Artist of the month Rachel Caldon on display

ROCHESTER – Here we are in mid-July! Stop by the Rochester Public Library to freshen up and pick up a book, DVD, audiobook, or music CD. Remember, we also have a variety of magazines for you to browse. Save money on subscriptions or impulse purchases of these supermarket checkout displays by checking them out here and returning them, so you don’t need to recycle.

Library Artist of the Month

Main office librarian and art coordinator Melissa shares details on the artist currently on display: “The Rochester Public Library is pleased to host an exhibition of artwork by local artist, Rachel Caldon, during the month. July. This is the third time that Caldon has exhibited at the library. Full of personality, his works in ink, watercolor and acrylic are colorful and exuberant. This exhibition of Caldon’s work also includes his new collection of polymer clay earrings, artfully displayed in our display case. Look for more works by Caldon on Gingerpopz art on Facebook or @gingerpopzart on Instagram. The Rochester Public Library is located at 65 Main Street South. Call 603-332-1428 or visit for more information.

Beach readings on display

Beach Reads: The New York Times recently highlighted author Elin Hiderbrand with summaries of a selection of his titles. Whether or not you’ve seen this article, the good news is that we have most of its headlines and a few can be found on our Beach Reads display. These are just a small selection of her work that we have on display or on the shelves: Barefoot, Beachclub, 28 Summers, The Castaways, Golden Girl, Nantucket Nights, The Island.

RPL recommends animated videos

Main office librarian (and union cartoonist) Stephanie and main office librarians Karyl and Nick have created a series of animated videos recommending books, DVDs and other items. Find them on the library’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Check out our Elin Hilderbrand recommendations in the latest video.

Discover music

Are you in the mood for music but don’t know what kind of music? We have a wide variety of music CDs in all genres, from rock, rap, jazz and country to classical, pop and soundtracks. Main office librarian Amy is excited about some of the latest music CDs. Here is a list she shares of some of these artists: Fitz and the Tantrums, Khaled Khaled, Childish Gambino, Taylor Swift, Evanesce, Demi Lovato and St. Vincent.

Kait recommends

Assistant Librarian Kait is a social media celebrity and her book recommendations have many followers. Every time she shares a list with us, I know I want to read them all. This week, she says: “We are now more than halfway through 2021, so today I thought I would share with you my favorite books from the first half of 2021! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Speak for Yourself by Lana Wood Johnson

2. It goes like this by Miel Moreland

3. Lucky daughter of Jamie Pacton

4. Kate waiting for Becky Albertalli

5. Chaos on CatNet by Naomi Kritzer

6. Every Body Shines edited by Cassandra Newbould

7. A story of what comes after by Sylvain Neuvel

8. Muse by Brittany Cavallaro

9. One last stop by Casey McQuiston

10. Follow Your Arrow by Jessica Verdi

11. A Brotherhood of Secret Ambitions by Sheena Boekweg

For more book listings like these and other book entertainment, follow Kait Plus Books on or @kaitplusbooks on social media! (Most of the recommendations on Kait’s list are in the library. Some are available on the Libby app.)

Returns are no longer quarantined

Returned items will no longer be quarantined. You can continue to drop off your books and magazines in the drive-through drop-off box and DVDs and audio books in the drop-off box next to the building near the entrance to the children’s room. You can also bring your returns inside and place them in the drop-off locations for the main office and kids if you’re here to browse.

Summer reading for adults

Do you participate in our adult summer reading program? Track your reading using the Beanstack app. All you need to do is keep track of how many minutes you’ve read (or print journals are available in the library and on our website). The Beanstack app has a built-in stopwatch, but you can also use any form of timing and then enter that number of minutes into your Beanstack account. In the app, you’ll earn badges, prizes, and raffle tickets as you go. For more information and to register, visit the Library website:

The children’s room

Summer Reading Program 2021: Tails & Tales: We use Beanstack to record completed books online, and this year we’re counting minutes instead of books. Children can earn weekly badges online, and a completion prize will be awarded to children who read 500 minutes or more. The program will last 7 weeks and end on Friday August 6.

Shadow Puppet Show: Children’s room librarians Jen and Kait created an original shadow puppet show on our YouTube channel! Find out how the bear lost its tail followed by a short tutorial on how to make your own shadow puppets.

ASL (American Sign Language) Workshop: An informal program where we will learn the ABCs and 123s of American Sign Language. We will start with the manual alphabet (spelling) and numbers.

Crafts: Porcupine modeling clay: from 2 years old; Masks of woodland animals: from 2 years old; Photo Fluffy Skunk: from 2 years old. Children can come and do crafts. Older children can participate alone, but younger children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Walk-In Story Times: We will be offering walk-in story times for children 2 to 6 years old, but all families are welcome! Bring a blanket and get out on the lawn.

Summer reading program for teens

Teens! There is still time to participate in our summer reading program! It runs until August 6 and is free for all teens entering grades 6-12. Pick up a reading journal at the library or on our website. Read at least 2 hours a week for a Golicks coupon and a small prize as well as a chance to win the weekly raffle. You can read anything, including books, magazines, newspapers, and graphic novels. Read to yourself or read aloud to someone. You can even listen to an audiobook. And don’t forget, there are prizes. Answer questions and write book reviews to earn candy. Reading logs are entered into a raffle at the end of the program. The more weeks you participate, the more you increase your chances of winning.

Technical help

Anyone needing help with library technology can call the library to make an appointment.


The Rochester Public Library is open to walk-in browsing.

Contact RPL

Visit the Library’s website:; email reference librarian: [email protected] or message us on Facebook: or

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