Music teacher hailed by Gateshead School for inspiring harmonious learning

A music teacher with over ten years experience teaching children in Gateshead has been praised by pupils and staff.

Lesley Mathison, who has been teaching music at Roman Road Primary School since September, has received wonderful feedback from pupils in a school-led survey.

Students as young as five years old said they enjoy learning and playing with exotic instruments, such as the ocarina, and some children in the 4th grade group said they would like to become music teachers themselves one day. .

The survey also revealed that the sessions inspired learning about music, including as extracurricular activities outside of school hours.

After visiting the school to give lessons once a week last year, Ms Mathison now teaches at the Roman Road one full day a week.

Jane Robson, teacher and head of music at Roman Road Primary School, said: “We are absolutely delighted that our pupils are so enthusiastic about Ms Mathison’s music lessons.

“Each year group at our school now has a weekly session, which incorporates our creative curriculum and gives our students the opportunity to learn new transferable skills as well as confidence in the classroom.

“We are really excited to see how much fun the students are having and it’s a real joy to see the progress they are making week after week.”

Councilor Gary Haley, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People at Gateshead Council, said: “It’s fantastic to see a teacher and the wider school recognized for delivering a creative and inspiring curriculum.

“We all remember our favorite teachers at school, and they were usually the ones who created the most fun and engaging learning environments.

“It’s not always clear then how access to music and the arts benefits young people, but I know from personal experience how the skills we develop can help us as adults, regardless of our future roles, even if we don’t continue as musicians or performers.

“As a former musician who benefited immensely from the work of inspiring teachers like Lesley when I was young, I recognize that music and the arts are so important to the development of children, which has been proven by the wonderful comments provided by the students themselves.

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