Greensboro Music Teacher Brings Harmony With New Anthem


Washington Montessori’s Jerry Davis spent weeks creating the original song and recording a music video with his students.

GREENSBORO, North Carolina – An unprecedented school year is drawing to a close for Washington Montessori students. All grade levels are back in classrooms – and struggling to reconnect. Music teacher Jerry Davis knows the best way to do this is through song, so he wrote one, just for Washington Montessori.

“I started writing the song and the song really turned into an anthem,” Davis said. “Not just something that they can sing about, but something that they can actually believe in and take real pride in their abilities, but also something that will make them positive about school and life in general. “

Davis wanted the anthem to inspire hard work and a sense of community in students with lyrics like, “In Washington, we’ll work till the end.”

“The idea was really to improve test scores to improve students’ love of music throughout their lives and to enjoy being in school and have a sense of pride,” Davis said.

For weeks, Davis wrote, recorded, filmed and edited the nearly four-minute number, complete with dance moves, Zoom jam sessions, and, of course, learning. But it’s the end of the song he loves the most.

“There is a role in the vamp that I really love when he says, ‘When we get to school, nothing is impossible,’ and I firmly believe that students can learn anything,” Davis said. .


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