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American review (Fri)

Real Arnaud des Pallieres
French filmmaker des Pallieres continues his exploration of US culture and history, which began in earlier non-fiction works Disneyland, My Old Homeland; Diane Wellington; and Dusts of America, created from silent film archives. In this feature-length documentary, he explores the history of the United States of the 20th century through the eyes of a young boy. This is the first time that des Pallières has come to Berlin; her last A-list festival appearance was with a historical drama Michael Kohlhaaswhich premiered in Competition at Cannes in 2013.
Contact: Atalanta Films

Axiom (All)

Real Jon Jonsson
Moritz von Treuenfels stars as a compulsive liar in search of true love in Swedish writer/director Jonsson’s second feature, shown as a script in development at the Berlinale Talents’ Script Station in 2017. The Bon Voyage Films and WDR/Arte co- the production was supported by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, BKM and the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF). Jonsson’s feature debut Lament — his graduation film from Babelsberg Film University Konrad Wolf — screened in Berlin’s Perspektive Deutsches Kino section in 2014; his short film The sea played the festival in 2009.
Contact: Munich playmaker Moritz Hemminger

brother in every inch (Russia)

Real Alexander Zolotukhin
Returning to the same military themes he explored in his feature debut in 2019 A Russian youth, screened at the Berlinale Forum in 2019, Russian director Zolotukhin returns to Berlin with a drama about two brothers training to become air force pilots. Himself the son of a military pilot, the young director studied cinema with Alexander Sokurov, credited here as artistic consultant. Proline producers Andrey Sigle and Mary Nazari were also behind three of the respected Russian director’s films, including the 2011 Venice Golden Lion winner. Faust.
Contact: Loco Movies

The town and the city (Greece)

Directors Christos Passalis, Syllas Tzoumerkas
Made to commemorate the bicentenary of the 1821 Greek Revolution, this hybrid documentary, fiction and essay-film spans seven decades of the history of the directors’ hometown of Thessaloniki and its once-thriving Jewish community. Made in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Film Festival, the film is co-produced by the Greek National Opera and Homemade Films. Tzoumerkas’ previous film, the well-received The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea — in which his co-director Passalis starred — premiered in Berlin’s Panorama section in 2019. A three-screen installation version of The town and the city was presented in Athens last summer.
Contact: home movies

Coma (Fri)

Real Bertrand Bonello
The Frenchman Bonello finds zombie child actress Louise Labeque for this drama that dives into the psyche of two 18-year-old girls whose hyperconnected lives are played out on Zoom, YouTube and social media platforms. Bonello’s first feature film something organic created in the Panorama section in 1998. He then went to the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes 2001 with The pornographer and performed in the Cannes Competition with Tiresia in 2003, house of tolerance in 2011 and Saint Laurent in 2014.
Contact: Martin Gondre, best friend forever

brother in every inch

The death of my mother (All)

Real Jessica Krummacher
Based on his own experiences, Krummacher’s second feature film, after 2011 Totem, follows a daughter (Birte Schnöink) accompanying her mother (Elsie de Brauw) on her final journey towards the end of her life. The film is produced by Walker+Worm Film, in association with Krummacher’s own company, Klappboxfilme, with support from broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, FFF Bayern, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, BKM and DFFF. It will be released in German theaters by Grandfilm, which released the Silver Bear-winning documentary by Maria Speth last year. Mr Bachmann and his class.
Contact: Walker + Ver Movie

Fathers Day (Rwanda)

Real Kivu Ruhorahoza
Rwandan director Ruhorahoza revisits themes explored in his 2011 feature debut Grey matter with this drama set in his home country – still struggling to come to terms with the genocide of the Tutsi – which follows three individuals whose family relationships are taken to the extreme. Made during the Covid‑19 pandemic with a local cast and crew trained through the Production Directing Workshop, the micro-budget feature is produced by Franco-Rwandan writer/musician Gaël Faye and Dida Nibagwire of Iyugi Productions, based in Kigali, which she founded in Ruhorahoza.
Contact: Dida Nibagwire, Iyugi Productions

Gourmet Feed (UK-US-Hun)

Real Peter Strickland
British filmmaker Strickland’s feature debut Katalin Varga debuted at the Berlin Competition in 2009; now, after leading people like Berber sound studio and Fabric, he returns to the festival with his latest. With Asa Butterfield and Gwendoline Christie, Gourmet Feed follows the members of an artistic collective dedicated to culinary performance and is produced by Pietro Greppi of Lunapark Pictures and Serena Armitage of Red Breast Productions. IFC Films, which co-financed the film with Bankside Films and Head Gear Films in the UK, will distribute it in the United States.
Contact: Bankside Movies

A little bundle of love (Austria-Arg)

Real Gaston Solnicki
This female-centric comedy set in Vienna follows a difficult woman who tries to find the right apartment with the help of her interior designer friend. This is the fifth feature film for Argentinian filmmaker Solnicki; his last two titles debuted in Venice — documentary 2018 Introduction to All Obscures and Blue Beardhis only previous fiction film, in 2016. Angeliki Papoulia and Mario Bellatin star in A little bundle of love alongside Carmen Chaplin, Charlie’s granddaughter.
Contact: Emilie Dauptain, Austrian Films

Mutzenbacher (Austria)

Real Ruth Beckerman
Veteran documentary filmmaker Beckermann returns to the Berlinale four years after winning the Forum’s Original Documentary Award with Waldheim Waltz. Considered part of Austria Fanny Hillthe 1906 novel Josefine Mutzenbacher was published as the memoir of a Viennese sex worker; assigned to Bambi author Felix Salten, it has long been central to the nation’s erotic imagination. In this documentary, Beckermann announces a casting and has many men read the text to find out what the book can tell us today.
Contact: Emilie Dauptain, Austrian Films

Qing dynasty queens (Can)

Real Ashley McKenzie
McKenzie’s feature debut Werewolf received its international premiere in Forum in 2017 after its Toronto premiere, and its follow-up comedy-drama sees a suicidal teenage bond with a Shanghai student assigned to watch her in the hospital. The film was shot in Unama’ki (Cape Breton Island) in Canada in January and February 2020, with McKenzie producing through his Hi-Vis Film (formerly grassfire films) alongside Britt Kerr and Nelson MacDonald. Support came from the Telefilm Canada Feature Film Fund, the Nova Scotia Film and Television Challenge Fund and CBC Films.
Contact: Ashley McKenzie, High Visibility Film

Small, slow but steady

See you Friday, Robinson (Fr-Switzerland-Iran-Leb)

Real Mitra Farahani
Iranian filmmaker Farahani produced 2018 by Jean-Luc Godard The picture bookand here she maps the correspondence between Godard, now in his 90s, and UK-based Iranian director and writer Ebrahim Golestan, whose credits include Brick And Mirror (1965). Documentary marks Farahani’s return to Berlin after his painting documentary Fifi screams with happiness, which launched Panorama in 2013; she and co-director Sonbol BY also received the festival’s Teddy award in 2002 for the short film just a woman.
Contact Black Screen Productions

Small, slow but steady (Jap-Fr)

Real Sho Miyake
Following And your bird can sing, who bowed out at Forum in 2019, Miyake returns with a drama about a deaf young woman (Yukino Kishii) who dreams of becoming a professional boxer, but has her work cut out due to the Covid-19 pandemic and of the threat of closure of his boxing club. The Nagoya Broadcasting Network in Japan and Comme des Cinémas in Paris produce. Miyake debuted with Proofreadingwhich premiered in Locarno in 2012, followed by a Japanese hip-hop documentary The cockpitwho made his debut at Cinéma du Réel in 2015. His most recent work is Ju-On OriginsNetflix’s first Japanese original horror series.
Contact: charades

Son (Austria)

Real Kurdwin Ayub
Rising director Ayub rose to prominence with her 2016 documentary Paradise! Paradise! in which she and her father revisited their native Iraq. Its fictional sequel is a culture shock story about three teenage girls in Vienna who cause a stir among Kurdish Muslims after filming themselves twerking in hijabs. Described by Ayub as “a fun and chaotic take on the current generation of teenagers [and] ‘cultural ‘identification difficulties’, the film is produced by Ulrich Seidl and Georg Aschauer for Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion.
Contact: Cercamon

Disorders (Swiss)

Real Cyril Schaublin
A 19th century watchmaker becomes involved in a local movement of anarchist watchmakers, where she meets a mysterious Russian. Expectations will be high for Swiss director Schäublin’s second feature; his debut in 2017 Those who are well won a special mention at Locarno, best film at Zurich and best international feature film at Edinburgh. Producer Michela Pini has European festival pedigree on the D’Innocenzo brothers bad storieswhich she co-produced through her Amka Films Productions.
Contact: alpha purple

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