Andhra couple who allegedly murdered two adult daughters are released on bail

Madanapalle (Andhra Pradesh) –The couple accused of the cold-blooded murder of their two daughters, apparently under the influence of superstition and tantric influences, were released on Tuesday by a local court in Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh.

90 days have passed since the case was registered, and the court granted them bail with conditions.

Purushottam Naidu and his wife Padmaja, from the town of Madanapalle in Chittoor, were arrested for murdering their two daughters on January 24 this year. The gruesome murders committed by well-educated well-to-do parents had ripple effects across the state and beyond.

Naidu was a lecturer at a government women’s university and his wife Padmaja, a math professor at a reputable IIT coaching school, carried out the murders in cold blood, apparently in the belief that their daughters would be born again.

One of the girls was found clubbed with a dumbbell and police found both of their bodies naked when they entered the house.

Following their arrest, the accused parents who suffered from mental disorders and delusions were initially admitted for treatment at Ruia Hospital in Tirupati. Later, they were transferred to Visakhapatnam Mental Hospital and received treatment.

They were transferred from Visakhpatnam to Madanapalle Secondary Prison on March 29.

The couple’s eldest daughter, Alekhya (27), had graduated in forestry studies in Bhopal, while the youngest Sai Divya (22) was a BBA. She was also a student at the AR Rahman Music School in Chennai. (IANS)

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