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Quivira is revisiting its correspondent project this year. This new version involves asking club members to draw write prompts from a box and then send that person what they wrote from the write prompt they pulled from a box. ‘another box.

Quivira is a creative writing club on campus. This club is for students who want to grow as writers. However, participants don’t have to be just writers they can join if they also want to read the writings of their peers. Club president Kelly Sullivan is trying to change the traditional writing circuit and turn it into a corresponding format. She hopes to one day set up a table outside Plumb Hall so that they can receive more emails to share.

The purpose of this activity is to write a response to the prompt and before the next club meeting and get your friend’s advice. It can help writers grow and learn different ways of writing. Even though this activity has already started, interested students can still register and participate. Quivira is always accepting new members and no application is necessary. “Come in anytime,” Sullivan said.

“Quivira has been around for 66 years,” said the educational advisor Amy Sage Webb Baza. She has been working for the campus since 1996 (26 years old). Quivira is a literary club open to all students, whatever their specialty or year. Students can work on what they write or what their peers write, they offer helpful commentary, the club goes on trips together, writes manuscripts, and they could try their hand at podcasting next semester. The club is a community of people who share an interest in writing or literary pursuits.

The activities that take place depend on the active members of this school year and that is why Sullivan was able to start the correspondent activity. This fall, the club traveled to KC, the American Jazz Museum and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art to write about art.

If that doesn’t fully meet the interests of the students, there is another club called Slam Poetry Society. This is only for slam poetry. Quivira also offers a journal that publishes the writings and works of members. If students want to learn more about the club, officials are getting ready to create a club page and update membership online. Students can find them on Hornet Central or email them to “[email protected]. “

Baza wants students to know that: “Any student interested in creative writing can come to the Quivira club meetings. The environment is favorable and encouraging. We have members from many specialties and areas of the campus. Also, don’t forget that any current student can submit creative texts or visual arts for publication in the literary journal _Quivira_, which is published each spring. Calls for nominations are posted on Hornet Announcements and other means, and you can submit your work by email.

Quivira meets every Thursday evening from six to eight in room 304 of Plumb Hall.


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