Is BTS’ Left and Right music video with Jungkook about a gay relationship? Charlie Puth Responds, Entertainment News

Fans have been eyeing a relationship between their favorite stars since time immemorial, and here’s a completely unexpected OTP (real couple) to add to that list: BTS’ Charlie Puth and Jungkook.

Or, more specifically, their personalities from the new single Left and Right.

The single marks their second collaboration – the first was when BTS took the stage with Charlie at the Genie Music Awards in 2018.

The video shows two men – played by Charlie and Jungkook – in therapy trying to escape their partner’s memories that are “stuck in my head”.

Throughout the song, the only two people – other than the therapist – featured in the music video are the characters Charlie and Jungkook and at one point they are in the same therapist office singing one for the other.

This scene didn’t escape discerning fans who also pointed out that it oddly resembled a couple’s therapy session.

And if you are dispatch them in the music video, so you might be pleased to know that Charlie apparently hinted at a relationship between the characters.

On July 4, the 30-year-old shared a YouTube comment on his Instagram Story and part of it read, “Since no one else is pictured [in the video] other than the two, the assumption is that the two guys are on each other’s minds.”

PHOTO: Instagram screenshot/Charlie Puth

Charlie also wasn’t shy about expressing his admiration for Jungkook, previously telling iHeartRadio’s Z100 New York that BTS maknae (youngest member) “immediately came to mind” when it came to make a collaboration.

He also admitted that “Jungkook is a very attractive human.”

Fans were especially thrilled that the collab was released in June, which is known to be Pride month.


A fan was grateful that the video does not come across as fetishizing gay people.

The highly anticipated single was released on June 24 and topped iTunes Top Songs in 93 countries and regions the following day, according to Naver. The music video also racked up over 10 million views just over 12 hours after its release.

With Left and Right, Jungkook also became the fastest Asian soloist to reach 20 million streams on Spotify, setting a new record on the music streaming platform.

The previous record was held by Japanese musician Joji, who took five days to garner the same number of streams. However, Jungkook only took four.

As of July 5, just over a week after its release, the song had also been streamed over 50 million times.

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