How Music Attracted Me From The Age Of Nine – Zilly Tiger

Oguro Ibos, better known as Zilly Tiger

A of the life’s greatest discoveries is for find your goal the word go. It creates a sense of direction and builds a wall against misguided beliefs and advice.

Italy-based Nigerian singer, Oguro Ibos popularly known as Zilly Tigers was blessed to have found his own purpose when he was still in primary school at the age of nine years.

God didn’t break the cloud to speak to him in a still, small voice, he identified what excites him, and he naturally acquired the strength and armor to overcome the obstacles.

Zilly Tiger had the idea to start writing his own songs as a teenager, and he started singing them, performing the lines in real life with instruments at events and shows. And in that moment, he realized that using his gift in service to others can help him find his own sense of true purpose.

The 31-year-old music star from Uromi in Edo State attended Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma.

In 2016, he fulfilled his dream by releasing his first single titled “Way back”. A year later, Zilly Tiger hit the airwaves with two new singles: “Tonight”, in which he featured Ejoba, and later “Small small”.

In 2017, fate brought him closer to his childhood friend, Jimoh Abiodun Prince, also known as Zeel Tiger, with whom he formed the group Two Tigers.

Zilly Tiger also attended the same university with Zeel Tiger, also from Edo. The two clicked and are now touring Europe together, entertaining their Diaspora fans with sweet melodies, as well as the growing fan base in Nigeria.

“At first, strangers thought it would be hard to understand our song, but once it’s on the air, they’re all on their feet, vibrating and dancing the whole time,” Zilly Tiger said.

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