King’s Lynn singer offers free songwriting workshops

A jazz singer who moved from London to Lynn is encouraging female songwriters to join her free online workshops.

The free workshop series is offered in May and focuses on the creative principles of songwriting and songmaking, for women who want to learn more about the process.

From May 23-27, the free five-day workshops will be live from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in the Create Now Academy Facebook group.

Sarah Gillespie performing. (53709102)

Participants will learn how to write songs using five creative principles.

These include developing writing and performance using feeling, empathy, risk, spontaneity and musicality of language.

The workshops are designed to help women become singers and songwriters, learn the skills needed within the music industry, and gain confidence in their own abilities.

Sarah Gillespie pictured here in the Eastcote Productions Ltd publication.  (56358580)
Sarah Gillespie pictured here in the Eastcote Productions Ltd publication. (56358580)

Sarah said: “I think a lot of women, despite being politically aware, still feel a huge impostor syndrome. I’ve been overwhelmed by the pervasiveness of this, the constant question of whether I’m quite well.

“Through mentorship I teach women how to write honestly, not how to please people and how to write and finish songs in ways they normally wouldn’t do in songwriting and how to enhance a career in music. music.”

Speaking to the Lynn News, Sarah shared some funny stories from her experiences in the industry that, as a musical comedian, I could relate to.

By working as a mentor, the free courses will allow women to explore and de-stigmatize the narrative that women are no fun or unable to create a career and have a family too.

Sarah said: “For every successful woman in the arts there is a huge cost, usually the ability to create a stable family.

“You just have to look at examples like Sylvia Plath, Amy Winehouse that the narrative has to be about torment and isolation, there has to be agony in their lives.

“Courtney Love for example, and women in the punk movement, the point of view is that you can be talented but let’s see what that does to you, my love.

“Women have a collective fear of being an artist and go all the way.

“Women should not just be ornamental, but compose and sing their own stories.”

As a mother of a young girl, Sarah wants to educate young women about the scope of business that exists as artists, creators and not let age be a factor that prevents anyone from pursuing their creative dreams.

She has friends in the industry like Caroline Bird who wrote Red Ellen, a play about Labor Secretary Ellen Wilkinson, who introduced free school milk, as well as Andrea Mann whose screenplay for the first feature , the romantic comedy-drama Fado! starring Richard E. Grant and Emily Watson is scheduled to shoot this year.

Sarah said: “It’s important to break these myths which are pervasive and false.

“PJ Harvey for example, there are still questions about the idea that how can you be a mother when you are rock and roller.

“My workshops and also my Songwords group program for female artists will help turn a wish into a strategy.”

Songwords is a group program which is a mix of group work and individual mentoring on songwriting, poetry, creativity, mindset and career strategy and is not a free workshop . .

Sarah will perform at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club in June.

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