Michelle Zauner names 1 way she can distinguish “real” Japanese breakfast fans from casual listeners

Michelle Zauner is a New York Times bestselling author, Grammy nominated musician and proud Korean-American. Here is what this artist said about the meaning of the band name “Japanese Breakfast” and how she can quickly identify her “real” fans.

Michelle Zauner from Japanese Breakfast reads from her book on The Drop: Japanese Breakfast at The GRAMMY Museum | Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images for the Recording Academy

Michelle Zauner is one of the musicians behind Japanese Breakfast

Zauner has been making music for several years, most notably with the independent alternative rock group Japanese Breakfast. In 2016, the group released their album Psychopomp, including songs like “The Woman That Loves You” and “Everybody Wants to Love You”.

In 2021, Japanese Breakfast releases the album Jubilee, with songs like “Be Sweet”, “Savage Good Boy” and “Posing in Bondage”. Since then, they have won millions of streams, performing for fans around the world.

In an interview with Hey Alma, the artist explained that the name of the band arose from the combination of something uniquely American (breakfast) with something Americans found “exotic” (Japanese). In truth, this artist was born in Seoul, South Korea, and identifies closely with her Korean heritage.

“It’s frustrating because a lot of people assume I’m Japanese, even though I’m very loud about being Korean…” Zauner said in an interview with Teen Vogue. “I think the majority of people know I’m Korean, and they support it, but sometimes people take it badly, and it can be frustrating.”

Michelle Zauner is Korean, often discussing her legacy with fans and her novel “Crying in H Mart”

As someone who speaks proudly of their Korean heritage often, it’s no surprise that there is a clear indication for Zauner regarding who the fans of Japanese breakfast are.

“It’s pretty cool because sometimes it’s like I know who the real fans are who know that [I’m Korean,]Zauner continued in the same interview for Teen Vogue. “Do you know what I mean? That exposes them pretty quickly if they assume I’m Japanese.”

Zauner shed light on his culture with the video clip “Everybody Wants to Love You”, released in collaboration with Psychopomp. She also discussed her relationship with her Korean mother and family in the novel. Crying in H Mart.

Michelle Zauner opened up about her legacy in New York Times bestselling novel “Crying in H Mart”

In addition to his musical fame, Zauner is also the author of Crying in H Mart. The memoir discussed Zauner’s relationship with food and how Korean recipes and grocery store stories closely linked her to her late mother, who died of cancer in 2014.

Since its inception, Crying in H Mart has become a New York Times bestseller, landing on Entertainment Weekly, Good Morning America, Wall Street Journal and others’ ‘Best Book of 2021’ list.

In 2021, Japanese Breakfast won the Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, while Jubilee won the nomination for Best Alternative Music Album. Music by Japanese Breakfast is available on most major music streaming platforms.

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