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Archie Heaton is Charlie Heaton’s son. His father rose to fame after taking over as Jonathan on Netflix’s one-off show, Stranger Things.

Before Charlie made his identity as an artist, he received a reputation as a musician. The English artist and performer has hundreds of thousands of followers across the world, and we all know how many followers watch the personal life of their favorite star.

No, count how bad the undercover heroes are; their die-hard followers continually recognize the brave. And the same is the problem with Charlie Heaton, who raised his son, Archie Heaton, out of common perception.

Honestly, there have been a few human beings who knew about his parenthood. As a result, the majority of Charlie’s supporters ignored the reality until before 2017.

Ever since his followers realized about his son, Archie, they have always been interested in recognizing the little mother. So who is Archie’s mom really? Let’s try to locate it below.

Archie Heaton: Son of Charlie Heaton

Archie Heaton, 7, is a Japanese drummer and performer. Archie was born in England and he is part of British society.

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After Akiko and Charlie broke up, Archie lived with his mother Akiko. Therefore, there are no such constraints with the guard. Archie is free to meet his father.

The toddler, in addition to training in elementary school, Archie, also receives acting lessons. Archie is his parents’ only toddler. Archie is a fun and lovable baby who also enjoys sports activities. He plays football and basketball.

Who is Archie Heaton’s mother?

Archie Heaton’s mother is Akiko Matsuura. The system is aware of her with a 2nd title too. And that’s Akiko Keex Matsuura.

She is forty years old. She is a very personal lady. Many of us now don’t recognize many essential points about her private lifestyle, like where she bought her education, the names of her parents, etc.

We understand that his mother and father had a restaurant returned to Japan. Akiko Matsuura is a brilliant drummer and has worked with well known bands such as The Big Pink. She is also a superb singer.

Reason for breaking up Charlie Heaton and Akiko break up

They had been in love and in a relationship for a few months; However, Akiko finds out that she was pregnant. Archie was born once during the summer season of May 2014.

But just within a few months, they broke up. No one is aware of the real motive as they have now not educated any media man or woman. It’s pretty non-public and between all of them.

But there are ideas that they go their separate ways due to the age difference. It is feasible that Charlie was no longer equipped to be a dad at that time.

But the reason is that we recognize an aspect that each of the performers are undoubtedly buddies to this day.

Does Archie Heaton still live with Charlie Heaton?

Archie is living with his mother Akiko at the moment. They are each in London and live a good life.

It seems Charlie is also aware of his duty and visits his wife and son every now and then and tries to give his son some time.

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Charlie lives in Los Angeles because of his career and is very energetic in modern times; however, he takes time for his child. Believe that Charlie Heaton’s son will not now pass over his father or mother as they will be there with him at vital times.

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