a distorted residence of airs that travel in time

It’s not everyday that you see a band performing in the middle of a mysterious Victorian house filled with tears in time. In the Meow Wolf art installation in Santa Fe, New Mexico, chimneys lead to hidden aquariums and fridges act as interdimensional time travel portals – with the fictional Selig family (who is believed to have disappeared in experiencing a mysterious force of interdimensional travel known as “The Anomaly”) thrown in for good measure. Guests can be forgiven for losing their sense of reality in this distorted residence.

Credit: Joshua Mellin

Tour in support of this year’s gold album ‘Jubilee’ and her debut book Crying in H Mart: A Memoir – a New York Times bestseller, nothing less – Japanese Breakfast continues to assert itself as one of the foremost authors of independent rock. Today’s decidedly unusual venue – the psychedelic home of the Eternal Return – is the immersive creation of art collective Meow Wolf, and most of the renovations to this once-abandoned bowling alley have been funded by Game Of Thrones author George RR Martin (now the Chief World Builder of the collective). It fits in perfectly with Michelle Zauner’s far-reaching visual creativity and ambition – as well as as a musician and writer, she’s also set to helm the film adaptation of her own memoir.

The combination of Japanese Breakfast and Meow Wolf produces an impeccable pairing, as parts of the art installation remain free to explore during the performance. Often, they seem to refer directly to the lyrics in real time. A mirrored display of beating hearts seems to span eternity, focused on the poignant words from her single ‘Jubilee’ ‘Paprika’ “How does it feel to stand at the peak of your powers / To captivate all hearts?” “ she sings. Maybe only Zauner knows. And “Glider” – from the soundtrack to the video game Sable– feels just as fit. “I want to fly” she sings, “Every particle in synchronization”.

Credit: Joshua Mellin

Elsewhere, Zauner wows audiences with a tribute to Dolly Parton, in the form of a soft cover of the country’s 1977 track, “Here You Come Again”. And after treating the piece with the stars of “Jubilee”, “Be Sweet”, “Posing in Bondage” and “Savage Good Boy”, she ends the evening with the closest to this album “Posing for Cars” and “Sons sweet from another planet »’Woman Diving’.

Watching it all unfold is like sitting behind the wheel of a magical school bus, looking through the windshield at a visual that spirals through universes, and rushing into the unknown. It’s just a shame that not every site comes with its own transdimensional vehicle.

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