Japanese Breakfast covers Brandi Carlile’s hit song “The Story”

Japanese breakfast has reached a rare air lately. Not only is she one of music lovers’ favorite indie rock bands, she’s also a successful memoirist.

With the release of his 2021 LP, Jubileeand memories 2021, Crying in H Martthe artist (née Michelle Zauner) is seemingly on edge from near and far.

Well, Zauner’s latest triumph is a cover of Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile’s 2007 hit song, “The Story,” which was originally written by the collaborator of Carlile’s longtime, Phil Hanseroth.

Now Zauner has added his name to the prestigious list of artists who have covered him, including LeAnn Rimes and Dolly Parton.

“I think the song captures the depths of human tenacity and the spirit of travel so well,” Zauner said of the track.

The new rendition is part of the soundtrack for North Face’s new “It’s More Than a Jacket” campaign. Check out the new cover below.

“It was a joy to take on the iconic ballad, ‘The Story,'” Zauner said in a press release. “I think the song captures the depths of human tenacity and the spirit of travel so well. We wanted to keep our rendition sparse and acoustic. A beautiful string arrangement written by Craig Hendrix and performed by our violinist, Molly Germer, and the Quatuor 121 takes off to take you into the mountains.

This isn’t the first time that Japanese Breakfast has released a major cover. Less than a year ago, Zauner released a new EP in collaboration with Spotify called Live at Electric Lady EP. On the album, the celebrated Philadelphia-born musician and best-selling author also covered Weezer’s popular song, “Say It Ain’t So.”

“Recording at Electric Lady was truly the perfect experience, Zauner said. “The longer I’ve worked as a recording artist, the more I’ve come to realize that it’s the simple, stripped-down songs that are the hardest to pull off. Having the opportunity to revisit the core catalog of my songwriting in a room with so much history, surrounded by engineers and equipment of the highest caliber, was just a dream come true.

“I once played a really sloppy cover of ‘Say It Ain’t So’ with my band in college, so it was fun to see it again from the opposite angle, stripped down with a string quartet. Craig Hendrix did the arranging and Quatuor 121 did well.

Photo credit: Tonje Thilesen

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