Great beginner! Mark Kondratyuk strengthened the position of the Russian team at the Olympics

The young Russian athlete, who quickly broke into the elite of figure skating, proved today that he is among the elite on ice for a reason. If six months ago everyone considered Mikhail Kolyada to be the leader of the Russian national men’s team, this title now rightfully belongs to Mark Kondratyuk. Which is only worth his victorious skating at the European Championship and a great performance in the short program of the team tournament last Friday.

The 18-year-old skated the program clean to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary rock opera hit Jesus Christ Superstar.

For those who are not a devoted fan of figure skating, we will tell a funny story about Mark’s coach – Svetlana Sokolovskaya.

In the fall, before the next departure, she decided to go to the stadium to finish her business, when she suddenly saw her ward with a haircut … under Taras Bulba – shaved temples, short hair.

“Cut your hair, so to speak, before the flight. And here in Oberstdorf, consider, the first exit to the people, “Jesus Christ” to ride. As if boiling water had sprinkled me. Mark goes to the board: “Hey …” – he saw my face, I look – in the next second he is already rolling into the far corner. I’m hysterical, I’m screaming, I can’t stop. I threw the tape recorder on the ice, it broke… I still had time to think, while the tape recorder, as if in slow motion, flew over the ice: well, what blame him? And in the ensuing silence, I hear how Samarin, passing by Kondratyuk, says to him: “Damn, well, you couldn’t get your hair cut after I left for Syzran?” recalls Sokolovskaya.

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By the way, the choice of music from the famous musical is not accidental. The thing is, Mark is a music lover. He settles down with a variety of compositions. For example, on Friday he had Oksimiron in his headphones. Journalists are already joking that the next program will be under its hits. “Let’s say who I listened to the Russian championship. There is such a musician Stromae. He is quite famous, although he was gone for several years. And I also listened to Vysotsky here. The whole last year before going out on the ice, I turned on ‘Piggy Horses.’ From the last Russian championship and before that. Now it’s a tradition,” Kondratyuk said earlier.

Mark after the short program edged American Nathan Chen (111.71 points) and Japanese Uno Shoma (105.46 points). And this is a fair result. Yes, it may seem to someone that this is only third place, but for the representative of our country this is the maximum that he can do in this situation.

Despite the fact that the Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu has not yet arrived in Beijing. There are a lot of rumors around him, and no one can figure out where one of the best skateboarders on the planet is? The athlete does not appear in front of the public and does not communicate with the press. There is the most obvious version that he has a positive test, but no one confirms the information. Without him, the competition will of course take place – but I want to see the strongest.

Based on materials from RT, RIA-Sport, Eurosport.

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