Kearney Street Studio in San Francisco gives voice to Asian American artists – CBS San Francisco

San Francisco (CBS SF) – Jason Bayani remembers realizing he wasn’t the only Asian American poet.

“I had to be in space with different artists from all over the country,” he told KPIX 5. “Everyone who looks like me and shares the same story. It’s like watching.”

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He is currently supporting others as artistic director of the Kearney Street Workshop. This workshop is the oldest American-Asian multidisciplinary arts organization in the United States.

The non-profit organization was founded in 1972 in a former international hotel on Kearney Street, to protest evictions and fight for workers’ rights.

But over the years, KSW has become a springboard for thousands of Asian American artists.

“The Kearney Street Workshop is known as a pioneering organization,” said former CEO Nancy Hom.

According to Hom, KSW was the first company to hold an art exhibition in the Angel Island Detention Center, the first company to publish Filipino-American poetry, and the first to host an Asian-American jazz festival. It is also a business of.

Today, the annual APAture festival features dozens of promising artists.

“The structure of APAture means that new talents are welcomed, trained and trained every year,” says Hom.

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From photography to podcasts, this non-profit organization offers workshops and performances, and equips artists such as Kazumichin, Michellin and Dara del Rosario.

The trio produced KSW’s first podcast, “We Won’t Move: A Living Archive,” featuring conversations with Asian American artists and community activists.

“What I love about KSW and all of its programming is the imagination that is so important to make a difference,” says Lin.

And now, nonprofits are building their own living history.

Collect artifacts like part of the original door of an international hotel and conduct interviews with online archives.

“It’s our way of telling our story through us,” Bayani explained.

The large-scale project will be a legacy of the creative support that the Kearney Street Workshop has provided for nearly 50 years for Asian Americans like Jason to see and hear.

The Kearney Street Workshop is accepting applications for the Autumn Aperture Festival, which features promising Asian-American artists. The deadline is July.

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“We Don’t Move: Living Archives” launched GoFundMe to record the second season.
GoFundMe: For more information:

Kearney Street Studio in San Francisco gives voice to Asian American artists – CBS San Francisco

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