Glowing and Positive World Soul Emia, Departure for Latin America

The Picinto trio came onto the stage of # Studio3 to fill the joyful notes of Manon’s Ukulele, the jazz bracelets of Mathis’s keyboard and the Latin rhythms of Julian’s drums. A meeting that leaves a smile on your face… Dudo Pem!

At the time of sowing dreams, which Eden blooms in your thoughts?“When you open the EPEmia, Airplane, A little gem published a few weeks ago, this question, in its flowery case, questions that jump to the eyes… What has become of our dreams? Where can we find the beautiful positive force that arises in this period when it seems to us that nothing is going well? Ima and her songs are full of love and hope …

Emma’s first EP “L’Envol”, released in September 2021

Emma, ​​that means “Get bigger, bigger“From the Amazonian tribes of Colombia. Emma Manon, Mathis and Julien. Latin music, salsa, poza… warm rhythms reminiscent of Flavia Kohlo or Iba…

In early 2020, Manon flew to South America. Its objective: to compose, meet, exchange, live there. On March 16, the trip came to an abrupt end: global epidemic, imprisonment, and we had to return to France. Manan finds Mathis in Besanon, and together they arrange the pieces composed during Manon’s short trip. Julian, the drummer and conductor of Patugata, joined them a few months later and put his Latin rhythms into it.

Emma was born. Atelier Poisson rouge The dark, sober and flowery aesthetic is responsible for creating a design that suggests an equally beautiful musical aesthetic. Their first clip “Its good», Worn by talented people Lucas Dubis, A hit: 60,000 views in just 3 months.

A prophecy, this first title: “Its good“, In Portuguese, means”Everything will be alrightThe future of the group is really bright. Improved by Energy Clothes, the dates are raining and the public is asking for more!

YouTube Lic Lachenal on the origin of Verdi’s Drover

In the collection of #Studio 3, Emia offers us 2 lives: “Just a surprise” And “OK”. We left it to Mano to explain the message of each of these songs to you, but be careful: after listening, it will be difficult for you to let go of that blissful smile all day long!

# Studio 3 France 3 Made by the Branch-Comte groups:

  • Images: Xavier Paiser
  • Video technicians: Bertrand Boer and Lillian Linosi
  • Sound: Jackie Pauline and Pierre Mayo
  • Lights: Mostepha Bouchaour
  • Cameraman: Jean-Michel Bohey and Romalt Pinocchio
  • Screenplay: Audrey Pena
  • Graphic design / Design: Dominic Rob
  • Editing: Petition board
  • Interview: Clément Gene
  • Web Editor: Clemens Powell
  • Web Author: Pascal Sulocha

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