“I have a key role at certain points in the show”

In a new interview with Guitar world, old Red hot peppers guitarist Josh klinghoffer discussed his relationship with his former band and revealed what it’s like to tour with Pearl Jam.

Josh klinghoffer is an American guitarist who rose to prominence as the guitarist of the rock band Red hot peppers. He joined the group after the departure of John Frusciante, and he was a member of the band from 2007 to 2019. Throughout his career with the band, Klinghoffer had appeared 9 band efforts.

After parting from Red hot peppers, Josh klinghoffer had released his first solo single under the name Pluralone. On November 18, 2021, the musician had joined Pearl Jam as a touring musician. Since then, he has rocked the stage with them.

However, as you know, Red hot peppers and Pearl Jam had appeared side by side several times in the past. In 1991, Pearl Jam had played one of his first shows with Red hot peppers. Both groups later appeared at the New Orleans Jazz Fest 2016.

Recently, Josh klinghoffer opened around Red hot peppers and Pearl Jamrelationship over the years. Recall Pearl Jamcreation, Klinghoffer says that Red hot peppers and Pearl Jam just closed with each other.

“The Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam have a long, intertwined history”, Klinghoffer said. “The Chili Peppers took Pearl Jam on one of their first tours in 1991.

“Jack Irons – the original Chili Peppers drummer – connected Eddie to Stone [Gossard] and Jeff [Ament] in Seattle. And then Jack Irons became a bit of a drummer for Pearl Jam. Basically the Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam just got close.

“At one point, we connected. It was in 2016 that I really saw them more – we did the same festival in New Orleans. We got a little closer over time – did a few shows with Mike McCready for various charities, and Eddie came over and performed at the fundraiser for Flea’s School of Music in Silverlake.

“So they offered me the opening position for their tour and they said, ‘Since you’re here, you can sing a few songs, play some drums. Requisites.

Josh Klinghoffer mentions his role in Pearl Jam

Later then, Klinghoffer also spoke about his role in Pearl Jam. According to him, he has a key role as a member of the group. To say he was a big fan of Pearl Jam when he was a child, the guitarist added that he knew their music well.

“It turns out I play guitar on a song or two,” he reveals. “I have a minor but key role at certain points in the series.

“But it’s really just through a long history and friendships that existed before I was even here.

“But luckily for me, I was a huge fan of them as a kid and I know their old music pretty well. So, it’s not like joining a group that is just “another group”.

“For me, the friend I spoke about who I played fretless bass with, he only had one fretless because he was a huge fan of Jeff Ament, and I was like, ‘You should have a fretless! I have a great photo of Jeff playing bass that I sent to my friend’s mom – which is a really nice and complete time.

“So I was not a stranger. It made sense for me to join the Chili Peppers – when John [Frusciante] decided not to do it at that time, I had been there for so long and friends toured with them, having me with me was not something that was an adjustment. A bit the same with Pearl Jam.

“Not as much, maybe – because I didn’t know them that much, not living in Seattle.” But having me with me wouldn’t be so strange or different.

Elsewhere in the conversation, the guitarist was asked if he was speaking with Chili members after leaving the group. Say he saw Chad smith On his birthday, Klinghoffer revealed they were playing basketball with Chip.

“Yeah, I got some – different amounts with different guys. I had not seen Antoine [Kiedis] until the other day – I met him on Chad Smith’s birthday party. But we are texting. I play Fantasy Basketball with Flea – he and I are in contact a lot.

“And then I’ve been fortunate enough to continue to work a lot with Chad over the last couple of years – doing a few records and recording a lot with Andrew Watt.”

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