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Our Friday COMMUNITY CONNECTION program featured a very special guest, Ari Crane.

Ari is a former US Army officer who has taken the time to examine post-tramatic stress disorder or PTSD and what treatments are available and which work better than others.

During his research, Ari Crane discovered that analog music at certain frequencies could help quiet the mind and, at times, aid in the physical healing process.

Ari is now starting a nonprofit to get a $40 Crsoley record player and select records into the hands of veterans and others with PTSD. For starters, he’s hosting a show and record sale on Saturday, September 10 at Crossing 2nd from noon to 4 p.m. with thousands of records to choose from. Profits will go directly to the mission.

Ari quoted us several studies on music therapy for veterans: how music can heal and rehabilitate

In 1950, the American Music Therapy Association was formed to serve veterans after volunteers saw how music had a positive impact on World War II veterans. Today, music therapy has become a popular field among mental health professionals. Numerous studies confirm the success of music therapy in treating different problems for patients, especially veterans.

Music therapy services are available for veterans of all wars, including Iraq and Afghanistan. With the guidance of trained and certified music therapists, veterans can overcome any issues they may face.

1. Music can help improve communication

2. Music-Based Treatments Help With Cognitive Rehabilitation

3. Heals Emotional and Social Problems

4. Music therapy treatment rebuilds physical muscles and coordination

5. Offer lasting healing to veterans

Several empirical studies have shown that using music therapy to treat PTSD and its symptoms has resulted in the following results:

Improved sense of self-esteem and reduced isolation through group drum therapy. (Bensimon, Amir and Wolf, 2008)

Significant reduction in post-traumatic stress symptoms using CBT alone or CBT with an additional 10 weeks of music therapy. (Carr et al., 2011)

Improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety symptoms after five (5) days of group therapy, with music and progressive relaxation scenario for half of the participants. (Hernandez-Ruiz, 2005)

Reduction of anxiety within the group. No change in depression or satisfaction with social relationships after application of music therapy for half of participants; variable treatment time. (Gold et al., 2014)

Music healed mice who felt pain relief after playing classic songs on July 8, 2022 by Brian Tomorrow. Wire scientists discovered how different sounds can dull pain in mice after playing classical music to injured rodents. They say the work could lead to safer treatments for pain in humans who rely less on opioids.

Studies dating back to the 1960s have shown that music and other sounds can help reduce pain during dental and medical surgery, childbirth, and cancer. However, exactly how the brain is able to process this pain reduction, or analogiza, is less clear.

Human brain imaging studies have implicated certain areas of the brain and music-induced analogies, but these are only associations that explain the study, according to author Dr. Kevin Lou of the National Institute of Dentistry. . He added that in animals, we can more fully explore and manipulate the circuitry to identify the neural substrates involved.

3 types of sounds were played to mice with flaming paws pleasant classical music and unpleasant reactivation of the same classical piece and white noise.

They found a route from the auditory cortex, which receives and processes sound information, to the thalamus, which acts as a relay station for sensory signals, including pain, from the body. In freely moving mice, low-volume white noise reduces the activity of neurons at the receiving end of the thalamus.

At some VA hospitals and medical centers, music therapy programs include support groups for veterans with PTSD to share music that reflects their feelings. These groups act as a musical “show and tell”, where members can practice relating to each other in a safe space through music. November 2, 2020

Some “sound” recommendations include, “432Hz for Sleeping Mozart Symphony Number 41 Jupiter by Brahms. Spotify & Soundcloud for Digital 174Hz Debussy – Violyn Marconi Union – Horizon Weightless Live – Tangerine Dream Prophecies – Philip Glass Rain – George Winston Voice in blue -Kitaro Don’t bother here – Path 5 cover stars (Delta) Max Richter & Grace Davidso Celestial vibration by soul jazz records Gregorian chant.”

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