Japanese heritage, especially in light of the rise in anti-Asian news during the pandemic,” said Kiyoshi Imai, a student at the workshop. an amateur musician, I was looking for other ways to express my thoughts on my position as an Asian living in the United States, and so Culture Keepers’ art workshops seemed to fit. During the workshops, I was amazed at how comfortable and supported I felt with this group of people as we worked on our art. I’m so glad this exhibit is traveling to New Hampshire to promote awareness and love. It’s what everyone needs right now.

Initially supported in part by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, 3S Artspace is committing the resources to support the Culture Keepers, Culture Makers tour to keep the conversations going and expand to more of communities in New Hampshire.

“The Lane Memorial Library is delighted to host this exhibit which was originally proposed by Kathleen Hall, the acquisitions librarian here,” said Stacy Mazur, associate director of the Lane Memorial Library. “We hope the work will give our community the opportunity to explore culture and its influence on race, diversity and equity through these brilliantly striking and uplifting works of art. Art as a Medium of expression gives people a different way of communicating, which is often more articulate than what can be said or written.

Communities and organizations interested in hosting the Culture Keepers, Culture Makers student exhibit, or any other facet of the Culture Keepers, Culture Makers series, are invited to contact Beth Falconer.

As a non-profit arts organization, 3S Artspace’s role in facilitating the growth and development of this series from 2019 to present is directly tied to the organization’s mission to bring the community together, foster empathy and stimulate creativity.

Workshop participant Gabriela Yeshua said, “I dream of a global community generously filled with art, culture and joy. The world focuses too much on the negative, but if we can bring positive opportunities to more communities, it will uplift everything.

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