Could the Buffalo Bills make Beaver Stadium their temporary home?

Penn State’s Beaver Stadium is considered a temporary home for the Buffalo Bills if the team builds a new stadium, according to a report.

RochesterFirst reports that Penn State and Toronto are “both possibilities should [the Bills] need a temporary home “in the future. It could happen in a few years if the Bills finalize a plan to build a new site to replace Highmark Stadium.

According to the story, the Bills’ new stadium could be ready by 2025, but the team’s lease expires in 2023. The Bills are exploring other facilities if they have to move for a season or more, reports RochesterFirst.

Why is Beaver Stadium mentioned as a potential site? Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula have donated over $ 100 million to kick off the Penn State Division I men’s and women’s ice hockey programs and build their namesake arena on campus. Terry Pegula graduated from Penn State in 1973.

Penn State officials have mentioned for several years how they wanted Beaver Stadium to host more than seven events a year. But it’s unclear if Penn State would make such a big commitment while considering a major renovation plan for Beaver Stadium.

Penn State has partnered with architectural firm Populous to continue studying renovations. The renovation of Beaver Stadium was a key part of the athletics facilities master plan announced in 2017.

Part of the goal of the master plan is to determine how to make Beaver Stadium a year-round venue capable of hosting sports such as soccer, hockey and other events.

“This study is really the next step on our journey to renovate Beaver Stadium,” Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour said during the recent Coaching Virtual Trailer. “Obviously, this will be a massive, multi-year project, and I want to be very clear: we are not preparing to put shovels in the ground. We need to ensure that our planning and decisions about our needs and how we are going to meet those needs are addressed in this study.

“We are talking to many different constituents on campus and off campus about our needs and are looking to really have the Beaver Stadium as an asset to our community, but that will be in use for more than eight or nine days a year. So what other activities, what other community benefits can be hosted in the Beaver Stadium that would make it more than an eight-day-a-year facility? ”

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