NOCCA offers virtual summer session for Louisiana high school students across the state

The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), Louisiana’s arts conservatory for high school students, proudly announces an incredible opportunity for students across the state. A one-of-a-kind virtual summer program where students can take classes remotely with NOCCA teacher-artists. NOCCA invites students from all corners of the state to be part of the excellence.

Students should apply for the program by choosing the class that most interests them and submitting the necessary requirements for consideration. Virtual classes will take place on weekday mornings, June 6-16, 2022.

Current 8-11and assessors are encouraged to apply for thematic courses, including (full details can be found at

Entertainment production and design

Introduction to stage design/model making as well as introduction to costume design and rendering

Writing as rewriting

In this workshop, students create new works from existing mythical, historical, literary and pop culture sources. Daily Writing will experiment with poetic techniques that generate new writing and inspire students to develop their own voice while engaging with other texts.

Act with all one’s being

This class will explore theatrical storytelling through movement, ensemble work, games, and performance.

Students will have the chance to create short solo performance pieces based on a topic of their choice. Through the development of their play, they will learn the basic techniques of acting. We will play games, get to know each other and work as a team.

The training will end with the presentation of a short showcase of work created by the students.

Visual arts reinvent photography thanks to digital collage

We will use photographs as a starting point for our digital collage work. Whether you’re using a new smartphone or a DSLR camera, we’ll choose an image to bring our collage elements into, using the free online equivalent of Photoshop – Photopea. Lesson sessions will cover selection tools and techniques, adding adjustments, masking, and using best practices. Classes will be a combination of instruction and time in the studio to work on your collages, culminating in a print of your work being mailed to you.

Visual Arts 3D Sculpture

In this visual arts workshop, students will learn how to create clay sculpture and soap sculpture using traditional methods that include additive sculpture construction and subtractive sculpting processes. Sculptors have been using these basic techniques for over 400,000 years! We will bring them back to the present in this workshop. Have fun and make two fabulous works of sculptural art. Let’s create together online!

Media Arts Time Based Self-Portrait

Use your smartphone to take a well-designed self-portrait video or audio.

Classical vocal music

Students will learn classic vocal warm-ups and vocal technique, taught by NOCCA Vocal faculty members. Students will work on an Italian art song and an English art song, both appropriate for future college auditions for vocal music programs. Students will also be coached on how to improve their audition presentation. Students will have the opportunity to learn and/or improve their knowledge of music theory, as well as sight reading and ear training.

Classical Instrumental Intensive Solo-Performance

Summer program in Classical piano, classical violin and viola and classical brass instruments (French horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium and tuba). Accepted participants will enjoy an intensive solo performance program designed for Louisiana intermediate and advanced high school students who are motivated and serious about their art. Participating high school artists from across the state will benefit from intensive one-on-one and group instruction provided by NOCCA’s classical instruments faculty, participate and perform in masterclasses, and take part in a virtual recital at the end of the program of summer. Participants will need to know their pieces well enough at the start of the program to be able to master their intended repertoire during the 9 days of individual and group study under the guidance of the program faculty. Participants will also be expected to attend all classes and it is recommended that they allow sufficient time, at least one hour per day, to practice and prepare on their own in order to implement and master the recommended technical and musical improvements, in accordance with the instructions of the program faculty.

Summer Jazz Instrumental Studies

The course offers the opportunity to improve your improvisation skills and your knowledge of classical and jazz theory.

Culinary Summer Series

Watch and learn to cook with live demonstrations and open-ended Q&A before and after the presentations. Recipes and ingredient/equipment lists will be uploaded for student access.

Dance Conditioning

Students will engage in foundational and additional practices that will enhance and support their dance technique. Students should bring their passion for dance as well as a motivated and positive attitude on a daily basis for virtual classes. Ballet fundamentals and conditioning, yoga, jazz/modern conditioning.

A Singer’s Guide to Power and Style: Owning the Moment in Musical Theater

Do you like to sing? Do you like musical theatre? Love to show the world how powerful your voice can be? If so, then welcome to your virtual summer residence!

We’re looking for singers ready to think outside the box, ready to increase their vocal flexibility and power, and ready to dominate the room with all that sweet musical theater knowledge.

Students will study the world of musical theater – from the great popular songs that are still relevant (Gershwin, Berlin, Ellington), to the dominance of the great classic Broadway shows (Rodgers and Hammerstein, Lerner and Loewe, Loesser), up to the revolution of contemporary musicals (Lloyd-Webber, Schwartz, Sondheim) through the new wave of contemporary musicals (Miranda, Tesori, Pasek and Paul). And beyond that, what does the future hold for this exciting theatrical art form? And what voices will be heard? YOUR voice will be one of them, and this workshop will help your voice be more informed, powerful and distinct. You know what to do!

Application is free for students. Students outside of the New Orleans metro area, those who could not attend NOCCA during the school year, are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications are open and students can apply online at

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