All the Surprising Details of the New ‘One Piece Film Red’ Trailer

When a trailer starts with a single line that has an entire fandom saying “WHAT?!”, you know you’ve got a banger on your hands. Indeed, that was the case when the first real teaser for One Piece Movie Red created on YouTube.

Although this is the second teaser, it’s the first time fans are treated to footage from the film. This means we now have a better idea of ​​which characters will be appearing and what Shank’s role could be.

The big question about every A piece the minds of fans leading to this trailer was the role Shanks would play. And who the hell is Uta, the new character who seems central to the plot of the film? The initial teaser seemed to imply that Uta and Shanks had some sort of relationship with each other. This new trailer provided one hell of an answer in its first line: it’s Shanks daughter. The reactions go something like this:

We never knew Shanks had a daughter! WHAT?! She could be his biological daughter too – she has red hair, after all! She wears the Shodo Todoroki look! Who’s the mom?! Anyway, in the words of my favorite journalist, Big News Morgans: it’s Big News! (I still hear it in Japanese, though: Kore ga Biggu Nyuuzu!)

The fact that One Piece Movie Red announced itself as Shanks-centric, that’s a big deal. Shanks is a big deal in the series: he’s the reason Luffy was inspired to become a pirate, and he gave Luffy his signature straw hat. Luffy thinks the world of this man. Yet despite being such a central figure, today’s Shanks has perhaps… what… less than a minute of screen time across more than 1,000 episodes? He played an important role in the show’s early episodes and appeared as a child in flashbacks, but Shanks is still a mysterious figure today. So much so that a popular fan theory posits that Shanks is a bad.

In contrast, the film touts Shank’s scar as part of its logo. Hell, the title “Red” itself is a nod to Shanks. We could have more adult Shanks in this movie than in the whole show, combined. Who knows what other secrets we’ll discover? The major drawback to this is that A piece movies tend not to be canonical. However, mangaka Eiichiro Oda wrote the story (not the screenplay) and produced this movie, similar to strong world. And while strong world is not canonical, it introduced canonical elements to the story. In other words: it is likely that this story will not be canon, but the existence of Uta will be be.

The trailer goes on to describe Uta as “the world’s greatest diva”. So she’s a pop star. We already knew the movie was set at a music festival, so that makes perfect sense. From Luffy’s line, we also get the impression that Uta is, indeed, the villain of the film – or, at least, that she’s a wayward anti-hero who’s done something mean. What is very A piece.

We’ve also had flashing cameos and you’ll miss it, giving us insight into the cast of characters who will be appearing in Red. The cameos were so quick that I only caught my best friends Trafalgar Law and Beppo on a second watch. Bartolomeo (YES!), Koby, Helmeppo, and Akainu also make appearances. These last three suggest that the Navy will be present at this music festival. Although this all pales in comparison to – and I can’t stress this enough – Beppo in a crop top.

The trailer ends with Shanks talking to Uta again, saying a pretty heavy line: “There’s no peace and equality in this world.” Which…yes, that corresponds to my daily experience. But also, hearing that line, I immediately thought of Shanks getting an audience with the Five Elders, who are basically the head of the world government. This brings up that age-old question: why does the government respect this particular hacker so much??

Perhaps One Piece Movie Red can provide canonical answers to long-standing questions. You can’t just play the show’s most mysterious character as titular material, introduce his daughter as the main character, and have damn oda writing history and not giving the public serious answers. This is the kind of teaser that makes you want to know more. Why do I have to wait until August? And then probably after that, because August is the Japanese premiere?

(Image credit: Toei)

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