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With midterm week kicking off, many students are looking for a change of scenery to prepare for their exams. Here are some of the best places on campus to study this semester.

Doheny Memorial Library

Founded in 1932, the Doheny Memorial Library provides ample space for events, relaxation and above all study. The library has five levels that include more than 50 desks and tables for group or individual study. A lesser-known area of ​​the library is on the first floor of the East Asia Library.

“You walk in, you go all the way to the right, and there are little individual lockers that you go to sit in [at] and half of them have outlets, so I’m just trying to get one, said sophomore classics major Jessie Foster. “It’s really isolated…and also most of Doheny is really warm and it’s an air-conditioned place.”

The Doheny Memorial Library is located in the center of campus between McCarthy Quad and Verna & Peter Dauterive Hall (VPD).

Elder’s Park

Dedicated in 1935 as the “Alumni Memorial Campus,” USC Alumni Park features a square block of sycamores and magnolias, shady grass, and park benches; the Youth Triumphant fountain in the middle of the lawn acts as a serene centerpiece that can soothe the anxiety of studying halfway through.

“I actually really enjoy reading here at Alumni Park,” said freshman business administration student Athena Galatis. “I find it very therapeutic because sometimes the opera singers are playing or there is jazz music in the shade and just being outside makes me feel very good, which kind of alleviates release the pressure of homework.”

Alumni Park is located directly across from the Doheny Memorial Library.

Fertitta room

Fertitta Hall offers 21 classrooms, 50 breakout rooms, a library and collaboration space, and an outdoor courtyard where students can work. The 104,000 square feet of space provides major and non-major companies ample space to prepare for any upcoming projects or tests.

“My favorite place to study would probably be Fertitta Hall,” said Lauren Cabe, a freshman business administration student. “I just like to sit on one of the couches and do my job. I do a lot of work there.”

Fertitta Hall is located at the corner of West Exposition Boulevard and Figueroa Street.

Viterbi’s Engineering Quadruple

With plenty of tables and lounge chairs, a beautifully designed fountain, and a calm atmosphere, Viterbi’s “E Quad” is a popular study space for all Trojans. The quad has tables with umbrellas for up to four people, padded lounge chairs for relaxation and long plastic tables if no other options are available.

“My favorite outdoor study place would have to be e-quad in viterbi area. I feel like it’s pretty relaxing where you don’t really see too many people,” said sophomore computer science student Taylor Hill-Milles. “So you can be focused, but you can also be social and see friends sometimes.”

The Engineering Quad is located between Olin Hall and Vivian Hall off Downey Way.

McCarthy dining room

McCarthy Dining Hall is one of USC’s three dining halls and an unlikely but interesting study space. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options with plenty of tables and even booths to work from. The dining hall requires students to enter using meal cards, dining dollars, or credit cards.

“I really like studying in dining halls…especially McCarthy. If you just get a booth and put your headphones on and listen,” said first-year psychology student Fiona Collins. “You can eat while you study [and] to drink coffee. I just think it’s the easiest way.

The McCarthy Dining Hall is located on the edge of the USC Village, off McClintock Avenue.

Use the interactive USC map to find each of these locations.

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