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Erykah Badu live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)


July 1 kicked off the 3 annual day Love Supreme Jazz Festivalwhich spotlights the best of jazz, soul and blues in the beautiful countryside setting of Glynde, East Sussex.

Music lovers at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

German Doner Kebab

With equally glorious weather to match the setting, I arrived early Friday morning with just enough time to grab a pint and soak up the enthusiastic, friendly atmosphere before the music kicked in and the weekend rolled around. at his best.

Day 1 –

Matt Charmichael live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

Matt Charmichel
Start of the weekend in the “Supreme Standards” Tenting was Glasgow-born saxophonist Matt Carmichael, joined by violinist Charlie Stewart, double bassist Ali Watson and Tom Potter on drums. Described as a distinctive new voice in a crowded stage, Matt made a huge impact with his debut album ‘When the river will flow’, released in March 2021. His upbeat folk set welcomed a tent full of excited punters ready to start their weekend off with a bang. Highlights of the set included track ‘Valley’, the closing track of this album. He got the crowd dancing and his set got us excited for what was to come for the rest of the day.

Luke Purbrick Quartet live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

Luke Purbrick Quartet
Among the legends of jazz on the bill, Love supreme presents the “New Generation Jazz Scene” where newcomers to the scene have the opportunity to show off budding talent. Opening this stage on Friday afternoon was the Luke Publick Quartet (aka The LP Quartet), a Brighton-based band made up of frontman and guitarist Luke Purbrick, Ben Jones on saxophone, Lloyd Cootes on bass and Angus Bishop on battery. Encounter in the Brighton Jam scene, after bandleader Luke studied at the prestigious ‘Tomorrows Warriors’. The band’s set drew a relaxed crowd, enjoying the atmospheric music while soaking up the sunshine which seemed to continually build as the set progressed. They described playing the festival as “The most amazing experience” and fans will have a lot to look forward to from these newcomers to the Brighton scene in the months to come.

Yesessai Karapetian and friends live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

Yesessai Karapetian
Next to the ‘Step of Supreme Standardswas the French pianist, composer and producer Yessai Karapetian. Yessai has been active on the European jazz scene since the age of 12, which earned him a scholarship to study a master’s degree in contemporary music at Berklee College. Beginning with what the public believed to be a sound check, they seamlessly led into their hour-long series of ongoing “fierce” jazz tunes from his 2022 self-titled latest album. Joined on stage by his brother Marc Karapetian on electric bass, drummer Theo Moutou and saxophonist Mounir Sefsous. Her set ended as abruptly as it started, leaving the crowd completely warmed up and ready for more.

Jackson Mathod live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

Jackson Mathod
Open the ‘South Downs Scene’ was Brighton’s own Jackson Mathod. Jackson is a multi-instrumentalist and this weekend featured on trumpet. He was previously known for working as a session musician with releases from legendary artists such as Stormzy and Jordan Rakei. As soon as he stepped onto the big stage, Jackson had instant positive energy showing his true love for the stage and the music he was creating. Blues and swing influences flowed throughout his high-energy 45-minute set, which showcased his “Fun music Forever” work ethic. Fans of the ensemble can look forward to his next record “Get Out Now” to be published in the coming months.

Lady Blackbird live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

lady blackbird
Next to the ‘South Downs Scene’ was my personal highlight of the day, Lady Blackbird, who is a powerful soul singer with influences such as Tina Turner, Billie Holiday and Glady Knight. Stepping onto the stage, she instantly strikes with her massive platinum white hair and matching black and silver leotard. From the start of her set, it was clear to see she had a voice even bigger than her hair, as she burst into her emotionally powerful and intense songs, including tracks from her world-nominated album entire year. “The Soul of Black Acid”. She was joined on stage by the producer of her albums, Chris Seefried on guitar, as well as her additional band of 4 musicians. Lady Blackbird held the crowd’s attention for the duration of her hour-long set before leaving the stage with as much power and energy as she entered it.

Day 2 –

Joe Stilgoe & The Entertainers live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

Joe Stilgoe and the artists
Day 2 started off with just as good weather and vibes as Day 1, with the crowds pouring in much earlier. Open the ‘Main Stage’ at 12 and a half, was British singer and pianist Joe Stilgoe, known as a modern-day classical artist. His wit, style and musical ability kicked off Saturday in style as he took the stage in a shimmering sequin jacket with matching pants and a bright blue silk shirt. Through his music, Joe aims to bring his new songs and old classics to new audiences. At this early stage of the day, its sizable crowd mostly sat down to listen to music from the comfort of their deckchairs. A highlight of the set for me was a comedy about not being let into the iconic Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club on a Saturday night.

Ife Ogunjobi live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

Ife Ogunjobi
This small crowd ‘Main Stage’ was explained when I went to the ‘Stage of Supreme Standards’ to find it absolutely packed with a queue outside the door for Ife Ogunjobi’s set. Ife is a London-raised trumpet player with his heritage of being raised in a Nigerian family, bringing Afrobeat influences to his jazz and hip hop tunes. With his music, he aims to break down gender barriers and create an authentic sound for him and his culture. This performance was the first time he played in a festival under his own name and his own band, and thus showed the enormous feeling of excitement and joy of being on stage this weekend. The highlight of his set was a medley of classic Motown bass lines, led by bass guitar, leading into a massive funk jam, lighting up the tent and inspiring the first of many audience-led dances on his set.

MF Robots live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

MF robots
Next to the ‘Main Stage’ was the duo MF Robots (Music for Robots) made up of vocalist Dawn Joseph and drummer Jan Kincaid, who met on a previous project and discovered their musical chemistry together in 2013. Dawn took the stage with a huge rainbow-colored helmet, which continued to shoot confetti at the start of the set. Her stage presence filled the field as she held the large crowd in the palm of her hand for an entire hour. With influences from funk, soul, acid jazz and RnB, the London-based band brought positive energy to match the weather and left the crowd on a huge high.

Samm Henshaw live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

Sam Henshaw
Directly after MF Robots is South London born singer-songwriter Samm Henshaw. Since touring with artists such as Chance The Rapper, her fluid RnB style has exploded in popularity with over a million monthly listeners on Spotify. The set was mostly made up of tracks from his latest release, the “Untidy Soul” album.

Tom Misch live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

Tom Misch
Then on the ‘Main stage‘ was the act I was most looking forward to seeing this weekend, Tom Misch, a South London-born multi-instrumentalist who gained popularity with his quarantine lockdown YouTube videos and DIY approach , which has led him to gain over 4 million monthly Spotify listeners so far. With a set heavily focused on guitar solos, he included tracks such as ‘I wish that’ and “South of the River” from his 2018 album ‘Geography’as well as single ‘Night Runner’ from the album of 2020 ‘What type of music’. His set included several special guests, including Joel Culpper on guitar and vocals, as well as his sister making a short appearance to sing the track’s intro. ‘Film’.

Lianne La Havas live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

Lianne LaHavas
the packed ‘Main Stage’ continued to host English singer-songwriter and guitarist Lianne La Havas. She arrived on the RnB music scene in 2010 with her hybrid of alternative and southern folk, with influences such as Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone. She has enjoyed continued success with her many albums over the years, including her debut ‘Is Your Love Big Enough’ and last album of 2015 ‘Blood’. His music perfectly captured the Saturday night festival vibes and left the crowd screaming for an encore after his hour-long set.

Erykah Badu live at Love Supreme 2022 (photo Charlotte Horton) (click photo to enlarge)

Erykah Badu
Finally on stage, the headliner, the legendary Erykah Badu. Although 40 minutes late, it added to the sense of anticipation as the packed crowd waited for Erykah to end the day on a high. His bass-heavy RnB tunes matched with his powerful voice and delicate songwriting were unlike anything seen on stage so far this weekend. His hour-long set of classic tracks from the 1997 album ‘Next life’ and more modern tracks from his 2015 mixtape “But you can’t use my phone”. She finished her hour-long set just after 11 a.m., leaving the crowd pumping after a fantastic day of live music.

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