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Hillcrest Elementary Grade 5 students have won over a fan in award-winning Canadian indie rock Hawksley Workman.

On Friday, November 19, the school’s video entry to this year’s CBC Music Class Challenge was released on YouTube. It features the school’s 5th grade students performing Workman’s song, Safe and Sound, from his 1999 album, For Him and the Girls.

Workman spotted the video on Saturday and shared his appreciation on Twitter:

“OMGoodness… another clever, mind-blowing and emotional take on • safe and healthy • from Hillcrest Elementary… I’m floored again…”

Hillcrest music teacher (and Workman fan) Brook Roberts responded, saying he was glad Workman took the time to watch the video and couldn’t wait to tell the students. Workman, in response, said: “My God, Mr. Roberts… it is SO beautiful and the innovation and intelligence of video cannot be underestimated! so much imagination!

Roberts began sharing the positive feedback with students on Monday.

“He’s the coolest – what a great guy,” said Roberts.

The video, described as a “car,” parts of which have an illustrated appearance using colorful cardboard cutouts of buildings and trees in the background and a Volkswagen Beetle traveling in front, with students taking turns singing in the video. driver and front passenger seats. Brooks explained that the video was influenced by the song, which he picked from the list of songs by Canadian artists to choose from for this year’s Music Class Challenge.

“This is the first year that there’s a Hawksley Workman song on the list, so I was drawn to it, probably at first to that…” said Roberts.

The video was made in a matter of months, starting with a drawing on a whiteboard in Roberts’ classroom. As the project developed, it became a topic of conversation among younger students.

“I sat in the car and just did my lessons in the kids car…” Brooks said. “It has become a topic of discussion and I think the value of that is to share with the younger ones what the older children are doing and I think it kind of helps move the music program forward, with the kids. younger people thinking about what’s going to happen. Next year.”

The project slowed down in early November when potential exposures to COVID-19 forced students involved in the project to self-isolate. But filming took place on November 10, after the school’s outdoor Remembrance Day assembly.

“It’s a live recording and that’s what they want… It’s all happening there,” said Roberts, attributing the camera work and her involvement in the project to Professor Tyra Menzies.

Hillcrest was a finalist in the CBC Music Class Challenge 2019 with the student version of Wolves Don’t Live By The Rules by Elisapie.

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