Motel 7 presents the music video for “Are We There Yet”


The classic road trip question, “Are we there yet?”, Never sounded so good as it did on the Los Angeles duo. Motel 7’s new track. The music video for their travel ballad, “Are We There Yet”, is kissed by the sun and tinted in golden pastels.

Directed by Paris Brosnan, the clip features band mates Anton Khabbaz and Dylan Jagger driving around PCH in California in a tangerine convertible, as the boys ask, “Can you get in my car now?” With the wind blowing their hair and red cheeks, the video sprang from summer nostalgia, where your only issues were sheets of sand and chapped lips.

Bonded together by their passion for velvety electronic production, Khabbaz and Jagger Lee (son of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and actress Pamela Anderson) joined forces at the music school. After several sessions and developing a concept, the boys’ cosmic connection formed.

Regarding the new single and the video, Khabbaz and Lee comment, “It feels so good. Feels like summer. We drowned this shit in so many ambient textures and sounds that subtly fill the pockets of atmosphere between the voice and the main instrumentation. Of course, a melody to explode very loudly in the car with the windows down! “

To celebrate “Are We There Yet”, Motel 7 brings PAPER through a day in the life, below.

The start of the morning starts at 10 Speed ​​Coffee. Dylan takes a cappuccino, Anton takes the filter coffee.

Photos courtesy of Motel 7

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