How will the end of mortgage deferrals affect the real estate boom?

CBA rivals have seen similar trends. The National Australia Bank had 1,037 deferred home loans at the end of February after allowing around 110,000 people to withhold repayments last year. “Considering the large number of clients who have resumed making repayments and receiving additional support, we do not expect the …

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To buy a house? Check out today’s mortgage rates, April 6

Interest rates are higher today for most categories of mortgage loans. The notable exception is the 30-year fixed rate loan, which has declined slightly. The current average rate for a 30-year loan is 3.623%. © Silver; Getty Images Mortgage-Rate-008 The rates are still very low historically and favorable for many …

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Mortgage Holders: Will a Law Change Finally Offer an Escape?

This is Money spoke to three mortgage prisoners about the impact it has had on their lives. Some of them are enjoying temporarily lower fares, thanks to Covid-19 – although it is not known when this temporary respite ends. Claire Johnson, 57, from Sheffield: highest interest rate paid 5.4% Claire …

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