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Kate Baker was born and raised in Noblesville. She calls the community of Noblesville her rock. So it seems fitting that the 41-year-old resident is the new general manager of Noblesville Main Street.

According to its website, Noblesville Main Street is a nonprofit working to enrich the culture and community of the city’s downtown historic district by creating partnerships and programs to connect people to unique places and experiences.

Baker began his post on October 4. She succeeds Lorna Steele, who has resigned her post to pursue a career as a real estate agent.

Baker had quite a trip back to his hometown. After graduating from Noblesville High School in 1999, traveling abroad, attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, and spending time on the West Coast, Baker returned to Noblesville in 2014. She lives in a historic house on Logan Street built in 1845.

“I love the work Main Street does,” Baker said. “I have always loved the Farmers’ Market and love how exciting small businesses they make and the connection they have to uplift traders and make sure people know the charm and all that it has to offer. downtown Noblesville. ”

Aaron Smith, a member of the Noblesville Main Street board of directors, said the organization plays a role in the city’s success.

“Noblesville is one of the most powerful county seats in the state. Our downtown is active, nearly all of our storefronts are occupied, and we have a growing number of people actively taking steps to relocate downtown. Much of this success, I believe, is due in part to organizations like Noblesville Main Street, ”said Smith, who is also a board member of the Noblesville Common Council. “Kate’s new leadership role certainly bodes well for downtown as well. She has high expectations for Main Street and a plan to get us there, which is an exciting combination for downtown Noblesville. “

Baker said his favorite Noblesville Main Street event is the Farmers’ Market, a staple that returns to the community every year and runs from May through mid-October.

“The Farmers ‘Market is hands down one of the largest farmers’ markets I’ve been to and I’ve lived in many cities,” Baker said. “Ours is one of the best. As a downtown resident, I knew all of the great things Main Street does to create that culture and sense of community, and it’s just a great organization.

Some of her other favorite events are the Noblesville Street Dance and Music and All That Jazz, a free monthly outdoor musical performance that takes place in the Courthouse Square.

“I mostly think that as a downtown resident, my favorite thing is watching people park their cars and bring their own chairs and head to the plaza for a night of music,” Baker said. .

Baker has a strong history with music. She sang at Berklee College of Music in Boston and majored in music business management.

“When I graduated in 2004 it was a very interesting time in the music industry,” Baker said. “Napster and LimeWire and all of those were coming up then, so the record companies didn’t understand the streaming rights. The music industry was in a bit of a dilemma at the time.

Baker then turned to the television industry and worked in on-air marketing and promotions with Fuel TV for two years. Then she worked at HBO for eight years while living in Los Angeles.

Baker returned to Noblesville in 2014. Most of her family still live in Noblesville. She joined Conner Prairie in 2016 as a Development Assistant and rose through the ranks to senior leadership in advancement and board relations.

Kate Baker is Associate Music Director of the First United Methodist Church in Noblesville. (Photo courtesy of Kate Baker)

Today, Baker also works part-time as an assistant musical director for the First United Methodist Church in Noblesville, a position she has held since 2016. She also teaches piano lessons.

In addition to her new role with Noblesville Main Street, Kate Baker also gives piano lessons. (Photo courtesy of Kate Baker)

Baker said that while she does not currently plan to create any new events for Noblesville Main Street, she hopes to expand some of the those.

“The salsa in the square was a new event this year, and I loved it,” she said. “I would like to do it again next year. I think it’s really important to have events like this showcase the cultures that represent each type of person that lives in Noblesville. I would like to see other cultural events.

Above all, Baker is excited about the potential that comes with the job. However, with this potential comes challenges as well.

“Right now Noblesville is booming,” she said. “We have hundreds of more people who will be living downtown in the next few years. It’s an exciting challenge, but I think it will be a challenge to ensure that we follow a community that is growing at a high rate.

To learn more, visit noblesvillemainstreet.org.

Kate Baker takes a break with her two huskies, Dakota and Dasher. (Photo courtesy of Kate Baker)

Meet Kate Baker

Age: 41

Family: Baker said she is a proud aunt with five nieces and nephews. Three of her nieces live in Noblesville and a niece and nephew live in Zionsville.

Pets: Two huskies, Dakota and Dasher

Favorite downtown merchants: Kiln Creations, Linden Tree, Lil Bloomers Children’s Boutique, Noble Coffee and Tea, and Primeval Brewing.

Hobby: Music and travel

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