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As for our next topic over the next few weeks, since I’ve been focusing lately on the topic of trust and biblical things related to the topic such as vows, covenants, agreements, etc., I think it’s time to do my own part to build some trust with you i.e. in the form of a short overdue promised introduction to myself and what i’m doing around these parts these days -this.

It would start with the usual basic intro of myself (in our usual bits around 800 words, of course) which I purposely delayed doing as part of the initial column of a few things I did far into my almost 54 years of life/annual sun laps. Part of the reason for doing this is a bit about the musician in me (more on that later) who prefers to start their gigs with a few numbers before doing the first thank you and intro segments. For those who don’t already know me personally, here is the set of quick questions for curious minds who need to know me (at least the most relevant facts needed to understand my personal credentials and experience):

(1.) HOMETOWN? (ANSWER: was born and raised right here in the Plainview/Aiken/Lockney area and went to school and graduated from Lockney High in 1986 (yes, the one whose fight song is the “Notre Dame Victory March”)…I was never the athletic type (partly due to my weight issues and mostly due to my many childhood allergies). I was more of a group kid – and even considered for a while to become a band manager… I saw how hard my band manager worked for a salary equivalent to peanuts. Then after, my attentions turned more to the music business and also to mass media.)

(2.) COLLEGE EDUCATION – First went to South Plains College in Levelland, TX and majored in both Music Performance and Everybody’s Country/Bluegrass Music

things (a unique combo to double down on when you only play saxophone and can’t play piano, guitar or bluegrass instruments to even start saving your life)… Met a lot of interesting people during that I was there… Was he actually there the day the Tom T. Hall Performing Studio was officially opened (and a Guinness World Record set for the most bluegrass pickers playing a track on stage in 1987 )…Also had a Japanese roommate for a summer session who once made a beef curry dish which I loved and will never forget…

After earning my associate degree from SPC in 1989 and working a summer as a camp counselor at a Jewish boys camp in Maryland, I moved on to Eastern New Mexico University in Portales. (something that might be an interesting special connection for you Muleshoe/Clovis/Gens de Portales) with a major in music business and a minor in telecommunications (eastern term for mass communications) in which, after a more difficult, I finally got my bachelor’s degree in August 1992 (in which I never got to go to graduation, but instead received my diploma by mail).

One unique distinction I can say about this – in fact, during my time there I met TWO different Miss America contestants and ONE Miss USA contestant. (NO – I DID NOT say I had ever met them, silly… I just said I knew them. And I only got to know them AFTER they all tried to compete and losing said beauty pageants after each won Miss New Mexican Titles.)

One of the contestants for Miss America was a journalism/mass communication major who I was with while working at the campus PBS station and helping out on news shows as one of the camera operators. The other Miss America was a vocal performance specialist that I occasionally saw in the music department. As for Miss USA, I couldn’t meet her until I briefly got involved with ABQ as a booking agent for a group that was trying to book gigs for Tejano bands. They were all either in committed relationships and/or already married at the time I met them – and at the time I couldn’t have dated them anyway because I was involved in a church that didn’t would not allow me to go out with young girls outside of our group.)

(3.) WORK AND CAREER–On the print/web side of the

great book, I have had the privilege of having an interesting experience in writing for publications such as the New Mexico MICLine and the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal [where for several years I served as what is called in the
newspaper business as a “stringer” (ironically similar to what I’m doing here
right now)–but was called an “area correspondent”]. I also worked for several years writing articles for a now defunct internet forum called Suite where I was editor for Texas Culture and Politics and eventually editor for Asia, Africa, South America and other regions. (Don’t let the fancy title fool you…because I didn’t get paid in spades – which I could have done. BUT I HAD the opportunity to interview some interesting people such as the former Austin City Limits producer Terry Lickona; prominent Texas state officials and department heads, and even got to ask a few quick questions to the father of one of the Columbine shooting victims, Darrell Scott .)

In radio I did a very brief stint as a sales rep for what is now KFLP at Floydada many years ago and also had the privilege of working two different stints for KKYN broadcast /KVOP/KRIA/KREW right here in the city known as the “Athens of the Plains” for a combined total of 10 or 11 years. Meanwhile, I was privileged for many of those years to work directly under former program director Brandy Haines and famed West Texas broadcaster (now the girls’ basketball coach of Kingdom Prep) Tom Hall (also of the “Wake Up Kickin’ Morning Show with Tom and Brandy”) and was privileged to help lead the board for games streamed by area sportscasting legends such as the now deceased Woody Van Dyke, KJAK, Steve Dale and Chris Due.(There might even be a chance that you sometimes heard my voice once or twice during those years during severe weather updates or even broadcasts on election night.)

There’s a lot more I can tell you, but I don’t have the time and space to do it right now. We’ll be continuing this in the next week or two, so stay tuned campers! Until next time (as He permits), see you at CROSSroads–

Coy HR

(Coy Holley is the author of several books which are available both through Amazon and also through his online publishing company Broken and Shattered

Promises Online Publishing, including its latest “Sowing into Tears”. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of “Sowing Into Tears” after core expenses is currently used to support Glenn Beck and the Nazarene Fund‘s efforts to help bring persecuted Christians out of harm’s way as well as various restorative justice ministries. Detailed information on “Sowing in Tears” as well as other BSPOP books and contact information on how you can purchase these books can be found on their website: .)

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