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Jess Bengtson Chief Editor

After approving consent items on the agenda, including the resignation of two primary school teachers from Highland Elementary and approving the hiring of a new agricultural instructor for Crookston High School and two contracts administrative assistant for CHS, the Crookston School Board has approved the addition of a special education instructor and an elementary counselor position for 2022 -23 plus the addition of a high school elective instructor and a request for a musical trip to Valley Fair which will take place on May 21, 2022. Orchestra director Haley Ellis told the board that she wanted to reward music students with the trip to Valley Fair when they did not have couldn’t make the trip to Disney World as they had planned last year. She added that the marching band, choir and orchestra would all get a chance to perform and spend the whole day at the park “having fun”.

Thanks to previous performances they’ve had and special events such as the Classic Noel Dinner, Valley Fair’s one-day musical trip, for students in grades 9-12, would cost just $20 each and would include round trip bus travel and a meal.

During the optional instructor discussion, school board member Dave Davidson asked what exactly that position is and Superintendent Jeremy Olson said they are waiting until course enrollments are complete to see where it falls. the course request and that the instructor would be for that department. Olson added that they are seeing interest in construction trades and physical education, but are waiting for student numbers to decide which class they will go to.

He also mentioned that the district had not filled the position left by Mike Geffre two years ago and that now it is a necessary slot.

Davidson said one of the reasons he asked was that he overheard a parent talking about a situation where a student had no class choice due to required classes ending and some AP (Advanced Placement) courses “were dropped” due to an insufficient number of students enrolled. for them, therefore, he would like to “investigate the climate” of how this happened and meet the academic needs of students and the courses offered by the district. Another situation mentioned by Davidson was that of a parent of a student who said that his child had already taken all the math courses he could take and that he was not eligible for an AP course because he was not a sophomore or junior.

Olson responded by saying that they are trying to accommodate student needs and course enrollment, and are considering additional competency-based courses and seeing the trend of two-year degrees.

“How do we best equip students when they graduate from CHS?” Olson asked rhetorically. “We want to mirror our graduate courses that we produce at the CHS. »

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