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We get a lot of music submissions. I mean, A LOT. Like almost all New England musicians. Obviously, you can’t do everything, but there are always some gems of the region that we have almost forgotten. Here are a few :

“Japanese butterfly”, by JATK: Boston songwriter Matt Jatkola has chronicled his cancer journey with upbeat rock and roll through his power pop project, JATK, but even if you don’t know, his song “Japanese Butterfly” is definitely worth watching. hardly. There’s a garage rock and an indie rock vibe to the song, all framing a surprisingly delicate writing: “It’s easy to take off / You show him how to start / forgetting secrets / in caterpillar hearts.” In short, the song is a lively and uplifting joy.

J. Jordan

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Giorgio Armani Men Spring 2022 http://tadasei.com/giorgio-armani-men-spring-2022/ http://tadasei.com/giorgio-armani-men-spring-2022/#respond Tue, 22 Jun 2021 09:19:25 +0000 http://tadasei.com/giorgio-armani-men-spring-2022/

The king is alive and well.

Just after his men’s spring show which marked for the creator the return to the physical format, Giorgio Armani gathered journalists under a kiosk in the garden of his building on Via Borgonuovo in Milan to reassure them about his physical condition. Twenty days ago, the creator fell down the stairs of a local cinema and broke his left shoulder. “You can’t imagine the pain,” he said, showing a big scar down his arm.

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Despite the struggles, the designer was back for fashion week and on Monday night in Milan he bowed out as he held the hand of longtime collaborator Leo Dell’Orco, who works with him on the line for men. Indeed, Armani praised the work of Dell’Orco and his niece Silvana Armani, who is at his side on the women’s line. “I prepare my future with the people around me,” said Armani, hinting that the two will play a key role in the future development of the company.

However, Armani with this show has shown that he remains firmly at the helm of his empire. And despite his aversion to the idea of ​​trends – a concept he once again reiterated in the post-show reunion – his take on menswear over the past few decades has never been as hot as it is. it is today.

In a world where ease and ease come back center stage, Armani’s signature sense of style is extremely relevant. The casual elegance of the designer may be the real option for men who want to embrace comfort without giving up sophistication. “A man should always maintain his attractiveness,” said Armani, and the models who walked down his last runway had plenty of them.

A feeling of overall lightness resonated throughout the collection. This influenced the choice of materials – tactile but featherweight – as well as the fluidity of the silhouettes and the refreshing vibe of the color palette, where neutrals were juxtaposed with summery touches of electric blue, emerald green and red.

Deconstructed suits sit alongside charming separate sets, where pleated pants or Bermuda shorts are matched with languid blazers, but also overshirts and bombers made from tailored fabrics.

The intarsia sweaters revealed delicate graphics inspired by the world of nature, which also influenced the patterns dotting the cardigans, while the silk was designed for the elegant shirts that, at night, tucked into pants, like the suggested Armani, can be worn without blazers for a streamlined grip. in evening dress.

Armani, who in February 2020 was the first to decide to hold their Fall 2020 show behind closed doors to limit rapidly rising coronavirus infections in Milan during fashion week, closed the show with some models wearing face masks. “It’s a reminder that the pandemic is not over. Hopefully things will improve, but now is not the time to let our guard down. Certainly words of wisdom.

Launch gallery: Giorgio Armani Homme Spring 2022

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50 years of the independent Chicago blues label http://tadasei.com/50-years-of-the-independent-chicago-blues-label/ http://tadasei.com/50-years-of-the-independent-chicago-blues-label/#respond Sat, 19 Jun 2021 08:01:25 +0000 http://tadasei.com/50-years-of-the-independent-chicago-blues-label/

American Masters: Buddy Guy-Blues chases the blues Another Chicago blues flagship will premiere and air Tuesday, July 27 at 9 p.m. on WTTW and wttw.com/live.

In 1971, a 23-year-old white hippie took a six-fingered bluesman with a cheap Japanese guitar and his two sidemen to a Chicago studio, making the album as simple and intimate as it could get. Has been cut. “We try to capture the music like it’s the best gig everyone has ever played,” says self-proclaimed former hippie Bruce Iglauer.

Born during a recording session in 1971, Iglauer spent 50 years trying to bottle his raw energy at the helm of blues label Alligator Records, which released later that year. Hunting dog Taylor & The House Rockers..Mayor Lori Lightfoot to commemorate the label’s 50th anniversary Declares June 18 “Alligator Records Day” to be held in Chicago and Alligator to be released Alligator Records – 50 Years of Real House Rock Music, A compilation of 58 songs from over 350 releases. The first track is, of course, by Hound Dog Taylor.

It makes sense that Iglauer regularly produces and releases an album that recreates the violent live experience of the concert. That’s why he got to know Bruce and was struck by lightning. He first heard the Mississippi blues played by Fred McDowell at the University of Chicago Folk Festival in 1966. “I thought it was the most honest music I have ever heard,” he said. -he declares. Mentionned Chicago tonight In 2019.

The meeting changed the trajectory of his life. “I was supposed to teach theater history and I was crazy about the blues,” he said. Chicago tonight.. He eventually moved to Chicago and worked for blues and jazz labels. Delmark Records He began to enter and leave the South Side and West Side Blue Scrubs frequently with Bob Koester of Delmark. He calls him a “mentor and hero”. (Koester died in May of this year at the age of 88.)

Bruce Iglauer and his first alligator artist, Hound Dog Taylor Photo: Alligator Records / Nicole Fanelli

By then, Chicago had been an electrified blues hub for decades. Musicians such as Muddy Waters and Howlin’Wolf came from the south of the city. Big move I brought the African-American blues north. In Chicago, they played electric guitar and began to experiment with distortion. It influenced the early genres of rock and roll. A band that will soon become famous like the Rolling Stones in England … And I found a home with Chess Records and Bruce Club in town.

At one of those clubs, the Florence Living Room, Iglauer encountered loud music from Hound Dog Taylor and decided he needed to record it. Koester wasn’t interested, so Iglauer decided to start his own label for $ 2,500, which he inherited from his grandfather. “When I approached Hound Dog for the recording, he had already seen me 50 times on his concert,” Iglauer recalls. “He knew who I was, he knew I love music.

“He was recording two 45s many years ago. It was in his recording career. He said I had never run a record company before and distributed to me. He expressed no concern that I was the whole company. He had no other chance, so he just said, “I’m with you, baby, I’m with you.” mentionned. And we shook hands. “

The resulting album performed well enough that Iglauer continued to run the label on his own from his apartment. He released about one record per year until the introduction of “The Queen of the Blues” in 1975. Koko Taylor recorded his first album with Alligator. This allowed the label to be nominated for the first Grammy Award and Iglauer to hire the first employee. Taylor will be a regular at the label. In 1978, Alligator signed the first non-Chicago artist, guitar hero Albert Collins. Four years later, he won the first Grammy Award for artist Zydeco Clifton Chenier. I’m here!

The label only released 22 LPs in the 1970s, but released 60 in the 1980s, with legendary New Orleans-based Professor Longhair and influential guitarist Lonnie Mack (Stevie) living The album produced by Ray Vaughan) is now included. .. In the 1980s, the best-selling record in Alligator history was also released. Strong test!, Collins, young startup Robert Cray and Texan Johnny Copeland attended the three-person guitar theater.

“It was kind of a miracle that happened in front of me,” Iglauer recalls. Strong test! Recording session. “I remember [the producer] Turn to me and say, “Is this as good as I think it is?” “

Bruce Iglauer co-starred with Koko Taylor, one of Alligator’s strongest performers. Koko Taylor was nominated for the label’s first Grammy Award Photo: Alligator Records / Mark Norberg

Iglauer has co-produced around 120 Alligator releases and directed almost everything else on the label, but has also played a variety of non-traditional roles. “When an artist is open to it, I try to be more than just a record company,” he says. “A lot of times we’re friends, and in some cases we’re good friends. Lil ed [who records with The Blues Imperials] Growing up without a father, I say he was the closest to his father. I think that’s an incredible compliment. “

The musician stayed at Iglauer’s for a few weeks and tried to clean it up. His dining room Tronzo Cannon .. “He gave a writing session and I challenged him. Give me another chord, give me another beat, or rhyme better, ”says Igrauer.

“I don’t see us as a label,” he says. “We see ourselves as family.

Canon is an example of young alligator artists, many of whom update modern blues. Teens Christone “Kingfish” Ingram Everyone but Buddy Guy is greeted as “the next blues explosion”. Cannon wrote a song about health insurance and the undocumented, Selwyn Birchwood wrote a song about police atrocities, and Shemekia Copeland sang everything from gun control to gay rights. “Part of my mission now is to launch the careers of those who drive the blues forward for the next 50 years,” Iglauer explains.

Still, all artists and alligator records need to share one thing. It’s the ability to engage listeners with immediacy and energy, just as Hound Dog Taylor first heard him play at a small club over 50 years ago. He had to save it and the lack of money and experience was terrible.

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Faster Than Sound: Love Wheel Records Rolls In: Austin Music Pillar Mike Nicolai Sells Vinyl Records And Indoor Creature Parties At The Ballroom – Music http://tadasei.com/faster-than-sound-love-wheel-records-rolls-in-austin-music-pillar-mike-nicolai-sells-vinyl-records-and-indoor-creature-parties-at-the-ballroom-music/ http://tadasei.com/faster-than-sound-love-wheel-records-rolls-in-austin-music-pillar-mike-nicolai-sells-vinyl-records-and-indoor-creature-parties-at-the-ballroom-music/#respond Fri, 18 Jun 2021 08:37:16 +0000 http://tadasei.com/faster-than-sound-love-wheel-records-rolls-in-austin-music-pillar-mike-nicolai-sells-vinyl-records-and-indoor-creature-parties-at-the-ballroom-music/

Love Wheeler, vinyl dealer: Mike Nicolai. (Photo by John Anderson)

Right next to Burnet, North Austin stop Love wheel discs open at the end of April nestled between a nail salon and a hairdressing salon. Joe, the three-legged shop dog, greets vinyl customers in the cheerful green and orange shop. I left with a few very reasonably priced vintage items and a free Joe coaster.

Love Wheel, named for the gushing Daniel johnston track on a “the wheel of love goes round and round“, offers new and used vinyls in all genres, as well as books and CDs.

“The first time I moved to Austin I was 26. I had been here on tour and fell in love with it,” said the owner. Mike Nicolai, who runs the Brentwood store with his wife, Nancy. “I’ve been in and out of town, but I always come back because I feel right at home. We’re very happy here so this seemed like the place to do it.”

Minnesotan Nicolai, known as the sound engineer for Hole in the Wall for a dozen years, has collaborated with artists like the SubstitutesDunlap thin and gourds over decades of intelligent and altered musicality on the borders of rock and folk. In 2017, the the Chronicle decided that his solo work “marries the melodies of a bar band with lyrics that sound like a stream of consciousness, but assert their art through multiple rotations”. The alternative lifer, who performed shows with everyone from Jonathan richman at Willie nelson, tags teams with years of retail experience from Nancy to Wheatsville and music stores.

“My intention was to be eclectic,” explains the owner. “I grew up in the 80s punk rock and post-punk era, but lately I’ve been listening to a ton of jazz. I want to pay special attention to local stuff and music on the more experimental and challenging side and have something for everyone. “

Landing on the good little lease, the couple took a leap of faith by debuting just as in-person retail resurfaced. After a last Saturday loaded with unofficials Record Store Day participation, Nicolai recalls that Love Wheel also buys vinyl.

“Customer interests will really determine what we have,” he says. “Their tastes are everywhere so far – some people want the new one Taylor Swift, others want To sleep records. There are all the musical trends in the neighborhood and I love it. “

The house creature becomes oceanic

Local indie pop troupe Interior creature has gained an audience in recent years for great groovy live shows under the memorable exclamation of the lead singer Caleb Fleischersaxophone from. The last LP of the group – 2017 the Windows, by the founding members Fleischer and multi-instrumentalist Travis Kitchen – conversely, covered a much more comfortable and electronic territory. New album Living in darkness zooms out on the six-track’s lively musical landscape, covering dark themes with a beach-jaded vibe.

After making his debut last week on the Kansas City label The disc machine, the group is celebrating tomorrow, June 18, at the ballroom (Previously Spider House) with Child Eyelid and Lainey Gonzales.

Interior creature (Photo by JB Bergin)

“Before, for gigs, we used to give guys the chords to create their own parts,” Fleischer explains. “After practice, Travis and I would say, ‘Man, this is better than what we wrote. We should probably get over our little ego and embrace it. “It’s so refreshing.”

Choirs shared between, the recruits are keyboardists / guitarists able mason, bass player Marcus Bell, guitarist Terrence Kiser, and percussionist Zach muller. Fleischer and Kiser share a background in jazz – the latter handling guitar solos, like the lively conclusion to “Born in the Water”. The exit show takes Indoor Creature a step further, with a special vocal section of Kendra sells (BluMoon) and Lili hickman waldon (Flora & Fawn), as well as the horns of Wyatt corder and William wright of Big Wy Marching Band.

“It’s a long way,” reveals Fleischer. “Our first shows, I was really confused because I had never performed outside of a jazz combo. We were doing silly skits and waffles on stage. One time we had a guy watching The matrix. “

Fleischer moved to Austin on a whim to do comedy skits, dropping out of college in evolutionary biology. Ecology makes an unlikely appearance in Living in darkness title “Ocean Blue”, completed with a lovely video clip about falling in love with the ocean.

“I am really in love with ecosystems,” he says. “It makes me so sad to see one of my favorite, the ocean, slowly deteriorating just because of capitalism. I tried to think, ‘How can I make this more palatable, where people might think it’s just a song about how fun it is to be at the beach? ‘”

From left to right: Electric Church co-owners Nathanael Rendon, Jeff Wallace, Jese Hernandez, Levi Murray and Fez Moreno (Photo by David Brendan Hall)

The rehabilitation of the electric church

Earlier this month, the Electric Church suffered thousands of losses after hardware and other equipment theft in the Eastside DIY space. The venue shared on social media that they subsequently caught the thief in the act and were “heartbroken” to discover that it was a local musician suffering from addiction and homelessness.

The venue added: “[Austin Police] gave us the opportunity to file a complaint, which would allow them to search and recover our stolen items. However, due to recent convictions, this person [face] long in prison. Unfortunately, the incarceration system in this country is focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. We don’t think putting a sick person in jail will improve anyone’s situation, so we’ve decided not to go in that direction. “

Instead of retaliation, Psychedelic Heaven launched a GoFundMe (“Electric Church Robbery Recovery & Support SIMS”) to help cover losses. In 24 hours, the support scene exceeded the goal of $ 10,000. Fundraising in progress, part of the profit goes to SIMS Foundation and the musician’s family in need.


Coconut Club is piling up the specialty lineups this weekend. Shared Radio Frequencies starts with 12 hours Advantage of June 17, Saturday from 4 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. A percentage of sales supporting Austin Black Pride, live DJ Shani, 9th Sage, Sumptuous DJ, and Chicago’s influential dance diver Marc Grusane. Next place, Sunday at 4 p.m., local collective Brown state of mind brings together 15 acts to celebrate four years of curation and education. The assembly includes local singer-songwriters Christelle Bofale, Jay wile, and Midnight navy, alongside essential spinners DJ Eye Q, Joaquin, and Soy Ella Ella.

Harold McMillan, community force behind Kenny Dorham’s Garden and Miscellaneous Arts, wins his own city function day this Sunday, June 20. At last Thursday’s city council meeting, Mayor Pro-Tem Natasha Harper-Madison recognized the historian as “a benchmark in black arts and cultural heritage in Austin, Texas, for nearly 40 years … undeniably a guardian of art, soul, rock, funk, blues and of all that Austin jazz “.

Jad Fair, Austin founder of Half japanese, released a remixed edition of the 2017 album A story of crying in the United States for the first time. In collaboration with the New York artist Kramer, the LP also includes a Asshole surfersPaul Leary. Album lands on longtime independent Kramer label Shimmy Disc, former home of the iconic Austin acts as Daniel johnston and Adult rodeo, relaunched last year in partnership with Cries of joy.

ATX6 project, a traveling documentary project of local origin, presents its latest film tomorrow, June 18 at 8 p.m., on KLRU. The 2020 class – including Moving panoramasLeslie Sisson, Urban heat‘s Jonathan horstmann, Alesia Lani, Altamesa‘s Evan charles, Catherine legendre, and Pocket soundsMike St. Clair – traveled to Toronto and Thailand before dealing with the onset of the pandemic. Learn more about the filmmaker Chris Brecht on the the Chronicle Daily music blog.

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Twelve things to do in and around Denver this weekend, June 17-20 http://tadasei.com/twelve-things-to-do-in-and-around-denver-this-weekend-june-17-20/ http://tadasei.com/twelve-things-to-do-in-and-around-denver-this-weekend-june-17-20/#respond Thu, 17 Jun 2021 11:42:00 +0000 http://tadasei.com/twelve-things-to-do-in-and-around-denver-this-weekend-june-17-20/


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Support Denver’s independent voice and help keep Westword’s future free.

This weekend is full of living history, as Historic Downtown Denver hosts a citywide scavenger hunt that takes place right after the Juneteenth and Pride celebrations. But you can also head to the hills, where Winter Park opens for the summer season and Silverthorne introduces a new Sunday walk. And you can also experience the story of Alice in Wonderland in two very different ways.

Read on for fifteen of the best things to do in and around Denver this weekend (and don’t miss our list of even more activities, all free):

Hunting at the Capitole crossroads
From Thursday, June 17 at 1 p.m. to Sunday, June 20
Around Denver
Are you ready to learn more about Denver’s past on a city-wide scavenger hunt? You will have four days to complete the game, an innovative way to discover more about the city you love, while enjoying an adventure activity with family, friends or even alone. Teams of up to six players have four days to complete the challenge (although it shouldn’t take more than 2.5 hours). The first fifty people to complete the hunt will receive special finishing medals; awards will be given to teams with the fastest time to complete, the best teamwork photo, and outstanding history buffs. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary since Historic Denver began preserving the places that matter in Denver, starting with the Molly Brown House; your ticket, from $ 12 to $ 18, benefits the non-profit organization. Register here.

Solstice celebration
Thursday June 17th 7pm online

Welcome summer with an early solstice celebration hosted by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Erin Baxter, Curator of Anthropology, will host an evening highlighting the past and present solstice festivities. Erica Ellingson from the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder will take you on a tour of the ancient skies of Stonehenge and discuss the astronomical events revered by its builders; Deborah Whitehead, associate professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, will explore how modern religious groups like the Druids and neo-pagans interpret and interact with the ancient site of Stonehenge. It’s $ 5 for members, $ 10 for others; Register here.

Stories on stage: “Slumber Party”
Thursday, June 17, 7 p.m., online

Diana Dresser will perform Denver author Jennifer Wortman’s story “Slumber Party”: Parental angst reigns supreme when a worried mother begins to get too involved in her ten-year-old daughter’s social life. Dresser and Wortman will join the Stories on Stage team for a post-story conversation. Tickets cost $ 10; buy yours here.

The flower war
Thursday June 17, Friday June 18, Saturday June 19, 7:30 p.m.

Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center, 721 Santa Fe Drive
The play written and directed by Anthony J. Garcia that tells the story of the Kitayama Carnation Strike that began in July 1968 in Colorado is back. See it in person on a return trip until June 27. Tickets cost $ 20; get yours here.

Wonderland: Alice’s Rock and Roll Adventure
Thursday June 17, Friday June 18 and Saturday June 19 7:30 p.m., Sunday June 13 2 p.m.
Aurora Fox Arts Center, 9900 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora

Aurora Fox is back in performing live this summer with an upbeat Lewis Carroll reboot featuring live music performed by actors who double as musicians. Beyond the Jabberwocky she meets, the protagonist of Wonderland: Alice’s Rock and Roll Adventure weaves her way through uncharted territory to Carroll fans as she dances to a ska beat and Bollywood beats. Admission ranges from $ 15 to $ 40 online; find additional information here.

Music Day 2021
Friday, June 18, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
The Stanley Marketplace Hangar, 2501 Dallas Street, Aurora

Due to the collapse of its building, La Belle Maison, last week, the Alliance Française Denver was unable to host its annual fundraiser on site. But after a quick run, he moved the Fête de la Musique to the Hangar of Stanley Marketplace, which will be full of live music – including Spectrum String Ensemble, Grande Orquesta Navarre with special guests Tom Hagerman and Nick Urata from DeVotchKa, and DJ Nice Titi – as well as food and drink. Tickets are $ 25 for the concert only, $ 40 ($ 30 for AFD members) for the concert as well as two drinks, a sandwich and a dessert; children’s tickets cost $ 20. Learn more and get tickets here.

Southern Colorado Day
Rebel Ranch, 6597 County Lane 14.5 to Hwy 96, Ordway
Friday June 18 and Saturday June 19 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Sometimes you have to go a long way for a real vintage market – a market like Junkfest, a company that is honorably truthful when it comes to describing itself. The Junkfest takes place at the Rebel Ranch in Ordway, forty minutes east of Pueblo, on the edge of the Great Plains. And here are a few of what you’ll find there: antiques, farm stuff, old pots, things dads like to play with, farmhouse chic, crafts, garage sale bargains. , stuff and stuff and everything. Admission is $ 5 (children under 12 enter free); get information here.

In the rainbow
Friday June 18 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Spectra Art Space, 1836 South Broadway

An array of queer artists and allies – 85 in total – transform Spectra Art Space into a huge rainbow and adorn it with sculptures, paintings, toys, jewelry, and other items to celebrate all things LGBTQ. At an opening reception, drag artist and DJ Markie Arendelle will perform, and Ratio Beerworks will feature beers. And while this free shindig is about pride, it’s also about the goals of the gallery itself: to create collaboration, community, inclusiveness, and inspiration. RSVP on Eventbrite.

Colorado Brazil Fest 2021
Friday June 18, 6 p.m .: Brazilian Jazz, Choro and Bossa Nova Night with Dexter Payne Quintet & Michele Castro Quartet
Saturday June 19, 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m .: Sambadendê with Bateria Alegria and Samba Colorado
Saturday June 19, 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m .: Ginga with Bateria Alegria and Escola from Samba Denver
Boulder Bandshell, 1212 Canyon Boulevard, Boulder

Bring out your feathers and dance moves: Colorado Brazil Fest features bahia beats, bossa nova, Afro-Brazilian samba, and syncopated chorinho at Boulder’s Central Park Bandshell for a weekend of concerts with a powerful lineup of local Brazilian musicians. Choose from three distinct shows over two evenings, or let yourself be lulled by the rhythm and see them all; admission is $ 25 for each individual concert, $ 40 for the two Saturday shows, or $ 63 for a full weekend pass here.

Colorado Wonderland: An Alice Experience
Vernissage from Friday June 18 to July 3
Lemmon Staggs Homestead, Fort Collins

Descend the rabbit hole for an evening of adventure and wonder with familiar characters interwoven with local flavor and history as LunAseas presents this immersive performance maze filled with live bands, dance, circus, theater and more. multimedia visuals. There are two shows each night, and tickets are $ 35 to $ 200; get yours here.

R&B summer kicks off in June
Friday June 18 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Levitt Hall, 1380 West Florida Avenue

Juneteenth will be jumping with this outdoor concert featuring the Atlanta 112 headliner, as well as Rachel Bailey, the Grand Alliance and DJ Kid Above. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. bring blankets and lawn chairs and dance until dark. Tickets are $ 29.50 to $ 49.50 at Ticketmaster.

Summer is here !

Summer is here !

Winter park

Winter Park Summer
From Saturday June 19 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Winter park

The mountain opens up for summer activities, including the Trestle Bike Park, Alpine Slide, E-Bike Tours, Mini-Golf, Scenic Gondola Rides, Disc Golf, and Guided Mountain Top Hikes. Of course, you can also go hiking and enjoy the beautiful scenery on your own. Unlimited attraction passes start at $ 10; get yours here.

TheBigWonderful with Rob Drabkin
Saturday June 19 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Belleview Station, 6785 East Chenango Avenue

This weekend’s TheBigWonderful features Colorado folk art musician Rob Drabkin in two sets. In between songs, you can check out the vendors at the large open-air market and enjoy food and drink (unlimited, if you buy that kind of ticket). Dogs are welcome and the event is family friendly. In fact, children under sixteen enter for free; tickets range from $ 20 to $ 55. Buy them here.

Art walk in Silverthorne
Sunday June 19 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Blue River Trail, Silverthorne

Enjoy the fresh mountain air and the debut of the Silverthorne Art Strolls series as you stroll along the Blue River Trail, where you’ll find seventeen pop artists and nine musical groups, including harp duo Janet Harriman and Shane Werts and oboe; Lisa White, native flutes; Mark Schlaefer, blues; Nate Spencer, singer-songwriter; Randall McKinnon, cowboy / folk; Max Wolpert, violin; Ghanay Gloude and Shane Henderson, rhythm and blues duo; Rocky Mountain Brass. Everything is free ; find out more here.

Divergent and proud variety show
Sunday June 20, 7 p.m.
2620 2nd Avenue West, Unit 1

Anything goes when the neuro-UN-typical Divergent variety troupe takes the stage, starting with gender identity, ethnicity, abilities, sartorial choices and orientations. This is exactly what it takes for Pride Month, as LGBTQIA communities are learning to live with each other. There will likely be some drag, but that’s not all: as the idea for a variety show suggests, there could be song, dance and comedy, with a wink of an eye. and a touch of vaudeville. Tickets cost $ 10 at Ticketleap; get the details here.

Do you know of a big event around town? We will update this list throughout the weekend; send information to editorial@westword.com.

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How To Watch The Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony | Date and time of the 2021 event http://tadasei.com/how-to-watch-the-tokyo-olympics-opening-ceremony-date-and-time-of-the-2021-event/ http://tadasei.com/how-to-watch-the-tokyo-olympics-opening-ceremony-date-and-time-of-the-2021-event/#respond Wed, 16 Jun 2021 15:46:50 +0000 http://tadasei.com/how-to-watch-the-tokyo-olympics-opening-ceremony-date-and-time-of-the-2021-event/

After being postponed and rescheduled for the first time in history, the Tokyo Olympics are set to finally take place this year after live sport returns.

The event will still retain the Tokyo 2020 name for branding and marketing purposes, referring to the original start date of July 2020, which was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

While the Olympics are best known as an international celebration of sport, it is undeniable that one of the most watched and landmark events is the consistently prestigious and star-studded Opening Ceremony.

The London 2012 effort is still held in high regard, but what can we expect from Japan? Here’s everything you need to know about the opening ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

When is the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics?

The opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics will officially kick off international competition at the Japan National Stadium on Friday July 23, 2021 at 12 p.m. UK time.

How to watch the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics in the UK

The BBC and Eurosport have the rights to broadcast the Olympic Games this year.

In addition to being broadcast live on BBC One, the Opening Ceremony will also be available to stream on BBC iPlayer, with additional coverage on the BBC Red Button and the BBC Sport website.

The opening ceremony will also be visible on Eurosport. You can add a Eurosport subscription to your Sky, BT or Virgin contract, or get access to Eurosport player direct for £ 6.99 per month or £ 39.99 per year.

Eurosport is also available as an Amazon Prime Video add-on with a 7-day free trial.

Who performs at the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Olympic Games?

The artists for the event have yet to be announced, but previous opening ceremonies for the Japanese Olympics have celebrated ancient Japanese culture as well as themes of international peace. However, rumor has it that the focus is more on the country’s technology and popular culture this time around, with former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe disguising himself as Mario during the handover segment of the Rio 2016 closing ceremony. .

The famous gaming plumber is expected to take center stage at the 2020 opening ceremony, alongside other animated characters such as Hello Kitty and Hatsune Miku, with actual performers rumored to include the musician. Ryuichi Sakamoto and the pop-rock group Southern All Stars.

The Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games released the Basic Policy in 2017, which emphasized that the concept of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be based on the themes of peace, coexistence, reconstruction. , of the future, of Japan and Tokyo, of the athletes and involvement.

Producer Marco Balich also said the coronavirus crisis would be referenced at some point during the ceremony, and in December 2020, creative chef Hiroshi Sasaki hinted that plans for a flashy and extravagant ceremony would be streamlined in accordance with pandemic ordeals.

However, all of the traditional procedures of the Opening Ceremony are expected to take place, including welcoming speeches, flag-raising and the parade of athletes, with teams entering alphabetically for the first time according to the names of the countries in question. Japanese.

Television program of the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics

Although a TV program has yet to be officially announced, the opening ceremony for the 2020 Olympics will almost certainly be broadcast live on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Eurosport will also likely broadcast the event on Eurosport Channel 1, with the network typically launching additional Olympic “pop-up” channels for Sky, BT and Virgin customers at the start of the multisport competition. Fans can also stream the Opening Ceremony through online channels on Eurosport Player, which is also available as an add-on through Amazon Prime.

If you’re looking for something else to watch, check out our TV guide. Visit our dedicated hub for more sports news.

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Dance short explores the shadows of Little Tokyo’s history http://tadasei.com/dance-short-explores-the-shadows-of-little-tokyos-history/ http://tadasei.com/dance-short-explores-the-shadows-of-little-tokyos-history/#respond Tue, 15 Jun 2021 18:41:41 +0000 http://tadasei.com/dance-short-explores-the-shadows-of-little-tokyos-history/

The layers of Little Tokyo’s history and identity are explored in “Looking Through the Sails” by Marissa Osato. Osato is an award-winning dancer and choreographer. (Photo by Scott Oshima)


A Japanese American wanders the peaceful nightlife of Little Tokyo, meets, dances with and embodies the shadows of history in JACCC Square. This is the opening of Marissa Osato’s captivating dance short “to peer through voiles”, produced by JACCC and Sustainable Little Tokyo and screened online until June 30.

The staging and the choreography of Marissa Osato reveal the layers of the history of Little Tokyo, in particular of Bronzeville. In 1942, President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 90066 forced over 120,000 Japanese Americans to be incarcerated in prison camps and emptied Little Tokyo of its Japanese-American community. From 1942 to 1945, over 80,000 black migrants, seeking employment in Los Angeles’ war industry, transformed vacant Little Tokyo into Bronzeville – a center for culture, jazz, and community. black.

As Osato explains: “As I learned about the history of Bronzeville and the shared consequences of structural racism for Japanese American and black communities in Los Angeles, I wanted to use shadows to make connections, to embody empty ‘ghost towns’. and hidden from history, but also within oneself.

Osato is an award-winning choreographer and dancer, and is currently an Associate Professor in the Dance Department at Santa Monica College. She is not new to exploring Japanese-American identity and history through dance: her evening “The Spectacular Societyjuxtaposed calm reflections on her grandmother’s camp experiences during World War II and explosive parades of patriotic hysteria. JACCC was introduced to Osato’s engaging work through the production of the 2019 performance at NAVEL.

In the 10-minute short film, dancer Shiori Kamijo, herself a Japanese immigrant, guides us through this personal and collective experience with the past. Entering JACCC Plaza, Kamijo expresses her wonder and joy as she first encounters the shadow and music of Bronzeville’s vibrant jazz scene, which echoes Sara Sithi-Amnuai’s expansive score.

Shiori Kamijo dances with his “shadow”, performed by Vickie Roan. (Photo by Scott Oshima)

At the end of the jazz scene, the shadow reveals itself as a separate and distinct being, interpreted with precision and remarkable expression by dancer Vickie Roan. Kamijo and Roan flaunt their versatility as they move from a celebration of the jazz era to the body tremors of fractured and lost hope for a post-war, American and black “Little Bronze Tokyo”.

Composer Sithi-Amnuai shared the film’s rating process. “One of the biggest challenges has been to give space to many types of experiences, themes and emotions – from taking into account Bronzeville’s past to the experiences of the people’s first generation immigrants. Issei. I wanted to recognize and tap into the rich sounds of the past, present and future of Charlie Parker and Charles Mingus’s Little Tokyo to the sounds of the city at different points in history.

Sithi-Amnuai, also a trombonist and sheng musician, is one of the musicians selected for the Nikkei Music Reclamation Project of JACCC and Sustainable Little Tokyo.

to look through the veils ”brought together new and old collaborators. Dancers Kamijo and Roan are longtime collaborators and active members of Invertigo Contemporary Dance, which Osato co-founded and co-directed. New collaborations include Sithi-Amnuai and Alex Laya, filmmaker and director of photography, whose camera work and graceful editing are in themselves a choreographic marvel. It was also the first collaboration of Osato and JACCC. Yet all artists were forced to navigate making a movie during the pandemic.

For Osato, “[This was] extremely difficult and extremely rewarding. Other than Sara and I accidentally met at JACCC while rehearsing for different projects, we had never officially met in person, and all of our collaborative correspondence was done remotely. I am amazed at how connected we have been and look forward to future collaborations! “

For Scott Oshima, Executive Producer and Program Director at JACCC, “This project was a respite from this pandemic and its many losses and limitations on our lives and creative practices. JACCC feels so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Marissa and all the collaborating artists to create a vision of the future through a dance with the past.

The film ends at the end of the night and at sunrise. Kamijo, in a surreal and magnificent ending, wakes up at the top of “To the Issei” by Isamu Noguchi sculpture on JACCC Plaza – itself a souvenir from first generation Japanese Americans. Kamijo appears in peace, lit and warmed by the rising sun and a future still unseen.

Osato says, “I hope viewers come to think about their own inner and outer layers of identity, and how these relate to other communities and stories. In the same way that this project piqued my curiosity for the socio-political history of Little Tokyo, I hope viewers feel curious about the places they inhabit and consider “scrutinizing” societal issues through other lenses. than theirs. “

“to peer through veils” is screened online until June 30. Take part in the free roundtable on Thursday, June 17 at 7 p.m. with Osato and Sithi-Amnuai, moderated by Oshima. Learn more, register and rent at www.jaccc.org/okagesama.


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The growth of an artist in confinement with Kazuki Tokaji http://tadasei.com/the-growth-of-an-artist-in-confinement-with-kazuki-tokaji/ http://tadasei.com/the-growth-of-an-artist-in-confinement-with-kazuki-tokaji/#respond Tue, 15 Jun 2021 00:16:04 +0000 http://tadasei.com/the-growth-of-an-artist-in-confinement-with-kazuki-tokaji/

The whole world reacted differently during the lockdown, some of us were determined to take shelter and catch up with Netflix while eating stress and watching the news for daily updates, others decided to learn a skill or to perfect their culinary arts. For famous and talented LA musician Kazuki Tokaji, it was a chance to grow as a musician and acquire skills that led him to come out on the other side of this pandemic with vengeance.

Growing up in Japan and settling on the sunny shores of Los Angeles at the age of 7, Mr. Tokaji is no stranger to shifting tides and changes as they arise. Passionate about music from the very beginning, he has developed a vivid and unique perspective on the field of hearing excellence with a range of different and eclectic styles and sounds that have developed steadily throughout his life.

His rise to notoriety manifested itself with the completion of his studies at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood where he was able to collaborate and jam with headliners Steve Vai and Marty Friedman to name a few. With a climax that pushed him from genre to genre, he was able to develop quite effectively a listening ear and a sense of the distinction between his Japanese roots and his Westernized growth, allowing him to stand out from the start from his competitors.

Then, 2020 arrived. A period that everyone will remember for a long time. Kazuki Tokaji, however, was not to be put off by the lack of opportunities to tour and perfect his art in front of a crowd. Instead, he found himself at a crossroads that many creatives have found themselves in this year, grow or shrink – he chose correctly.

In an inspiring turn of events, he worked on an aspect of his creative career that he felt needed some tweaking, his songwriting, spending the majority of the time working tirelessly to get the right rhythms and s ‘ensuring that this facet of his creative flow is now a central aspect of his entire work ethic.

Artists like Kazuki Tokaji have taken containment as a way to discipline an art form, to work to develop a skill set that has great core value. A big test was thrown on the young artist, and he came out rocking, his latest single ‘Entropic’ seems to show that the lockdown hasn’t been messed up, it looks like his meteoric rise has only just begun.

Follow Kazuki Tokaji on kazukitokaji.com or connect via IG @kazukiguitar

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Education New Zealand hosts a week of partner workshops to celebrate and strengthen international education relations http://tadasei.com/education-new-zealand-hosts-a-week-of-partner-workshops-to-celebrate-and-strengthen-international-education-relations/ http://tadasei.com/education-new-zealand-hosts-a-week-of-partner-workshops-to-celebrate-and-strengthen-international-education-relations/#respond Mon, 14 Jun 2021 08:51:22 +0000 http://tadasei.com/education-new-zealand-hosts-a-week-of-partner-workshops-to-celebrate-and-strengthen-international-education-relations/

New Delhi, Delhi, India:
Education New Zealand has kicked off New Zealand Partners Workshop Week (NZPWW) 2021 – a five-day virtual international educational event that runs June 14-18.

The forum will showcase the unique qualities of a New Zealand education, such as its future direction, provide updates on the latest trends and highlight current Education New Zealand priorities and initiatives that partners could benefit from. – with the aim of strengthening New Zealand’s educational ties. with Asia.

Education New Zealand Regional Director for Asia, Ben Burrowes, said the week provided a valuable opportunity to engage and spark collaboration with key partners in Indonesia and more broadly in Asia, at a time when travel is limited.

Throughout the week, government officials, international education professionals, education officers, advisers and academic partners will come together to connect, collaborate and share ideas.

“By working together and with international education as a catalyst, Partners Workshop Week was designed to help us collectively meet challenges and share best practices during such a difficult time.

“As international education leaders, now is the time to prioritize work as a global community,” said Burrowes.

NZPWW will bring together audiences and international education partners from Greater China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and from the Philippines. The sessions will be available in six different languages: English, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Japanese and Bahasa Indonesian.

Over 45 international speakers will be featured, with sessions covering New Zealand updates and exclusive country-specific sessions, panel discussions, keynote presentations, professional development workshops, Q&A sessions live with experts and virtual exhibitions. The week covered a range of areas including K-12 education, education technology, higher education, vocational training and workplace education, as well as the English language training sector. .

Highlights of today’s program included a performance by New Zealand musician Stan Walker and a special performance by Ko Tāu Rourou waiata, a panel discussion with Director General of Education New Zealand Grant McPherson and six New Zealand Heads of Mission -Zeeland in Asia.

“We greatly value our international education partners – and would love to have current and potential New Zealand partners join us to connect, collaborate, ask important questions and share ideas about the future of education. ‘international education,’ Burrowes said.

Registration for New Zealand Partners Workshop Week is now open – partners can register here.

Education New Zealand (ENZ) is New Zealand’s government agency for international education. ENZ strives to raise awareness of New Zealand as a study destination and to help New Zealand educational institutions and businesses bring their services and products overseas.

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‘Genesis Noir’: a mind-boggling game about love, murder, joy and the Big Bang http://tadasei.com/genesis-noir-a-mind-boggling-game-about-love-murder-joy-and-the-big-bang/ http://tadasei.com/genesis-noir-a-mind-boggling-game-about-love-murder-joy-and-the-big-bang/#respond Sat, 12 Jun 2021 20:00:48 +0000 http://tadasei.com/genesis-noir-a-mind-boggling-game-about-love-murder-joy-and-the-big-bang/

Christophe Byrd

THE WASHINGTON POST – If a crime writer, cosmologist, and mythologist collaborated on a video game, the result could be Genesis Black, the most conceptually daring game to hit digital storefronts in many moons.

Unlike most games which bend over backwards to deliver easily digestible narratives, Genesis Black examines abstraction and associative logic with unwavering zeal. A narrative journal about a spaceship that appears near the end of the campaign sums up his lofty belief perfectly: “Just because something is a game doesn’t mean your thoughts, feelings, expectations are trivial, or irrelevant or irrelevant. meaningless. . Because it is in them that resides the true beauty of a game. Here is one of those rare titles which would not be moved in a gallery.

Genesis Black takes place through a series of title cards interspersed between the playable sections. The cards lay out the principles of the Big Bang Theory – an explosion of energy gave birth to our universe. Like a chorus, they also return to the subject of myth in regards to the human propensity to come to terms with the mysteries and truths that underlie existence through archetypal stories. Here these stories take the form of events that span the gamut of creation, from the flowering of life in a bed of water to the all-consuming darkness of the world precipitated by a black hole.

Players take on the role of No Man, a tall, slim man who wears the standard outfit of a black hero: a trench coat and hat. Later in the game, he is referred to by different names: the Eternal Demon, Beat Brother, Ancestral Spirit and Time Traveler, which reinforce the idea that he is more of a symbol than a conventional character; thus, his actions must be read metaphorically.

At the start of the game, he is found selling watches taken out of his coat pockets to various pedestrians on the street like a peddler of illicit goods. Back home in a clock tower, he finds a number written on a napkin belonging to a sweetheart. After dialing the number on a rotary telephone, he hears distress sounds coming from the other end before the line abruptly stops.

A scene from ‘Genesis Noir’. PHOTO: TRAVELER FRIEND

Running, falling and crawling down stairs and streets that take impossible angles, he arrives in a building where he presses the doorknob until the door shatters like glass. Barging into a room, he sees another man point a gun at a woman and pull the trigger. In Genesis Blackof cosmology, this event is at the origin of the Big Bang.

The potential victim is Miss Mass, a singer who leads a group called the Divine Jazz Section. Her attacker is her bandmate and former lover Golden Boy, a saxophonist who is made jealous by his alliance with No Man. Seen through the lens of the Big Bang, the symbolic relationship of these three is clear. Miss Mass kept the band’s universe going until her head was turned by No Man. In a fit of jealousy, Golden Boy shoots Miss Mass and unleashes an explosion of energy that resonates through time and space – elements associated with No Man, who takes it upon himself to literally look into the explosion to see s ‘there’s a way he might be able to reverse it.

During the first two-thirds of the game, players repeatedly return to the crime scene, where the propulsive force of the shot from Golden Boy’s handgun is suspended in the air like an elongated, frozen balloon. By moving a cursor inside the tightly demarcated explosion radius, you encounter points or particles that can be clicked. Some of them lead to dead ends while others lead to milestones that take No Man to different points in Earth’s evolution – from an ancient Greek amphitheater to a feudal Japanese countryside in Harlem from the Era. jazz in the laboratory of a supercollider and finally in a place of spirits that change shape. These places are punctuated with puzzles that see No Man exchanging riffs with a musician, planting seeds in a garden and witnessing the killing of a mythological animal whose face becomes that of a constellation.

Genesis BlackThe hopscotch approach to gameplay keeps things fresh and unexpected. Audiovisually, her beautiful jazz score and ultra-refined minimalist line art are spellbinding. Alas, I encountered a few bugs on the Xbox version that required a few reboots when a puzzle crashed and the screen froze. I also had to fall back to the pause menu a few times for the on-screen cursor to work. Either way, I hope there are a few issues, which will likely be fixed in an update, that don’t dampen anyone’s curiosity.

As someone who plays too many conventional games, I loved spending time with something so unusual. Overall, there is a richness to the aesthetic form of the game that sadly leaves me with the unsettling feeling of not having done it justice.

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