Arvada non-profit offers an after-school music program

The founder hopes their work can complement children’s music programs, especially in schools where their programs are on hiatus due to funding issues or other issues.

DENVER, Colo. — A new Arvada-based nonprofit hopes to bring music to children as schools often cut after-school music and arts programs.

Founder and Executive Director Dustin Old has always had a passion for music. His passion turned into a dream. Years ago, he opened a number of auto repair shops in the hope that one day the profits from the shops would help start a non-profit organization focused on equal access to music. for all children.

Over the past year, Old has been able to secure space in Arvada that was previously office space. He turned the space into a space for a nonprofit called the Colorado After School Music Program, also known as Colorado MPA.

Colorado AMP is working to establish an after-school music program for all students ages 10-15 who love music and want to learn how to play. Even if they have never played before, all are welcome to participate.

Students will learn theory, ear training, composition, and other skills. For families who cannot afford the cost of the program, scholarships or sliding scale fees are available.

“Obviously music programs are being cut from schools right now, so there couldn’t have been a better time for us to start this. It’s a time when they’re downsizing schools. is the perfect time for us to scale up, says Vieux.

Along with instilling a love of music, Old hopes to provide educational guidance to ensure students also receive help with homework and education in the classroom.

“We would hate for the musical side of things to supplant the education they need in school. We want their grades to be good, so we can help them with that aspect as well,” Old said.

Last spring and summer, Old worked with a small group of students to launch the program. To help with donations and other costs, these music students perform at Bluebird Theater August 10.

All proceeds from the show will go to Colorado AMP as they grow their program.

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