Maharashtra School Offers Classroom Under Tree, Curriculum Converted To Music For Special Learning

In an effort to get children to attend classes, a school in Nashik, Maharashtra, resorted to many novel measures. The school offers lessons under a tree and has decorated its library to look like a train. The move is induced to provide learning for children with special needs.

Sachin Joshi, principal of the Espalier Heritage school, Nashik told ANI news agency that the school was built “in such a way that the children themselves want to come to school”. , the little girl at the window ‘where schools were built by train in Japan.

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Speaking about the unique aspects of the school’s curriculum, the principal said that not only does it include outdoor classrooms under the trees, but children also do not need to wear uniforms. . Every 15 minutes, children are also allowed to take entertainment breaks and enjoy extracurricular activities. More than 70% of the program has been converted to music, Joshi told the news agency.

“We believe that uniforms restrict and limit the abilities of children, which is why there are no uniforms in school. We also don’t believe in punishing children, instead we tell them to cycle for 30 minutes which in turn generates electricity, “he said.

The main thing, moreover, that it is the years of training that make or break the mind of the child. “These are the first 10 to 12 years when a child’s brain fully develops and therefore stimulating it and inducing positive images is crucial to having a constructive state of mind. The establishment of group learning, evening schools, etc. are part of the activities that the school uses as part of its comprehensive curriculum, “he added.

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The school also organizes a mud party where children can play with each other and with their teachers. Instead of addressing the teachers with Mr. or Mrs., the children call them “Bhaiya / Didi”. There are also farms where children engage in farming, drama lessons, amphitheatres, an in-house recording studio, and a science park to provide hands-on learning.

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