New Class at Greenville High School Engages More Students in Music

GREENVILLE, Ill. (KFVS) – Music lessons can sometimes seem boring to students who don’t tune in to older songs.

In Illinois, the music director of Greenville High School designed a course called Modern Band to keep kids interested in the topic.

“I love how we can come here all the time and do some music,” said Sarah Grace Hicks.

High school freshman Sarah Grace Hicks enjoys being a member of the group.

“I’ve always loved music and always wanted to play with a band so I thought when they started that it would be fun, and it would be a new experience and I would learn more about the performance,” said Hicks said.

This is the Modern Band’s first year of class.

Kristen Englehart, Music Director, uses the band as a way to get more students interested in music.

“We started to see a drop in the number of our marching band and so to keep the kids interested in the fine arts, the rock film school was just a big deal for the kids to have a rock band in there. school is kind of what we implemented and this way kids can get excited about rock music even though it is still music and that also goes to their fine art credit ”Englehart said.

Englehart said she was starting to see more students involved in the fine arts.

“I had a few approaches asking if they could join the modern band,” Englehart said.

Two students explained why they chose to be out of the classroom.

“I started playing guitar and I learned my first string with my grandpa after that, it’s just something I loved to do, then I came here and then all these other people have also learned to play guitar and they can kind of help me keep up with guitar and I learned more as I went, ”said sophomore Matthew Hoavis.

“I’ve been playing music pretty much my whole life, so I like to take an hour a day and come here and do what I love,” said sophomore Braden O’Dell.

A love for music and a love for entertainment.

The Greenville Rocking Bears will have a Christmas concert at Greenville High School on Friday December 3rd.

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