Music School

Montgomery’s Beat Champ has the recipe for success

For Montgomery’s Beat Champ, stringing together a beat is more than just throwing sounds together. It’s even more than putting together a puzzle. Think of him more as a gourmet chef with a musical recipe, which he likes to prepare with quality ingredients. “If you’re picking out sounds that already …

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NOVOS is the new sports school for Gen-Z

For anyone over 30, Fortnite might be nothing more than a benchmark in the vast pool of memes, gifs, and TV shows. However, the popular video game, which only launched in 2017, has racked up huge success – with around 350 million player accounts and 80.4 million monthly users. There …

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YS School Board – Deficit delayed by one year

The financial situation of Yellow Springs schools looks a little more optimistic at the end of the school year than it was last fall, according to District Treasurer Tammy Emrick. Reporting to the school board at its last regular meeting on Thursday, May 13, Emrick said income for the past …

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