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September 23, 2021

The new urban plan has been in existence for a year. Not wanting it to stay on a shelf, the Planning and Zoning Commission took action.

And so the “implementation” phase began. The first is the “Village District” proposal.

What is a “village district?” »Are there any limits? Yes, he has limits. And it allows special rules to apply beyond the traditional rules that apply to all other properties in the city. It gives greater freedom to any future development.

The current owners of the Weston Mall retain their rights to continue as they have done.

This first attempt to define a village district was to offer the general public the opportunity to question it. As the “charrette” process progressed last spring, a draft proposal map and zoning wording emerged.

The map consists of what you might call the “central part of the city”. Part of the land is owned by the Town of Weston. Part of it is in the Historic First Borough, including “the four corners” of Norfield and Weston Roads.

And tying it all together is a plan to make the central part of Weston ‘walkable’.

The rural character of the city can be defined by the fact that we have neither sewer pipes nor water pipes. So low density development.

One exception is a water system serving houses near the old landfill now known as the “transfer station”. And the common wells of the City and the school and the tertiary treatment plant of the school constitute our major infrastructure.

The “Village District” is to me a modernized version of what was envisioned in 1970, when the “Neighborhood Shopping District” became zoning law here.

If you want to watch the September 13 P&Z meeting that approved the zoning ordinance changes: https://vimeo.com/westonct/videos.

The approximately 11 different versions of the new village district area appear on the P&Z (“elected” councils and commissions) page on the town website.

For your immediate use, here are 2 links to the drafts that will be discussed during the public hearing on October 4.

Zoning map:


Zoning ordinance dated 14-14-21. Changes in wording in red, sections and captions removed with a line through them – in black:


“About Town” is also a television show. It airs Sundays from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Cablevision Channel 88 (public access). Or check it out at www.aboutweston.com.

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