70 greatest musical documentaries of all time

Movies have always loved giving actors the chance to play the role of a rock star or emulate an iconic musician / singer, recreating those famous “Eureka!” studio moments and hit shows for a number of musical biopics. When it comes to historical musical moments, however, there’s nothing quite like seeing the real thing. A number of documentary filmmakers have seen the benefit of capturing a number of legendary artists and groups in their prime and / or unique performances – partly for posterity, partly for old reporting and partly for high of the occasion. all. And through new access to archives and updated technology, a whole generation of filmmakers have learned the art of docu-portraits and genre breakdowns that span the gamut from sub-subgenres to great stories of thoroughly rock, jazz and country-and-western. It has never been easier to make a musical documentary these days. All, of course, are not created equal.

So in honor of Peter Jackson To recover – a new comeback in six episodes on the Beatles preparing the album So be it Even as they started to crumble – we’ve compiled a list of the 70 greatest musical documentaries of all time: concert films, pop-up tour reviews, punk, hip-hop and jazz time capsules, and Career reviews from everyone, from Amy Winehouse to WHO, that have set the standard and have stood the test of time. The last time we did that was in 2014, and to say the shape has produced a number of classics since would be an understatement. Play this list strong.

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