Chuvash Stanzas & Songs, Debut of DIVA Ethno Future Sound

Russian group DIVA Ethno Future Sound released an independent debut album titled “Chuvash Stanzas & Songs”. The band’s music is rooted in the traditions of the Chuvash Republic (also known as Chuvashia) in western Russia.

Chuvash stanzas are a type of ancient traditional poetry like Persian rubai, Japanese tanka, or Turkish mani.

Chuvash songs speak of family, fate, daily bread, beauty and purity of the soul, as well as the sorrows and joys of life.

DIVA Ethno Future Sound was formed in 2019 by famous Chuvash musician Ruslan Soloviev. The main objective of the ensemble is to preserve and disseminate the Chuvash song culture and musical traditions. The sound of DIVA is a fascinating mix of charming voices, beautiful harps, winds and piano.

The name of the DIVA group is an abbreviation made up of Chuvash runic symbols.

DIVA Ethno Future Sound

Group members include Natalia Vassilieva (Наталья Васильева) on vocals; Diana uspenskaya (Диана Успенская) on the harp; Alexandre Bruni (Александр Бруни) on saxophone and flute; and Ruslan Soloviev (Руслан Соловьев) on the piano.

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