A step-by-step ball-changing guide for Peacemaker’s intro choreography

Charissa Barton is an incredibly talented choreographer who has worked for The Grammys, America’s Got Talent, Dragone Productions Le Reve & House of Dancing Water, “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” on Broadway, Lucasfilm Animation, American Ballet Theatre, Dance Camera West, BC Beat, The Juilliard School, co-owns Axis Connect, and has done so much more. She is also married to Alan Tudyk, which I know will be of great interest to many, but Barton deserves her flowers for more important reasons than what she calls her husband. She’s known for her contemporary jazz work, but she’s clearly mastered a variety of styles, as they’re all on display in the opening dance sequence.

According to “Peacemaker” star Jennifer Holland, Charissa took Gunn’s concept of a surreal, robotic dance with the actors remaining emotionless, and designed the play from there. The actors worked with Barton on days they weren’t filming, and the opening sequence was shot with the entire cast in the same room: a high school auditorium. Most of the actors in “Peacemaker” aren’t the strongest dancers, and Barton’s choreography was clearly constructed with everyone’s varying skill level in mind. Throughout the show’s press tour, most of the cast agreed that the hardest part wasn’t the actual choreography, it was performing it with a straight face. Just as it’s not your typical superhero series, it’s also not your typical opening dance number. They don’t go after nosebleed crowds, that’s serious business.

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