Dream Theater’s James Labrie to release new solo album, ‘Beautiful Shade Of Gray’, in May

DREAM THEATER singer James labrie friends “Beautiful Shade Of Gray” as the title of his new solo album, due May 20, 2022 via InsideOut Music. Unlike previous LPs “Elements of persuasion” (2005), “Static impulse” (2010) and “Impermanent resonance” (2013), which were written and recorded in collaboration with LaBriesongwriting partner for over a dozen years, Matt Guillory, the new effort was followed with the Scottish musician Paul Logue, bassist and founding member of the multinational melodic metal group THE CURSE OF EDEN.

In a new interview with “The Everyman Podcast”, LaBrie once again explained how his collaboration with log came about. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I sang on one of the [EDEN’S CURSE‘s] 2010 songs called “No holy man”; so i’m invited on it. And i really liked Paulis writing. Tome, Pauls writing was more of a classic era – like the 1970s; that classic rock approach. And I had a lot of ideas in this direction.

Paul and actually I bumped into each other – you think fate isn’t here with you; Holy shit… The day after the show ends – DREAM THEATER in Glasgow [on] February 23 [2020]. I’m waiting for my flight on the 24th to go to London then to Toronto, and Paul walk past me and he goes, ‘James! ‘ I’m like “Oh my God!” He said, ‘You know I was at the show last night.’ He kept trying to email me on my old email address. And he said, ‘Listen, let me know. Want to get together? Do you want to write? ‘ And I said, ‘I would love to.’ At the time, I said, ‘I don’t know. Weird stuff is going on. Do you hear about this virus? ” ‘Yes. Yes.’ [I said] “We have to go to Asia, then we have to go to South America and North America and all that.” I said, ‘So we probably won’t be done by October, but why don’t we start writing then? Or why don’t we start brainstorming some ideas while we wait, and I can even be on the road and working on it? ‘ And he says, ‘Great.’ All of a sudden, the world closes. So we got down to it… It was probably… It all ended on March 15th, I believe, and on March 20th, he and I were already exchanging ideas. “

Elaborate on the songwriting process for “Beautiful Shade Of Gray”, LaBrie said, “We started out like, we said, ‘Let’s keep it really raw and acoustically based – that’s going to be the fundamentals of this album,’ and then it kind of morphed into an ensemble, so [with] keyboards … Marco sfogli plays lead guitar on all tracks. Paul plays all rhythmic acoustic guitars and bass. Then [my son] Luck [LaBrie] drums. Christian Pulkkinen is the keyboardist, who is a fantastic keyboardist, pianist. All the lyrics except one I wrote.

“It was really interesting to see how it went, if I would throw [Paul] a riff or I would throw him an idea of ​​a melody that would become a refrain to one of the songs or verses, ”he continued. “And then he returned his ideas to me musically. And we slowly but surely put everything in place. We had everyone fully involved. And it came out fantastic. The label is really happy about it. He has this kind of ZEPPELIN-esque, but the modern aspects are still there. So that’s great. “

Released in August 2013 via InsideOut Music, “Impermanent resonance” sold approximately 2,200 copies in the United States during its first week of release to land at No. 198 on The Billboard 200 chart. “Static impulse” seen Guillory not only play the main role in the composition of the material, but also manage all the keyboards and backing vocals. The album lineup was intact from the previous recording, with Marco sfogli from Italy on guitar, Ray riendeau (HALFORD, MACHINES OF LOVE GRACE) on Swedish bass and drummer Peter Wildoer (DARKANE, MAJESTIC), who was a finalist of DREAM THEATER drum auditions. In addition, the former GROUND WORK guitarist Pierre Wicher came into the fold to contribute songwriting and studio guitars.

In 2014, LaBrie released a digital EP, “I will not break up”, Going through InsideOut Music. While the opening title song was the album version taken from the “Impermanent resonance” released, two other songs were previously only physically released as digipak bonus tracks, one song was an alternate mix version and two other songs were special demo versions, all previously only physically released as bonus tracks on the digipak and the Japanese edition for the “Static impulse” album in 2010. The last three tracks were special dub step / electronica remixes by “Static impulse” songs, unpublished. The remixes were made by American DJs Jason miller, Mutrix and NeonGenesis. The EP cover was once again designed by Gustavo Sazès of Abstrata.net (SWORN ENEMY, KAMELOT).

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