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Cultivated is an ABC comedy spin-off Blackish. The stars of the show Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson, Dre’s oldest daughter (Anthony Anderson) and Bo (Tracee Ellis Ross) who is going to study at a local liberal arts college in California. Cultivated tells the story of Zoey’s adventures and struggles with the new group of friends she found at Cal U and how together they must navigate their transition to adulthood. The show had a backdoor pilot on an episode of Blackish in 2017 during which Dre drops Zoey off at college for orientation.

Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi)


Zoey took quite a trip to Cal U. She entered freshman year in fashion design, but decided to take time off to go on tour with Joey Badass (who appears as himself) as his personal stylist. Eventually, she decided to go back to school to graduate and will manage to graduate with all her friends. After a few years of “will they/won’t they”, she finally started a relationship with Aaron (Trevor Jackson). However, by the end of the first part of the season, they were a bit upset by Aaron’s jealousy over Zoey’s friendship with her ex, Luca (Luka Sabbath) escalated into a physical altercation.


Shahidi has been playing since the age of six. She will play the role of Tinker Bell in the next film Peter Pan and Wendy. She is also an outspoken activist and has been recognized by hillary clinton and michelle obama.

Aaron Jackson (Trevor Jackson)


As the object of Zoey’s affection, Aaron is very involved in campus issues involving race. He and Zoey had an antagonistic, yet electric connection from the start. They don’t end up in each other’s arms until the end of Season 3, but it wasn’t all wine and roses. He graduated at the end of Season 3 and has been teaching ever since while Zoey is in her senior year. At the end of the first half of Season 4, he came to blows with Luca, and his future with Zoey came into question.

Jackson is an accomplished dancer and singer. He also played major roles in Eureka, American Criminality, and the movie, let it shine.

Ana Torres (Francia Raisa)


Ana has been one of Zoey’s roommates since day one. She stands out in the group as the only conservative Republican and constantly defends her point of view with Nomi and Aaron in particular. She went out with Javi (Henri Esteve) for most of the first half of Season 4 until they decided to end their relationship. In a moment of weakness, she encountered Vivek (Jordan Buhat) and swore him to secrecy. She specializes in political science.

France Raisa was one of the stars of The Secret Life of an American Teenager from 2008 to 2013. She also had roles in Bring it: all or nothing and The avant-garde: in pursuit of the dream.

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Nomi SegalEmily Arlook


Nomi is one of Zoey’s best friends. She took a year off from Cal U to have her baby girl, Luna, after a one-night stand with Phil (Tommy O’Brien). After Phil walked away from Nomi when she revealed they had a child, she was stunned to meet him at the end of the semester party in the first half finale. Guess that’s not the last time we’ll see Phil in this upcoming season.

Emily Arlook had small roles on The right place and Pillow talk and more recently can be seen in the series Showman.

Jazz Forster (Chloe Bailey)


As Zoey’s other best friend, Jazz had a rough year. His sister qualified for the Tokyo Olympics in track and field, and Jazz failed. Jazz also ended her relationship with Doug (Diggy Simmons) and has trouble moving on. She recently started dating Des (Warren Egypt Franklin). Des is bisexual and Jazz struggles with that and finds it hard to watch Doug move on without her. She is a major in economics.

Chloe is in the Chloe x Halle singing duo with her sister. She appeared in feature films Last Holidays and cries of joy, as well as a cameo in the visual album, Beyoncé: Lemonade.

Vivek Shah (Jordan Buhat)


Vivek is a rich kid majoring in engineering, but he also sells various drugs as a side business on campus. After being arrested, he was kicked out in the first part of Season 4 much to his father’s disgust. He is currently appealing his suspension and living with the girls in their ridiculously nice campus house. After his recent meeting with Ana, it will be interesting to see where Vivek’s priorities will be.

Cultivated is Jordan Buhat’s first major role.

Luca Hall (Luka Sabbath)


Luca is quirky and cool. He strives to keep the peace and stay as cool as possible. He is also a fashion design student and dated Zoey in their sophomore year. They remained close friends, much to the dismay of her current boyfriend, Aaron. Luca is incredibly popular without putting the slightest effort into it, which is both admirable and infuriating for his friends.

Sabbath had a small role in the 2019 film The dead don’t die. Cultivated is her first big role on television.

Sky Forster (Halle Bailey)


As Jazz’s twin sister, Sky left for Tokyo at the end of Season 3 to compete in the Olympics. Sky and her sister trained together for years and even though it was tough, she had to leave Cal U to compete. She didn’t appear in the first half of Season 4, so hopefully she will in the second half. She is a major in early childhood education.

Halle Bailey is one half of the hit singing duo Chloe x Halle with her sister. She will also star as Princess Ariel in the upcoming live-action feature film, The little Mermaid in 2023.

Doug EdwardsDiggy Simmons


Doug is best friends with Aaron, Vivek and Luca. He dated Jazz for a while, but when she slept with someone else during their breakup, he couldn’t forgive her. He has since started dating Luca’s sister in secret and is terrified that Luca sees this as a betrayal.

Diggy was first seen on television in the reality show The race house as he is the son of Rev. Race from Run DMC He went from recurring to main character in season 3 of Cultivated.

Kiela HallDaniella Perkins


Kiela is Luca’s younger sister who is a freshman at Cal U. She and Doug have an immediate attraction and begin a secret romance. Kiela is also very outspoken on campus about racial injustice and has no problem being at the forefront of protests with a megaphone.

Daniella Perkins is a YouTube and Tik Tok personality who made her television debut on A girl meets the world in 2016. She also appeared on Nickelodeon shows Legendary Dudas and knight Team.

Charlie Telphy (Deon Cole)


Charlie is a colleague of Dre on Blackish and inexplicably introduces himself as one of the night teachers at Cal U. His character becomes Dean in Season 2. It is never explained how he has two completely different full-time careers on Blackish as good as Cultivated.

Cole’s big break has arrived The Tonight Show Starring Conan O’Brien and Conan. He played in Blackish as Charlie since 2014. He also had roles on Angie Tribeca and in the Netflix movie The more they fall.

Besides Anderson and Ross, Blackish cast members Laurence Fishburne, Marcus Scribner, Miles Brown, and Marsai Martin were also invited. The last season of Blackish is currently airing on ABC. The second half of season 4 of Cultivated premieres January 27 on Freeform. Both Cultivated and Blackish are available to stream on Hulu.

Michelle Obama will appear in the final season of ‘Black-ish’

The Obamas have been a constant source of discussion for the Johnson family for the show’s previous seven seasons.

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