NDSU Students Can Show They Are Allies With New ‘No Hate’ Pins

The Staff Senate at North Dakota State University is working on a campus-wide “Don’t Hate” campaign.

KVRR (Fargo) says students at North Dakota State University are currently working on a “No Hate” campaign. The Senate staff would hand out anti-hate pins to students. The pins are intended to “help students identify allies on campus.” Read the full story of North Dakota State University’s “No Hate” campaign here.

The “No Hate” pins will help North Dakota State University students identify allies on campus.

I was in college not that long ago. But I have to say that many students today are doing amazing things to be there for their peers. “No Hate” pins may seem simple, but they could potentially have a big impact on students.

There has been recent controversy surrounding North Dakota State University and some students who spread hate. For example: the racist group Snapchat. So, I think it’s pretty amazing how vocal and passionate students today are about serious social issues.

I graduated from college about seven years ago, and I don’t remember students coming together on issues like students are today. We can admire these future leaders as they work hard to improve the world they are just starting to be a part of. I certainly never had the confidence or the courage to stand up for my beliefs like the modern student does.

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