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Today is Wednesday May 5, the 125th day of 2021. There are 240 days left in the year.

Today’s highlight in history

On May 5, 1925, the teacher John T. Scopes was accused in Tennessee of violating a state law that prohibited the teaching of the theory of evolution. (Scopes was found guilty, but his conviction was later overturned.)

In 1494, during his second trip to the Western Hemisphere, Christopher Colombus landed in Jamaica.

In 1818, political philosopher Karl Marx, co-author of the “Communist Manifesto” and author of “Das Kapital”, was born in Prussia.

In 1891, New York’s Carnegie Hall (then called “Music Hall”) had its official opening night, featuring the Russian composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky as guest chef.

In 1942, wartime sugar rationing began in the United States.

In 1945, in the only such fatal attack in WWII, a Japanese balloon bomb exploded over Gearhart Mountain in Oregon, killing a minister’s pregnant wife and five children. Denmark and the Netherlands were liberated when the German surrender took effect.

In 1961, the astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr. became America’s first space traveler on a 15-minute suborbital flight aboard the Mercury Freedom 7 capsule.

In 1973, Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby, the first of his Triple Crown victories.

In 1978, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream debuted as Ben cohen and Jerry greenfield opened an ice cream parlor at a converted gas station in Burlington, Vermont.

In 1981, the Irish Republican Army hunger striker Bobby sands died at Maze Prison in Northern Ireland on the 66th day without food.

In 1987, the Iran-Contra Congress hearings began with the former Air Force general. Richard V. Secord the departure witness.

In 1994, Singapore caned an American teenager Michael fay for vandalism, a day after the sentence was reduced from six lashes to four in response to a call from the president Bill Clinton.

In 2009, Texas health officials confirmed the first death of a U.S. resident with swine flu.

Solemnly paying tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks of 11 September, the President Barack obama hugged survivors at Ground Zero in New York City and said the murder of Osama Bin Laden was an American message to the world: “When we say we will never forget, we mean what we say.”

Former Los Angeles Garbage Collector Lonnie Franklin Jr. was convicted of 10 counts of murder in the “Grim Sleeper” serial murders that targeted poor young black women for more than two decades.

President Barack obama commuted the prison terms of 58 federal convicts, as part of a larger campaign to ease the sentences of non-violent drug offenders.

Londoners voted in an election that gave the city its first Muslim mayor, Labor lawmaker Sadiq Khan, who succeeded the outgoing curator Boris Johnson.

President Donald trump visited a Honeywell mask factory in Arizona, but ignored instructions to wear a mask.

Tyson Foods said it would resume the limited operation of its massive pork processing plant in Waterloo, Iowa, with improved safety measures, more than two weeks after the facility was shut down due to a coronavirus epidemic among workers.

Although Joe biden With no more opponents left, a judge ruled that New York’s Democratic presidential primary should take place on June 23 because canceling it would be unconstitutional.

Michigan communities experienced record turnouts in local elections, with votes cast largely through mail.

Facebook said it removed several QAnon-related accounts and pages, acting for the first time against the far-right conspiracy theory being circulated among Trump supporters.

Country singer-musician Roni stoneman is 83.

Actor Michael murphy is 83.

Actor Lance Henriksen is 81.

Comedian-actor Michael palin is 78.

Actor John Rhys-Davies is 77.

Rock Correspondent Kurt loder is 76.

Rock musician Bill ward (Black Sabbath) is 73 years old.

Actor Melinda Culea is 66.

Actor Lisa Eilbacher is 64.

Actor Richard E. Grant is 64.

Rock singer Ian mcculloch (Echo and the Bunnymen) is 62 years old.

NBC reporter Brian williams is 62.

Rock musician Shawn drover (Megadeth) is 55 years old.

Tv personality Kyan douglas is 51.

Actor Tina Yothers is 48.

R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn is 46.

Actor Santiago Cabrera is 43.

Actor Vincent Kartheiser is 42.

Singer Craig david is 40.

Actor Danielle Fishel is 40.

Actor Henry cavill is 38.

Rock singer Skye Sweetnam is 33.

R&B singer Chris Brown is 32.

Figure skater Nathan Chen is 22.

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Satomimagae: Hanazono Album Review | Pitchfork http://tadasei.com/satomimagae-hanazono-album-review-pitchfork/ http://tadasei.com/satomimagae-hanazono-album-review-pitchfork/#respond Mon, 03 May 2021 04:00:00 +0000 http://tadasei.com/satomimagae-hanazono-album-review-pitchfork/

Satomi Magae recognizes that memory is as linked to the body as it is to the environment. Since its inception in 2012, awa, the guitarist and singer has seen reflections of herself in the world around her, using empty streets, vacant apartments and barbed wire-wrapped watchtowers as conduits for dark meditations on the passage of time. With soft, acoustic arrangements that barely exceed a whisper, Magae’s work divides the difference between narrative writing and ambient composition, combining aspects of each style into a larger whole. His fourth studio album and first with the American experimental imprint RVNG (in partnership with the Japanese label from Amsterdam Guruguru Brain), Hanazono, draws Magae’s sparse textural approach in a tense and refined mode of composition that does not abandon the inner brilliance of his earlier material.

Magae adopted the nickname Satomimagae – a combination of her first and last names – as a university student in Tokyo, where she studied molecular biology. The moniker, which to English speakers might appear to contain the word “image,” became an apt title for the project as Magae shifted from singer-songwriter confessionalism to something more impressionistic, using her soft, delicate voice as a singular complex ambient landscape texture. Early stars like “Koki” and “Mouf” placed her vocals alongside dusty field recordings and teeming electronics, rising through the mix to retreat under soft layers of white noise. Others, like “Bokusou” and “Hono,” stayed closer to Magae’s folk music roots, using guitar, vocals, and an occasional hum sample to show his versatility as a songwriter.

These delicate house recordings eventually caught the attention of Kranky affiliate producer Chihei Hatakeyama, whose White Paddy Mountain label went on to release Magae’s second and third albums. On 2014 Koko and 2017 Kremi, she returned to narrative writing with new-found precision, enhancing the alternate arrangements with the natural, lush reverberation of the space around her. The albums share a certain affinity with Liz Harris’ early recordings as a Grouper in their oblique approach to the acoustic guitar, breaking away the instrument from its associations with the tradition of singer-songwriters to reaffirm its usefulness in new ways.

Magae’s latest album, Hanazono, draws on contours long present in her work, refining the tone of her writing in a way that feels uniquely cohesive within her catalog. On “Hebisan,” the songwriter returns to a familiar headspace, layering sparse guitar and vocal lines over distant field recordings. Dropping the Japanese lyrics of his first material in favor of English-speaking imagism, Magae describes a wide-eyed snake tightening its grip around the speaker’s body, inducing comfort and security where some might expect fear. . Despite this narrative’s inescapable presence, Magae’s quirky arrangement favors her heart-wrenching voice over lyrics, which function more like a poetic scaffolding than a traditional narrative.

Hanazono is the Japanese word for “flower garden,” and while Magae includes a lot of natural imagery in the album’s lyrics, she’s much more interested in language as an acoustic texture. On “Suiheisen,” a low, scorching field recording gives way to a meditative singing bowl and finger-gripped acoustic guitar as the songwriter builds a dense wall of reverberating spectral harmonies. While the lyrics describe a scenic moment catching bugs before sunset, Magae’s soft, quirky vocal phrasing makes them almost indecipherable, punctuating the mix of occasional imagery that otherwise seems to just artfully drift into the background.

It’s tempting to see the ambient music in terms of a general arc built on moments of tension and resolution, and so much Hanazono might adhere to this tradition on the surface, he feels more committed to refining earlier iterations of the project in search of a new veneer. About 45 seconds after “Uzu,” a steady guitar riff gives way to one of the album’s most singular moments, as Magae’s voice retreats into a soothing hum accompanied by chord changes. It’s the kind of feeling that could have easily gone unnoticed on any of the songwriter’s previous releases, but here it comes with the disappointing weight of a breakthrough. The fact that Magae is still exploring new ideas almost a decade after starting her career is an achievement in itself.

Buy: Rough Trade

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Looking at Ray, the musician http://tadasei.com/looking-at-ray-the-musician/ http://tadasei.com/looking-at-ray-the-musician/#respond Sun, 02 May 2021 07:43:45 +0000 http://tadasei.com/looking-at-ray-the-musician/

“Not to have seen Ray’s cinema is to exist in the world without seeing the sun or the moon” – the famous Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa had said this in 1975 about one of the most influential filmmakers and most famous of all time – Satyajit Ray.

A brilliant illustrator, seasoned writer and master songwriter – these are some of the terms we associate with Satyajit Ray, whose centenary we are celebrating today. Even after 29 years of the master author’s disappearance, his films are still studied, analyzed and criticized for the amount of detail they contain. The names of filmmakers around the world who have been influenced by his cinematic style include Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and Francis Ford Coppola, among others, and rightly so, as Ray’s mastery over the art of filmmaking movies was not just limited. to storytelling.

The mood he created in his films was mostly accompanied by elements that he used to build from scratch. Elements from the costume design, the way his characters interacted with each other, where his characters are placed over the music, the most important. Born into a creative Bengali family that boasts of legends like Upendra Kishore Raychowdhuri and Sukumar Ray, Satyajit Ray’s passion for music dates back to his childhood rich in Indian and Western music. His passion for music has been reflected in almost all of his films and his collaboration with Maestro Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar and Vilayat Khan, and his use of classical music in his films is something that resonated with filmmakers at this. day.

Ray’s use of certain musical themes has been very crucial in building his characters and describing what his characters are going through. In Pather Panchali, the serene flute brings out the quiet village life, while in Jalsaghar dark and ominous tones of sitar portray the imminent fate of ‘zamindar’ life. Or in Teen Kanya, where we see individual themes accompanying individual stories – Ray used this component of cinema accordingly.

Likewise, in Sonar Kella, the folk song in the local dialect that accompanies the story succeeds in bringing out the tradition and culture of Rajasthan. In Joy Baba Felunath, the most poignant moments are accompanied by bhajan, which plays whenever the alleged antagonist “machli baba” appears on screen. The moving bhajan only connects with the idea of ​​Varanasi mysticism and somehow one can also hear a certain ghazal playing in the background as the film progresses.

His music was not limited only to instruments as the vocals formed an important part of the narrative in films like Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne or Hirak Rajar Deshe. The rhyming lyrics sung by the eponymous characters in the first provide a sense of joy but also convey the message of the story, while in the second the songs convey more than words. Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne also has one of the most poignant and unique song sequences in Ray’s filmography, which is the scene where Bhooter Raja (King of the Phantoms) appears onscreen and chooses eccentric songs as a form of communication.

In Charulata, her interpretation of Rabindra Nath Tagore’s song “Ami Chini Go Chini” served the purpose of creating a nuanced relationship in Charu’s life.

A visionary, Ray not only knew the music of his time, but also tried to bridge the divide between Indian and Western musical styles by merging the two and creating something with a slightly modern touch, but which also retained its original qualities. .

Constituency Based Election Results LIVE: West Bengal | Tamil Nadu | Kerala | Assam | Pondicherry

Blogs LIVE: West Bengal | Tamil Nadu | Kerala | Assam

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Move percussion beyond its stereotype http://tadasei.com/move-percussion-beyond-its-stereotype/ http://tadasei.com/move-percussion-beyond-its-stereotype/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 11:52:00 +0000 http://tadasei.com/move-percussion-beyond-its-stereotype/

Percussion music is more than creating intense rhythmic sound waves. It can be sweet, emotional, and most of all, creative.

Percussionist Yu Le wants to convey this idea to the public, especially to those who only consider percussion as drums and gongs. In fact, there are dozens of orchestral instruments that are categorized into the percussion family, including piano, drums, cymbals, marimba, tambourine, celesta, chimes, and triangle.

As one of China’s most promising young percussionists, Yu performed the Shanghai Grand Theater’s first percussion recital last week, accompanied by his pianist friend Liu Jiren.

In addition to playing the drums, Yu brought on stage a marimba, vibraphone, piano, barre chimes and a waterphone. The program ranged from traditional and electronic music to tango and even rap.

Ti Gong

“I want to break the stereotype of percussion music for the public,” Yu told the Shanghai Daily. “The drum is just one side. I want to showcase the color and richness of more percussion instruments in the programs. “

The opening piece, titled “Darkness to Light,” began with Yu playing a water phone – an instrument known for creating ethereal sounds often heard in movie soundtracks. He then played on drums, standing instead of sitting as drummers usually do. He was accompanied by Liu on the piano.

After an atmospheric first half, the second half of the program was lighter and brighter, Yu switching from drums to vibraphone.

In the piece “Everybody Talk about What” – composed by another musical friend, Julie Spencer – Yu played the marimba, while rapping in English and Chinese.

Move percussion beyond its stereotype

Ti Gong

“Darkness to Light” began with Yu playing a water phone.

“Innovation is highly regarded by percussionists,” said Yu. “New styles of performance and cross-exploration have emerged over the past three decades. Percussionists are fortunate to have been born at this time.

He said he thinks percussion music is getting more public attention, especially from a younger generation plugged into fast-moving pop culture.

“The fast and fluid rhythm of percussion instruments corresponds to the modern era,” he said. “Modern percussion composers have created many avant-garde works, which appeal to young people in terms of content and playing methods.”

Interactive sessions are always included in Yu’s recitals. During the Shanghai concert, he and Liu led the audience in an applause routine to show how two different rhythmic patterns end up merging into one.

“I always want every attendee at one of my concerts to be a part of the show instead of just watching and listening,” Yu said. “The rhythm is in everyone’s body.”

Move percussion beyond its stereotype

Ti Gong

The Shanghai concert ended with Piazzolla’s “Libertango”, which was adapted into a concerto for marimba and piano.

Yu started learning percussion at the age of 14, when he saw two children playing drums on television in 2000.

“Their performance was so cool that I was immediately taken by the drums and asked my parents to buy me a set,” said Yu. “After a year of learning, I asked my parents if the percussions were only for the drums. My father, a singer, then introduced me to Liu Yaguang, a high school teacher at the Xi’an Conservatory of Music. It broadened my vision of the percussion world.

Yu went to the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester to continue his education at age 18. His mentors included Japanese composer and famous marimba player Keiko Abe, as well as Scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie. In 2013, he received the college’s first international solo percussion artist diploma.

As a chamber musician and concerto soloist, he has performed with troupes such as the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico, the Beijing Symphony Orchestra and the Manchester Camerata. The 35-year-old is now Assistant Director of Percussion at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Abe, who is now 84, has been one of the main contributors to the development of the marimba in terms of technique and repertoire. With Yamaha Corp, she developed the modern five-octave concert marimba.

“Abe enjoys playing music with the students more than teaching,” said Yu. “She has always encouraged us to find new ideas and inspiration through improvised collaborations.”

Move percussion beyond its stereotype

Ti Gong

Yu is one of the most promising young percussionists in China.

Yu’s other mentor, Glennie, has been his idol since childhood. Deaf since the age of 12, she was the first western percussion soloist. She regularly plays barefoot to, as she says, better feel the music.

“Glennie is a master at using space and creating a sound field to engage audiences,” Yu said. “She doesn’t hear music, but feels it with her body. She believes musicians should make the music “feel” to the audience instead of just hearing it. “

Under Glennie’s influence, Yu changes his playstyle for different locations.

“The Grand Theater has a big hall, so I need thicker sticks to create better sound and more dynamic movements when performing on stage,” said Yu.

Among all the percussion instruments, Yu favors the marimba.

“It has melody, and therefore mood,” Yu said. “The marimba is like a changing child. It can be cute and charming, but also harsh and intractable – just like me. “

He added: “It’s a shame that the marimba was born late and missed the era of great composers like Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. There haven’t been many classical works composed for marimba. But playing Bach’s works with the marimba is the desire of every percussionist.

Other marimba works featured in the Shanghai recital were Abe’s “Prism Rhapsody” and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence”, which was adapted for marimba by Yu. The concert ended with “Libertango” »By Piazzolla, which has been adapted into a concerto for marimba and piano.

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Legendary ‘Dragon Ball Z’ composer Shunsuke Kikuchi has died at 89 http://tadasei.com/legendary-dragon-ball-z-composer-shunsuke-kikuchi-has-died-at-89/ http://tadasei.com/legendary-dragon-ball-z-composer-shunsuke-kikuchi-has-died-at-89/#respond Thu, 29 Apr 2021 02:01:22 +0000 http://tadasei.com/legendary-dragon-ball-z-composer-shunsuke-kikuchi-has-died-at-89/

Shunsuke Kikuchi, whose music will forever mark the anime world thanks to his contributions to Doraemon, Kamen Rider, and Dragon ball z, died at the age of 89.

Shunsuke Kikuchi, beloved composer of Dragon ball z among many other anime productions, movies and TV shows, has died at the age of 89.

According to Japanese publisher Oricon, the musician died of aspiration pneumonia on April 24 at a medical facility in Tokyo. He was reportedly undergoing medical treatment at the time, with close family members meeting to remember him at a private funeral.

Image: Shunsuke Kikuchi / Kanzenshuu

Kikuchi was born in Aomori Prefecture in 1931 and immersed himself in the world of composing anime soundtracks at the age of 30.

He has composed music for various iconic shows, creating the themes for Kamen Rider and Doraemon. His component work Doraemon no Uta (Doraemon Song) will go down in history as one of the most famous anime themes of all time.

Shunsuke Kikuchi has also written songs for shows such as Tiger mask, Dr Slump and, more particularly, the Dragon ball franchise. He composed 23 music packages through the original Dragon ball series, as well as Dragon Ball Z, resulting in over 400 pieces of original music created for the franchise between 1986 and 1995.

The prolific composer has received numerous honors for his work throughout his life, including a nomination for the Academy Award of Japan for his work on The door of youth and To trap a kidnapper in 1983, and an award of merit at the 2013 Tokyo Anime Awards.

Kikuchi’s many years of composing legendary sheet music were recognized by the industry in 2015, when he received his most prestigious honor. The musician became the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 57th Japan Record Awards, further strengthening his place in the history of Japanese music and cinema.

Soon after, in 2017, Kikuchi walked away from the industry and retired, claiming he was taking a hiatus to deal with chronic illness.

The spirit of Shunsuke Kikuchi’s music will inevitably live on through anime fans, who have remembered the number of iconic contributions this legend has made to the industry over five decades. While anime themes can come and go as shows evolve over time and engage new collaborators, the heart of the original music is never forgotten.

May he rest in peace.

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Ride Or Die: Netflix release date revealed http://tadasei.com/ride-or-die-netflix-release-date-revealed/ http://tadasei.com/ride-or-die-netflix-release-date-revealed/#respond Wed, 28 Apr 2021 10:11:32 +0000 http://tadasei.com/ride-or-die-netflix-release-date-revealed/

Ride Or Die Updates: This is a Japanese psychological drama thriller written by Nami Sakkawa and directed by Ryuichi Hiroki. The film is from Ching Nakamura’s manga series.

In the soul of “Thelma and Louise” a homosexual or lesbian refugee and the women who would kill and injure with three daggers and there is a blood red BMW in the movie “Ride or Die”.

A glamorous, erotic and entirely romantic film directed by Ryuichi Hiroki and written by Nami Kikkawa. This is the Netflix production with a full supporter.

This film is built on the adult manga “Gunjo” by Ching Nakamura. There are two keys to this movie. The first movie star is Kiko Mizuhura (“Norwegian Wood”) and actor-musician Honami sato.

This movie has graphic sex scenes and total nudity that is not part of the gossip in Japan, where managers generally have to strict and control their actors. In such a system, the bravery and passion of Mizuhura and Sato created on screen and prove their loyalty or in other words, we can also say that they prove their dedication.

The director of this film Named Hiroki is a veteran known for his susceptibility and portrays the desire and insecurity of women in famous festive objects like “Vibrator” and “Kabuchiko Love Hotel”. There is an attentive portrait of homosexual attraction, it is a distant exclamation to push back the stereotypes exchanged in Japanese films.

The Japan Times

In a disruptive twist on femme fatale mode, the gorgeous Rei Nagasawa (Mizuhara) takes on a sleek and murderous allure and deals with the man sitting next to her.

His response is swift, implying such confidence in his own tempting version. He brings Rei home to her skyscraper suite and has sex with her in front of the wedding photo. He throws money at her like women come to men are whores.

Rei who is self-sufficient and a born plastic surgeon of great wealth, living with her lover Mika (Yoko Maki). Up close, her phone rang when she received a call from Nanae Shinoda (Sato).

She was her high school classmate whom she hasn’t seen in 10 years. She drips everything for a meeting with her, but becomes furious after seeing the mark of nanae given by her husband kotaro (shinya nirro). It only takes a few times to kill him.

Ride and Die: Netflix release date

According to reports, Ride and Die will premiere worldwide on Thursday, April 15.

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[Today’s K-pop] Hot Issue debuts triumphantly http://tadasei.com/todays-k-pop-hot-issue-debuts-triumphantly/ http://tadasei.com/todays-k-pop-hot-issue-debuts-triumphantly/#respond Wed, 28 Apr 2021 10:03:53 +0000 http://tadasei.com/todays-k-pop-hot-issue-debuts-triumphantly/

(Credit: S2 Entertainment)

Seven-girl group Hot Issue debuted with a highly anticipated online storefront on Wednesday.

The group released a five-track EP “Issue Maker”, with its title track “Gratata” coming after machine gun sounds, as the group ambitiously aims to target audiences as skilled snipers.

The debut of the new girl group drew special attention as it is the first upcoming group from S2 Entertainment, created by Hong Seungseong who produced countless idols as the former director of JYP Entertainment and Cube Entertainment. over the past three decades.

“It would be a lie if we said we didn’t feel the pressure,” Hyungsin admitted, “but we solemnly prepared ourselves to take responsibility and hope for a good start.”

What sets Hot Issue apart from the rest is that everyone in the group is rapping, singing and dancing, instead of taking on specialist roles as usual, Yewon said confidently, adding that they would show more sides. mature and different every time they released new music. .

The NFB aims for another trophy

(Credit: WM Entertainment)

(Credit: WM Entertainment)

ONF performed live for an online showcase that marked the release of a repackaging of their debut album on Wednesday.

“Every new song on the repackaged album has our style of music, establishing our identity,” MK said. “We prepared with confidence and hope many of you will enjoy them.” The new album titled “City of ONF” consists of 14 tracks, adding three new songs to the 11 original studio album.

The main track “Ugly Dance” is a dance number based on hip-hop and “more powerful and hip than the music we’ve done before,” Hyojin explained. It takes the tale of the group’s previous hit “Beautiful Beautiful” and sings about freedom – how performers want to sing their own songs instead of getting carried away by the trends, he added.

It’s only been two months since the debut album came out, and while fellow bandmates said they were surprised at how they won a trophy on a TV show with their first full album, neither did they. more hidden their ambitions. .

“We want to be at the top of the charts and earn more trophies,” E-Tion said. “And I want the world to know our music.”

BTS inspires beginners to learn Korean

(Credit: Hybe Edu)

(Credit: Hybe Edu)

BTS fans have more reasons to start learning Korean with a new set of course books.

Hybe Edu, the education technology arm under the group’s label, has developed a set of books and audio aids for beginners that use TinyTAN, artist-based characters, called “Learn!” Korean with TinyTAN. “

It weaves along the story of a girl named Bora, whose mother tongue is not Korean but who wants to learn the language after falling in love with the group. The manual begins by determining the consonants and vowels of the Korean alphabet and with a pen that reads the letters and pictures from the book in Korean, English, Japanese and Spanish.

The most welcome feature is to allow the learners to choose a group member and record the learners’ names so that they can hear the encouraging comments from the voice of the musician. The voices are generated by artificial intelligence that has studied the limbs for six months, according to the company.

Seungri reappears on Big Bang’s social media profile

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

Seungri, a former Big Bang member, was included in the group’s Facebook account profile photo which was updated last weekend.

The black and white photo shows G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri marching on a five-lane road, representing the quintet.

Seungri left the group and retired from the entertainment industry herself, with an official statement in March 2019 saying, “This feels like the end for me, for the honor of YG and Big Bang, if nothing. else.” He is currently a corporal on trial on nine counts in the military court. He pleads innocent.

Group label YG Entertainment has Big Bang as their quartet on their official website and announced last year that the four – with the exception of Seungri – have renewed their contracts and will prepare for another comeback.

G-Dragon hinted that they were gearing up for a comeback, reporting that he was working on music for the band in an interview with Dazed Korea earlier this month.

By Hwang You-mee

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Travis Scott controversially revives ‘the people’s luxury sneaker’ http://tadasei.com/travis-scott-controversially-revives-the-peoples-luxury-sneaker/ http://tadasei.com/travis-scott-controversially-revives-the-peoples-luxury-sneaker/#respond Wed, 28 Apr 2021 01:00:22 +0000 http://tadasei.com/travis-scott-controversially-revives-the-peoples-luxury-sneaker/

While 2020 hasn’t been fun for most of us, it was a hoot for Travis Scott.

The Year We’d Rather Have Forgotten saw the Texan rapper drop a slew of chart-topping singles and co-produce the soundtrack to Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-winning film. Principle. He’s also seen success beyond music, signing collaborations with sportswear giant Nike, fast food chain McDonald’s and a massive multiplayer video game. Fortnite. It even teamed up with Swedish luxury perfume house Byredo on a signature “spatial” fragrance.

The maverick musician has made a career pushing boundaries, and it looks like he’s still on that wave in 2021 – this time, reviving one of modern fashion’s most controversial luxury sneakers. Scott shared a photo of himself this weekend posing on a hotel rooftop wearing a simple white t-shirt, black jeans and a pair of COMME des GARÇONS PLAY x Converse sneakers. Chuck 70.

The “ CDG Chucks, ” a collaboration between the Japanese luxury house’s PLAY broadcast line and iconic American sportswear brand, once enjoyed a rather elated place in streetwear culture thanks to their affordable price. (at least compared to other designers or ‘hyped sneakers’) and an idiosyncratic and playful design.

In recent years, however, they have become outdated… Making Scott’s endorsement of the “people’s luxury sneaker” quite a surprising move.

His fans have mixed feelings about the sneakers. Some predict that thanks to Scott’s co-sign, sneakers could become more popular – and more expensive – again. One of them joked “CDG on the moon now”, parodying the catching cry of the current cryptocurrency boom.

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Others are not also sold on sneakers. Negative comments include “my boy in 2014”, “the man has millions of dollars and still dresses like a sophomore in high school,” “oh my god why would you wear that …”

Another predicted how dozens of fans could emulate Scott’s style: “So you’re all going to be wearing CDG chucks again because of Travis?”

It is true that Scott, like other members of the hip-hop pantheon like Kanye West, Frank Ocean and Drake, are huge style icons who have had a huge effect on modern fashion. They have a Midas touch when it comes to fashion, and it wouldn’t be surprising if CDG sees an increase in sales thanks to Scott’s endorsement.

Maybe Scott is late, or maybe he’s way ahead. Fashion is cyclical … Maybe the CDG Chucks will experience a revival?

Speaking of sneakers, Scott just teased the release of his next collaboration pair with Nike – the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 “British Khaki” – with an abstract teaser video starring former NBA player Richard “Rip. Hamilton.

Scott has produced a number of collaborative sneakers with Nike, including the Air Jordan 1, 4, and 6, as well as the classic Air Force 1. All feature a signature earthy color palette as well as military-inspired features, such as as storage pockets. and additional fasteners.

His new ‘British Khaki’ pair, which features rough suede construction and translucent tooling, are set to drop on Scott’s birthday, April 30 (this Friday). Keep an eye out for the Nike SNEAKRS for the drop if you feel like it.

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The Flaming Lips, Death Cab for Cutie, Noah Cyrus Directs Programming for Ogden Twilight Summer Concert Series http://tadasei.com/the-flaming-lips-death-cab-for-cutie-noah-cyrus-directs-programming-for-ogden-twilight-summer-concert-series/ http://tadasei.com/the-flaming-lips-death-cab-for-cutie-noah-cyrus-directs-programming-for-ogden-twilight-summer-concert-series/#respond Tue, 27 Apr 2021 22:16:29 +0000 http://tadasei.com/the-flaming-lips-death-cab-for-cutie-noah-cyrus-directs-programming-for-ogden-twilight-summer-concert-series/

The series begins in August and continues through September; tickets go on sale Friday.

(Steve Griffin | Salt Lake Tribune file photo) Hannah Hooper of the group Grouplove, pictured at Red Butte Garden in 2014, will return to Utah on September 25, 2021, as her group performs in the Ogden Twilight concert series.

Music returns to the Ogden Amphitheater this summer, with the return of the Ogden Twilight concert series – and a lineup of hip and familiar pop and rock acts.

The 10-concert series takes place over seven weeks, from August 13 to September 25, mainly Fridays and Saturdays, at the Ogden Amphitheater, 343 E. 25th St., Ogden. Doors open at 5 p.m. for all shows, which include an opening act and a local spotlight group.

Here is the range:

Friday August 13 • Indie-pop / neo-soul group Fitz and the Tantrums, with Kishi Bashi opening and a local spot to be determined.

Friday August 20 • Psychedelic rock band The Flaming Lips, with Dan Deacon opening and a local spot to be determined.

Saturday August 21 • Big Wild electronic musician / singer, with the opening of Crooked Colors and a local spot to be determined.

Saturday August 28 • Louis the Child electronic music duo, with an opening DJ set from Washed Out and a local spot on Goth Babe.

Friday September 3 • To be determined.

Saturday September 4 • Pop singer-songwriter Noah Cyrus (Miley’s little sister), with Ant Clemons opening and a local spotlight on Cop Kid.

Friday September 10 • Alternative rock band Death Cab for Cutie, with opening and local spot to be determined.

Thursday September 16 • Electronic pop group Purity Ring, featuring the opening by Dawn Richard and a local spot on Oorb.

Tuesday September 21 • Portugal rock group. The Man, with the opening of the Japanese breakfast and a local spot to be determined.

Saturday September 25 • Alternative rock band Grouplove, with the opening of the Blackstarkids and a local spot to be determined.

Individual advance tickets cost $ 10 for most shows; $ 15 for The Flaming Lips, Louis the Child and Noah Cyrus; and $ 20 for Death Cab for Cutie. Add $ 5 each for tickets on the day of the show. VIP tickets, with a reserved section in front of the stage, cost $ 50 each, except for The Flaming Lips ($ 75) and Noah Cyrus ($ 65). There’s also a season pass, valid for all 10 shows for $ 100 – or a VIP season pass, with reserved section, for $ 500.

Tickets will go on sale from Friday, April 30 at 10 a.m. on ogdentwilight.com. Service charges will be charged.

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23 films to discover at the 2021 Milwaukee Film Festival http://tadasei.com/23-films-to-discover-at-the-2021-milwaukee-film-festival/ http://tadasei.com/23-films-to-discover-at-the-2021-milwaukee-film-festival/#respond Tue, 27 Apr 2021 15:01:24 +0000 http://tadasei.com/23-films-to-discover-at-the-2021-milwaukee-film-festival/

For the first time in 13 years of history, the Milwaukee Film Festival is a spring event.

Launched less than seven months after the end of the 2020 festival, the 2021 film festival runs from May 6 to 20. Just like last year, it is exclusively online.

There are two ways to watch the films screened during the festival: via the Milwaukee Film website, at mkefilm.org/festivaland through the apps available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. For an easy-to-follow guide, visit mkefilm.org/howtofest.

Tickets for individual films are $ 8, $ 5 for Milwaukee Film members. Until May 5, an all access pass costs $ 160, $ 90 for Milwaukee Film members. Once the festival begins, the passes cost $ 175, $ 100 for members.

RELATED:‘Revisiting the World’: Milwaukee Film Festival 2021 gears up to be a spring event

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