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Welcome and back to another edition of “Dear Ruthie”. This week, I thought I’d answer a few questions about everyone’s favorite column, “Dear Ruthie”. OK … OK … maybe this isn’t everyone’s favorite column, but damn it, let’s pretend it is.

Every year I get a lot of questions about this column (which sounds weird, I know). I put them aside thinking I could just answer them at the same time, and it’s now! So pour a steep one and let’s read a few emails on … well … me!

Dear Ruthie,

Are the letters you post real?

Woman wondering

Dear Wonder Broad,

This is the # 1 question I get asked when I’m on the go. Yeah! The questions are real. Many are sent to me by e-mail ([email protected]); others come from people asking me questions in person. I don’t do it orally (i.e. answering questions), but I ask these people if I can write their questions in my column. Still others send me a message via social media. And yes, I still get letters from prisoners, which is both exciting and terrifying. (See the next question!)

Dear Ruthie,

What’s the craziest letter you’ve ever received?


I must know

Dear Gotta,

It would be a link between a letter from a prisoner looking for the best way to shave his pussy and a letter from another prisoner who was so in love with his straight cellmate that he had sex with the guy’s socks in the dead of night. . If only I could have brought these two guys together for some love behind bars, everyone would have been happy … and shaved smoothly.

Dear Ruthie,

How can I register my event in your social calendar?

thank you,


Dear Patti,

If you have an event that you think might be of interest to Milwaukee’s LGBTQ + community, just let me know by sending a detailed message, link, or press release to [email protected] Please let me know about your fundraising, show, exhibition, concert, sale, seminar, workshop, party, etc., at least 3 weeks in advance. While I can’t promise this will be part of my social calendar, I love learning more about what’s going on in Brew City. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at this week’s social calendar!

Ruthie’s Social Calendar

April 29 – Releasing Your Divine Identity – A Spiritual Conversation: Reverends Unity from across the country host this 7-9 p.m. virtual session of lectures, focus groups, workshops and other efforts to explore spirituality within the LGBTQ + community. The online event is open to anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA + for a one-time donation to Unity Worldwide ministries. See to register.

April 29 – Karaoke at Hunty’s Social Club (734 S. Fifth St.): It’s time for karaoke, hunty, at Cream City’s brand new hot spot. Discover Hunty’s Social Club while sipping on $ 5 Smirnoff cocktails or enjoying the bar’s signature Old Fashioneds (or both!). Sing a song during the 8 p.m. karaoke or just sit back and watch the fun. Everything is good at Hunty’s!

April 30 and May 1 – Online Jazz Festival: The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music is hosting this free virtual jazz festival for all college, high school, college, and adult jazz students looking to hone their skills. Sessions involving nationally recognized artists include jazz theory, women in jazz, digital music production and songwriting, advanced jazz improvisation and much more! Places for ZOOM sessions are limited to stop at, and see the Concerts / Events (Free Events) area for registration.

May 2 – Expo Shop-for-Mom at New Berlin Ale House (16000 W. Cleveland Ave.): Shop till you drop … whether it’s for mom or for yourself! Take part in this pace-changing expo where local manufacturers showcase their products including candles, jewelry, clothing, art and more. Entrance to the market from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. is free with food and drink available for purchase.

May 4 – Scream Queens at This Is It (418 E. Wells St.): The This Is It team took movie night to a new level with drag queen hostesses, drink specials, and big ass movie screens. Grab a cocktail and sit down for the weekly screening at 7:30 p.m. This week’s movie? “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, an LGBTQ + cult classic!

Do you have a question for Ruthie? Want to share an event with her? Contact Ruthie at [email protected].

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