Ride Or Die: Netflix release date revealed

Ride Or Die Updates: This is a Japanese psychological drama thriller written by Nami Sakkawa and directed by Ryuichi Hiroki. The film is from Ching Nakamura’s manga series.

In the soul of “Thelma and Louise” a homosexual or lesbian refugee and the women who would kill and injure with three daggers and there is a blood red BMW in the movie “Ride or Die”.

A glamorous, erotic and entirely romantic film directed by Ryuichi Hiroki and written by Nami Kikkawa. This is the Netflix production with a full supporter.

This film is built on the adult manga “Gunjo” by Ching Nakamura. There are two keys to this movie. The first movie star is Kiko Mizuhura (“Norwegian Wood”) and actor-musician Honami sato.

This movie has graphic sex scenes and total nudity that is not part of the gossip in Japan, where managers generally have to strict and control their actors. In such a system, the bravery and passion of Mizuhura and Sato created on screen and prove their loyalty or in other words, we can also say that they prove their dedication.

The director of this film Named Hiroki is a veteran known for his susceptibility and portrays the desire and insecurity of women in famous festive objects like “Vibrator” and “Kabuchiko Love Hotel”. There is an attentive portrait of homosexual attraction, it is a distant exclamation to push back the stereotypes exchanged in Japanese films.

The Japan Times

In a disruptive twist on femme fatale mode, the gorgeous Rei Nagasawa (Mizuhara) takes on a sleek and murderous allure and deals with the man sitting next to her.

His response is swift, implying such confidence in his own tempting version. He brings Rei home to her skyscraper suite and has sex with her in front of the wedding photo. He throws money at her like women come to men are whores.

Rei who is self-sufficient and a born plastic surgeon of great wealth, living with her lover Mika (Yoko Maki). Up close, her phone rang when she received a call from Nanae Shinoda (Sato).

She was her high school classmate whom she hasn’t seen in 10 years. She drips everything for a meeting with her, but becomes furious after seeing the mark of nanae given by her husband kotaro (shinya nirro). It only takes a few times to kill him.

Ride and Die: Netflix release date

According to reports, Ride and Die will premiere worldwide on Thursday, April 15.

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