Nazareth College uses the power of music to raise funds for a sister school in Ukraine

PITTSFORD, NY (WROC) – More of the Rochester community is showing support for Ukraine, this time from Nazareth College.

Through the power of music, Nazareth College put on a heartwarming show not only to raise funds for its sister school in Ukraine, but to unite international students around the world to stand up for what is right.

They started by singing the Ukrainian national anthem sung by students from the music school. It was then followed by musicians performing with a variety of instruments playing songs in English and Ukrainian.

“Music is a language that almost anyone can speak,” said Jonathan Benn, a music education major. “It connects so many people and it’s not just the United States that connects it, but also the United States to Ukraine and across the seas. By making music, we can reach so many more people .

Growing up, Jonathan Benn had a lifelong friend whose parents immigrated to America from Ukraine. Being part of this fundraiser was personal to him, showing that he cares about his legacy.

“When I think of Ukraine, I think of her, her family and the legacy she has there,” Benn told Us. “So hopefully she sees this as a way to support what they’re all going through. It’s the least we can do for them.

All proceeds from the performance will go to Nazareth’s partner institution in Ukraine, National Academy of Ostroh University. Using the nonprofit ROCMaidan to distribute the money to the school to purchase medical supplies as they continue to educate students in the midst of a war.

“You still have to educate a generation regardless of what’s going on as you watch the culture crumble around you in this senseless destruction,” said Nevan Fisher, executive director of the Nazareth College Center for International Education. “You still have a responsibility to educate the generation that will rebuild.”

The Ostroh Academy is 213 miles outside of Kyiv.

Nevan Fisher is unaware the University was hit by artillery, but says explosions can be heard from campus.

There was no specific goal as to how much money the school wanted to raise. But when they saw all the seats in the chapel taken, they believed it would be enough to make a significant difference.

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