Artpark announces the 2022 season

The world-class Flying Artists return to Artpark with a new show, “Leonardo, Dreams & Nightmares”. (Photo: Leonardo Albi/provided by Artpark & ​​Company)

Fri, March 25, 2022 9:00 a.m.

Artpark & ​​Company announced its summer 2022 season on Thursday.

The Lewiston performing arts venue said it “is ready to burst with renewed energy: with inspiration, invention, joy, compassion and reflection. The 2022 season is a global program of ninety-six artists from ten nations and four continents working alongside North American artists.

President Sonia Kozlova Clark said, “Our performing arts and visual arts programs are inspired by Niagara’s environment and history, and guided by Artpark & ​​Company’s commitment to the art, nature, culture and our community’s place in global society. We listened to our audience. Many have suggested that we work to bring joy, as well as the challenging innovations of our time. We are asked to inspire, educate and reflect on the varied histories of the land we inhabit – from the mighty current of the Niagara Gorge created by the formation of the falls, to the Indigenous cultures that have inhabited this land for millennia, to the invention story emanating from Nikola Tesla and the Creative Associates.

Significant events are highlighted below. Visit Artpark’s 2022 calendar over the next few weeks for updates.

The season will begin with the celebration of earth day (April 22) as part of a rich season-long Indigenous arts program “capturing our symbiotic relationship with the natural world through an Indigenous lens. The concert lineup speaks to the diversity and vitality of music and represents a bold return to the large, in-person gatherings and community experience that concerts provide.

The performance spaces of the amphitheater and the main theater of Artpark will be animated by rock, pop, jazz and alternative. The public can enjoy the legends Earth, Air and Fire, Patti LaBelle and Elvis Costellothe current sounds of modest mouse, Jack White, Good Iver and rising stars GOOSE, more Trombone shortsis organized by the traveling festival featuring the music of New Orleans.

The third year Strawberry Moon Festival June 18 will feature not only Canadian music favorites blue rodeobut the award-winning Inuit “tribal-funk” band Pamyuaas well as traditional one-day Indigenous arts and culture programming: Indigenous art, cooking, dancing, storytelling, hands-on creative workshops and smoke dancing competitions.

Flying visual artists, a 40-year-old French institution practicing street theater performance with unique inflatable puppets, returns to the grounds of Artpark after two outstanding performances in 2017 (“Big Bang”) and 2019 (“Pearl”). Outdoors on August 20, Les Plasticiens Volants will present a new show to the public at Artpark, “Leonardo, dreams and nightmares, “to celebrate the insatiable curiosity and polymathic activities of Leonardo da Vinci.” Everything is linked and rises in the air in the form of giant painted inflatable puppets created and manipulated by the unique mastery of Toulu artists.

With the intention of bringing in new artists and celebrating the global reach and impact of music, Artpark”New music in the park » the series begins on June 26 with the return of Percussion. Playing with them will be Dominic “Shodekeh” Talifero, a revolutionary beatboxer, vocal percussionist and breath artist. Additional concerts will include bandoneon virtuoso and composer J.-P. Jofre and his Hard Tango Chamber Band; wind quintet new music VentSync; and Gamelan music from Indonesia performed by Buffalo’s-own Nusantara Arts. The new directions of jazz will be presented in a concert on Buffalo Jazz Composers Workshop. The season will also feature the defiant category Squonk Operawhich celebrates its 30th anniversary today.

The world is shaken by the war in Ukraine, which affects so many people, including local residents with roots and loved ones across Eastern Europe. Scheduled as one of the highlights of the 2022 season is the return of Ukrainian ethno-chaos gang Dakha Brakha. Scheduled for a performance on July 14 in the “New music in the park » series, the quartet will perform a live soundtrack to Alexander Dovzhenko’s iconic film “Earth” inside the Artpark Mainstage Theater.

The current schedule of over 30 concerts is available here, with more to be announced soon.

Artpark said it “will continue its commitment to celebrate the Indigenous artists with a series of workshops, performances and special events hosted by Indigenous program producer Michele-Elise Burnett.

Included will be an online celebration of earth day (April 22); an in-person “Spring Awakens” program at Artpark’s Native American Peace Garden (May 14 and June 4); The directory Strawberry Moon Festival; and the sequel to Indigenous ways of knowing during the programming of “Free Family Saturdays”. This year, Artpark presents “The Red Dress Exhibition: If Only They Could Tell Their Stories, described as “a powerful and healing installation that raises awareness of racist crimes targeting Indigenous women and girls.”

Now in its 12th year, Artpark Fairy House Festival July 9 welcomes visitors of all ages to marvel at the fairy house creations of professional and community artists. Special musical guests Mucca Pazza will entertain with a rock ‘n’ roll marching band, street theater performance. Highlights will include aerial and acrobatic feats – Circus beats – by Montreal Anouk Vallee-Charest. And, of course, the Artpark’s whimsical and enchanting fairies and traveling musicians will be outfitted by the artist and designer. Uta Bekaia from Tbilisi, Georgia.

The exploration of the arts of interactive and physical theater continues with the French company hip-hop-meets-modern-dance-meets-cirque-nuovo, Art movement concept. their show “Anopas” arrives at Artpark’s Mainstage on July 22 and 23. This summer also sees the return of Montrealers Circus Barcode and Act for the climate, whose work focuses on reducing environmental impact. They will perform outdoors at Emerald Grove on July 30 and 31. Also, South Korean artist Juyung Lee and his band Galmae will transform a crowd of spectators into a problem-solving collective on August 27 and 28 with a performance of “It’s Not That Way, It’s This Way!”

Artpark is also continuing its program of artistic residencies and the development of new works. Jon Lehrer Dance Company will create a new choreography and a film around the major Artpark 2021 installation “Murmuration” by SO-IL. Additional art residencies invite Czech artist Kateřina Šedá to work with independent curator Claire Schneider, President of CS1 Curatorial Projects, to create a new project exploring the relationships between people within the village of Lewiston.

Renowned opera producer, conductor and director Gil Rose was engaged for an extended residency to explore the feasibility of new opera programming and the development of an Artpark opera strategic plan, with a possible live performance. Artpark’s collaboration with Buffalo’s Torn Space Theater will continue on a new production titled “CrossWalk” on June 17.

This summer, Artpark will launch a new adult education initiative: The Performance Institute designed by Artpark (ADPI) which “brings together cutting-edge international companies that push the boundaries of physical performance with participants interested in an intensive study of physical creation”.

Returning to the theme of history, nature and artistic experiences, the new and improved version of Artpark Sound trails Holladay Brothers and SoZo Creative’s audio app is “an immersive and engaging way to experience the vibrant traditions of the historic Artpark location daily, from dawn to dusk.”

As always, Artpark continues its now expanded community and family programming with its “Free Family Saturdays » in July and August, visual arts camp for three one-week sessions in July, and Art Park Bridges empowerment program for underserved people with varying abilities. See details on

This year’s lineup is led by Clark, vice president of concerts and marketing Dave Wedekindt, and Burnett. Artpark is home to Global Visual Arts Curator Rochelle Steiner and Regional Curator Albert Chao, who will add new visual arts programs in the future. They are supported by the extended operations team. Meet the extended Artpark team here.

Artpark said it “recognizes that it is on lands inhabited by Indigenous peoples for millennia, and wishes to honor all those who walked before those who visit the site today. The entire staff is grateful to have the opportunity to live, work and play here in Lewiston, and thank the ancestors who have been guardians of this special place.

Amphitheater concerts

Theater concerts on the main stage

“New Music in the Park”

Festivals, street theatre, dance and special events

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Family Camps/Programs

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