Former member of J-pop group KAT-TUN tells court he used illegal stimulants

This file photo shows the building that houses the Nagoya District Court. (Mainichi/Shinichiro Kawase)

NAGOYA — A former member of Japanese pop group “KAT-TUN” admitted being charged with using illegal stimulants at a local hotel, among other allegations, during a June 10 court hearing.

According to the indictment, 36-year-old musician Koki Tanaka, of Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, is charged with violating the Stimulants Control Act and the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Act for allegedly using drugs at a hotel in the Naka district of Nagoya on or around February 24 and possession of liquid containing stimulants and controlled substances.

Prosecutors requested a two-year prison sentence, while Tanaka’s attorney requested a suspended sentence. The trial in the Nagoya District Court has concluded, with a decision expected on June 20.

At the June 10 hearing, prosecutors said Tanaka sought out a dealer on social media to supply him with stimulants so he could focus on his work without sleeping, and began using drugs around twice a month starting around September 2021. claimed that the defendant used the drugs to increase sexual arousal before meeting women, and that he deserved a severe sentence because of his proven substance dependence and habitual drug use.

The defense countered that Tanaka had been hospitalized for his drug problem and had already been subject to social sanctions.

Tanaka, who appeared in court wearing a black suit and mask, explained, “After I became independent, I even had to plan on my own. I just couldn’t handle everything. I I took drugs because of the pressure, worrying about my future and the stress.”

He said he wanted to return to showbusiness after reflecting on his actions and regaining his confidence. He said: “I’ve hurt people who are important to me and I’ve done the most horrible things a person could do. I’d like to live a life and never do those things again.”

(Japanese original by Kenichiro Fuji, Nagoya News Center)

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